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Since the dawn of time, we have sought to understand and interact with our environment.  We have the ability to render conscious change in our surroundings, for good or for bad.  We are, every one of us, ultimately a wizard in that we are engaged in the co-creative process (co-creating with Spirit) of our realities.  Walking through the darkness of ignorance, the wizard learns to gravitate toward the ultimate Light of the Divine Plan for humanity by making an alignment with this plan.  Having created an alignment with the Divine, the wizard pulls energy from the Creative Love source through his or her equipment and uses it to render conscious change in the world around him.  The only difference in the way this is done today versus how it was done in antiquity is what we have to work with. 

In the earliest dawn of the great civilizations of earth, the ancient mystery schools spoke of two civilizations:  Atlantis and Lemuria (MU).  These civilizations had achieved technology (also known as applied magic) and spirituality unheard of on the Earth since that time.  However, the magic and enlightenment came too easily because of the variability of the magnetic gridwork around the Earth in that era.  Because people did not know truly understand the consequences of what they were creating, abominations were created that plagued the world for eons.  People here did this not out of malice, but out of ignorance of what they were doing.  Many of the monsters created are those spoken of in the ancient mythologies, including minotaurs (humans with the heads of bulls), centaurs (humans with the lower body of horses), satyrs (humans with the lower bodies of goats), giants, vampires, demons, and other ill-created races.  In addition, the Astral plane (plane of pure feeling and emotions) was being built, with no mediating force of a mental plane of awareness.  Consequently, much pain and suffering was experienced in order to push the boundaries of the Astral plane as far as possible. 

On top of this, there were races of beings that had come to Earth to disrupt the working out of the Divine Plan.  It was during this time that the Great Lie was spread; that to align one's will with the Divine would mean the annihilation of one's individuality.  Humanity was terrified, and reacted from panic and anger at having been "tricked" by the Creative Force (otherwise known as God).  A rebellion occurred in which much of the creative technology was turned towards destruction, and the firmament, the network of protective crystals just outside the atmosphere of the Earth, was destroyed, allowing the destructive radioactivity of the Sun's rays to penetrate to Earth.  The genetics of humanity was physically altered; the DNA dropped from 12 strands to 2 strands, and humanity plummeted into physical dense manifestation rather than physical etheric.  In order to protect the Divine Plan, the Divine Hierarchy withdrew from humanity, severing the connection with humanity (the breaking of the antakaranah) and from the Devic kingdom.  It was at this time that the second fall of humanity, the one spoken of in the Bible as the "Tower of Babel" occurred, and the survivors of mankind were spread to the ends of the Earth.  The great continents of Atlantis and Lemuria fell below sea level in the resulting floods, with only the top of the tallest mountains remaining above the level of the oceans.  In Lemuria, these became the islands of Hawaii, Micronesia, and the Aleutian Islands; in Atlantis, the islands of Britain and Ireland. 

When the Great Lie was finally understood for its falsity, the remaining portion of humanity was aggrieved, bitter, and guilty.  Viewing the destruction of the world as punishment instead of seeing it for the restructuring of reality based upon the consequences of their actions, mankind withdrew and refused to take responsibility for their own creative powers anymore, giving that responsibility over to the Devic kingdom. Humanity wished to become as children, innocent and unblemished by having to work directly with their creative energy.  Those who continued to work with their creative energy, the wizards, were shunned, reviled, and even destroyed for their work.  Already pointing the finger of blame at the wizards; the creators, for the devastations of Atlantis and Lemuria, wizardry became a thing of cursedness and evil.  It was considered an act of abomination against God to take claim of one's own personal powers of creativity. Even sexual procreation, as a creative force, was reviled and only engaged in for the reproduction and survival of the human race. 

After many aeons, civilizations once again grew; in the new continents of Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas.  The memory and shame of what occurred was branded in the soul memory of humanity, and people still refused to take responsibility for their power, consigning themselves to a miserable "ping-pong" match of karma from which there was no perceivable end.  Wizards still remained; that is, those members of humanity who refused to give up their creative powers and continue to work with them.  By performing miracles, "acts of God," Wizards gained favor in the eyes of the people who believed that they were direct emissaries of God, the Creative force.  By aligning their wills with the Divine, Wizards were channeling energies directly from the Love source in order to help their brothers and sisters forge a path back to the Creative Love source, the cosmic "all." Many of these wizards became great spiritual leaders, to whom whole civilizations looked to for guidance and hope. 

Update: 08.10.2009