Metaphysics is the study of the Greater Reality that underlies all physically perceived reality. In ancient times it was referred to as "witchcraft", "magick", "the occult", and was viewed with fear. At one time that fear was warranted, because of the many misuses and abuses of the power that came with the understanding of that Greater Reality. This was the same fear that has crippled humanity since the fall of that ancient civilization known as Atlantis, when the connection to the spiritual planes of awareness was broken and we were "cast adrift," so to speak. 

Today, metaphysics addresses a much-neglected topic in the world today: that of the spiritual awareness of humanity. Even as short a period of time as 25 years ago, metaphysical topics were branded as "evil" or "unholy", both by those who truly feared them because of their backgrounds, or those who feared them because of the liberating power such studies gave to the individual. Books on metaphysics such as Astrology, Wicca, Magick, Parapsychology, and the ancient Wisdom Teachings were relegated to back bookshelves in bookstores (if one could find them at all!) and labelled, or rather branded, "Occult." 

In 1987, a call went around the world during the month of August to hold a mass meditation. This meditation, later known as the Harmonic Convergence, went on for 3 days, and indeed was heard across the Cosmos. By doing so, we were able to raise the energy level of Earth to a vibrational level high enough that many of the doomsday prophecies of the past (Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Revelations of the Bible, the Ragnarok of the Vikings, the prophecies of the Hopi nation) were wiped out and voided. Earth was no longer scheduled for "termination" at the end of this century because of the changes We, Humanity, had made, just in the last 50 years. 

We are at the brink of a new millenium and a new era. However, there is still much fear because many people do not realize that the Plan for Humanity has changed. Many see the rising crime, the natural disasters, and other phenomenon as signs of an "End Time" Indeed it is an "End Time," but one much more different from what we had envisioned before. We're not out of the woods yet, but we now have a fighting chance to make something real of this world, to uplift and redeem the matter aspect of the Earth. The upheavals we see around us right now are indicative of the negativity that is around us fighting for survival; unwilling to change because to it, "change" means the same as "death." This is part of the illusion we have been dealing with for millenia, and its part of the thought processes that we must outgrow if we are to grow and continue with the service to the World and to the Cosmos. 

Many refer to what we are going through now as the Earth being raised to "Graduate Status."  Instead of terminating, all beings and the Earth itself as a sentient being, are participating in raising the vibrational level of the Earth until it moves from the 3rd dimension into the 4th dimension. This
process is called "Ascension," and it is this process that the so-called "Ascension Movement" is concerned with. There is a lot of information regarding this process out on the Web; I have some of the better sites linked in at the bottom of this page. 

In the 4th dimension, linear time as we know it will cease to exist. So will birth and death. Existence will be permanent. We will come to understand that we ARE, we exist, and that we neither had an inception nor a termination to that existence. 

We don't really know where we are going with this "new energy." All we know is that it is going to be an adventure! There is no guarantee that everything will be all "sweetness and light," or that all beings even desire such a state of existence. Part of the fun of an adventure is to have a challenge.  I for one would hate living in a plane of awareness in which there were no challenges or opportunities for growth. To me, that literally would be "hell." 
Unfortunately, some of the people involved in the "New Age" movement, through their actions, have tended to make the movement seem cheapened and "tawdry" by their meretricious actions and "fluffybunny" outlook. The sad thing is that many seekers are turned off by this saccharine viewpoint, and look no further than the surface. Any movement will have its "fringe element," of course, and it is important to remember that just because a few people treat the New Age movement as a fad or an escapist device, that that is NOT what the movement is intrinsically about. 

Many "soi-disant" metaphysicians and "New-Agers" are looking towards alien cultures (the Zeta Reticulii, or "greys", the Sirians, the Arcturans, the Pleiadeans, the Spicans, the Vegans, etc.) for the answers to what is happening on Earth. Many of these cultures do have valid information for us during this period of energy flux and confusion. However, the important thing for us as sentient beings with free will need to remember is that we are the masters of our own destinies. We have earned this right by our service, and it is ours to claim as our own. Rather than looking to other worlds, we need, first and foremost, to concentrate upon healing this world, our Earth. This is our legacy and our paradise, and we have no other. 

So what should we do to aid in the process of "Graduate Status" for the Earth and for ourselves? 

1.  First and foremost, heal yourselves. It's been a long and difficult, albeit rewarding journey, for us to be where we are now. There have been many hurts along the way. It's time to acknowledge those "hurts," to honor them for the service they have given us, and with humor and love, relinquish them because we need them no longer. As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet as well because we and the Earth are one. Many may not know where to begin the healing process, because it seems so daunting. As the taoist Lao Tzu once said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Further down on this page, there are links to internet sites and organizations who specialize in helping others heal their individual souls. 

2.  Next, be aware of Truth in all of its manifest forms. All Truth is paradox, so to speak, and everything that exists in this galaxy contains at least a grain of Truth at its very core. When confronted with an issue that you do not understand, do not toss it aside as a falsehood, but simply file it away, detachedly, until such information is revealed that either confirms its validity or invalidates it. Keeping an open, yet critical, mind is essential to developing a good discriminating ability. Learn to listen with both your heart and your head. When both are in agreement about an issue, you will know that it is true. If they are in conflict over a particular issue or situation, it is best to not act until you obtain more information about the situation that clarifies it for you. 

3.  Give up restrictive thought forms and open your mind to new ideas. In the western world, we carry a legacy of religious oppression and restriction dating back to over 3,000 years.  Mainstream western religion was created in an effort to stifle individual creativity and personal power, in fear that the masses would rise up in revolt against those in power. False teachings of the inherent unworthiness of humanity and of the Earth itself have created much misery and despair, and have contributed to the exploitation of this planet by those who consider the Earth to be evil or corrupt by its very nature. There has been enough hurt. Even those seeking along the lines of the New Energy carry much of this old baggage with them. Seek to free yourself from this restrictive thinking and mindset about yourself and the world, and recognize the divinity inherent in all creation, great or small. 

In the name of religion much atrocity is committed. This is not only for extremist cults from the mainstream religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, but can extend to any religious form, even New Age religious and philosophical groups such as Christian Science, Edgar Cayce, or "Course in Miracles." The tragic cases of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco under self-proclaimed messiah David Koresh, the Jim Jones tragedy during the 1970's, and, most recently, the Heaven's Gate mass suicide in March 1997 are but a few examples of the worst-case consequences of such extremist mindforms and thought. Any religion or philosophical thought-form that seeks to demean, abuse, or control you or take away your personal power, stay away from! The New Energies have no place for those who would seek to dominate or enslave others in the name of Spirit. 

4.  Overcome your fear. Fear is the greatest deterrent to our advancement as a sentient race.  Guilt, which is fear internalized and directed towards oneself, is the most heinous form of this negative emotion, because it stifles our efforts at growth and development. Much of this guilt was levied at us in childhood by our well-meaning, but misguided, parents, teachers, and peers; and it keeps getting reinforced by the negative messages others and ourselves keep sending to ourselves. Overcoming guilt and fear is the largest step to liberating the Human Soul. It is a difficult process, and it takes much work. Getting to know yourself through playful activity, meditation, and spiritual study help much to alleviate your existential guilt and fear. So can talking over your fears with others; including trained professionals and metaphysicians who can help you ferret out the root cause of your fears and guilt. Once much of those negative emotions and reinforcements are out of your way, you can achieve true spiritual growth. 

5.  Meditate. Practice a regular meditation schedule, even if it is just for a few minutes each day.  Don't use meditation as a method of "zoning out," but as a method of connecting in to the Universal Source of all energy. In the past, meditation exercises were heavily into relaxation techniques in order to get the individual prepared to tap in to the Universal Source. Now, with the energy fields surrounding the Earth changing, meditation has become very proactive and interactive with the environment itself. Use meditation as a tool to effecting positive, conscious change in your life and environment. 

6.  Remember to do things for yourself. Don't get so caught up in trying to do so much for others, that you forget the most important person of all--you. Exercise a little each day, but make it something fun rather than grueling or taxing. Take care of your health. Remember to eat well and get enough sleep, especially during these times of energy changes. Do little things for yourself that make you happy. When you are happy and healthy, you change the energy fields around you, which in turn help raise the vibrational level of your environment. 

7.  Reach out to others. I don't mean "proselytize" or try to convince others of your particular point of view to the detriment of their own. That is an exercise in separativism and egoistic futility, and one that humanity would do well to purge from its particular habit-forms. Tolerance for the
methods of others' service to the Plan is paramount to aiding the increase of the vibrational energy. By reaching out to others, be ready to offer them assistance when asked. Stand receptive to the higher energies and relay them to others by increasing your own vibrational level (existing in a positive state of awareness and radiating that out to Humanity). When you overcome a particular negativity or solve a particular problem or situation in your own life, radiate the solution to others in meditation so that the answer is available to them, making it easier for them to work through their own situations. You never know when someone may do this for you as well! 

8.  It's the little things that matter. You don't need to address the United Nations or join the Peace Corps to help make a difference. Sometimes we get so caught up in the glamour of these activities that we forget that the smaller, more local efforts are just as important, if not more so. Pick up litter wherever and whenever you are able to do so.  Practice recycling.  Smile at a stranger. Play with your children.  Practice "random acts of kindness" for others.  Remember not to do too much, because you need time for yourself as well.  If everyone were to commit just 15 minutes of time a day doing something positive for the Earth, the results would be phenomenal. 

That's really all you need to do.  There is no guarantee that by following these suggestions that there will be no more problems in your life. However, you will be better equipped to work with them in a positive way, and not let them get to you as much as they used to. You'll notice a change in yourself, and in the way others relate to you...and it will be for the good!  Have fun with it. 

The Barbarian Essays

These are essays that I have written to address some of the issues surrounding Ascension and what we as a race of beings need to focus upon. 

  • As the human soul progresses through its incarnations, it chooses one of four soul types, or vocations, to work through its particular lessons of incarnation. The Four Soul Types  page discusses these four basic soul vocations: Warrior, Wizard, Thief, and Priest, and talks about them in considerable depth.

  • The nature of a persona should be duality (Body and Essence), yet, in third-dimensional expression, the Persona acquires an unwelcome third part, that of the Role, or "false persona".  The Triadic Persona examines the nature of this "Role", and offers solutions as to how to free oneself from being entrapped by it.

  • The Triadic Harmonium is the true soul-level elements of creation. Rather than the standard esoteric elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, the Harmonium consists of three elemental expressions: that of the Celestial, Photonic, and Hydraulic realms. This essay examines these three realms and their purpose in the Creation process. 

  • The 10 Commandments Revisited concerns the 10 commandments and how they may be interpreted in the light of the New Age and Ascension. The commandments are examined critically in terms of Spirit and the One Life, rather than in social and political trends as has been historically done. 

  • Although I did not write this, The Grail Catechism (anonymous) is a beautiful piece of work regarding the Ascension process and our duties as Disciples of the New Energy. In particular, the Grail Blessing at the bottom of the page truly speaks to all of humanity. 

  • Esoteric Cognition is my page dealing with the four levels of human thought: Linear thought, Associative thought, Lateral thought, and Spherical thought. Examples of each are shown on this page, along with several resources on helping to increase the power of your own thoughts and creativity.

  • Where does Alcohol and other substances fit in to the overall scheme of the Divine Plan?  Why is it so prevalent here in this world?  Esoteric Libation examines the nature of substance alchemy; determining which is benign, and which can lead to ruin.


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