The magic and mystique of wizards has long been a topic of interest and study.  People have always been fascinated with the men and women who dared to work with creative energy to build things of wonder and magic.  Some understood their function, and loved and supported their efforts.  Others misunderstood their purpose, and reviled them for what they perceived to be a misuse of power.  I have created this page to help explain the purpose of Wizards, both in ancient and modern times, and how everyone can capture their own brand of wizardry. 

On these pages you will find descriptions of all kinds of Wizard activity and become acquainted with wizards from history and fantasy.  A separate area discusses issues confronting wizards of today, including the areas of childrearing, the problems associated with dark adeptship,  and Wizards and the sexual process.   Some of the issues brought forth may be controversial.  I ask that you keep an open mind while perusing this site, accepting that what you will, and retaining that which you find challenging or controversial for later contemplation. 

Enjoy your stay within Wizardrealm!

Update: 08.10.2009