What this site is NOT about...

This site is relatively uncomplicated...no fancy HTML/RSS feeds, etc. I am not selling anything here and am not making a profit from this site. It is strictly informational, no more. Wizardry, despite what Llewellyn Publications may tout, is not something that can be pre-packaged in a box and sold by a dollar value, complete with crystals and wand. 

Nor is this site about a detailed study of magic. Wizard-craft is far too vast a continent to even begin scratching the surface of how to go about its practice. On the references page, you may find several books that can get you started into the practice of true magic. 

Forget about glamour. There is little glamorous about what we wizards practice. Despite what is depicted in fantasy literature and role-playing games, we who practice true magic do not cast nth-level fireballs or radiant "death clouds" at our enemies. If you are seeking wizardry for that reason, I suggest you either look into your local hobby shops, or do a Google search on how to safely effect certain fiery special effects using household products. We are predominantly teachers and healers, and do not go in for the frills or the "Wow" effect.

I do not purport to know everything there is to know about the practice of wizardry. This site's purpose is to gather together as much reference information as can be found on actual wizardry and to present it in an easy-to-find form. The other purpose is to provide an outlet for my own insights about wizardry and the practice of true magic.

Update: 08.10.2009