The Four Soul Types


As the Soul travels the evolutionary path, it selects a particular vocation, or combination of vocations, as to how it chooses to serve and render conscious creation.  There are four such vocations, manifesting in the world of affairs as one of the following types:

    Warriors:  The do-ers of the Universe
    Wizards:   The creators of the Universe
    Thieves:     The innovators of the Universe
    Priests:     The voices of the Universe

These four types each incorporate all other classifications and functions of the soul, including all seven ray energies, into their workings.  In reality, everyone is a combination of these four types; but throughout the entire incarnating cycle of an individual soul, the Soul will choose to specialize in one of them.  The qualities and natures of the soul types will determine largely the type of service the Soul will render, and how the soul appropriates energy and creates with that energy.

These four soul types come into predominance in 125-month cycles that manifest the basic influences of the particular soul type.  In November 1960, the last Wizard cycle began, which lasted throughout the duration of the 60's until April 1971.  The Thief cycle then came into manifestation throughout the 70's with its emphasis upon the breaking down of old patterns and the beginning of new ones.  In September 1981, the cycle turned to the powerful pattern of the Warrior, which lasted until February 1992, when the cycle turned to the Priest.  We are nearing the end of the Priest cycle, which will give way in July 2002, when the next Wizard cycle begins.  For more information on these cycles, follow the individual type links above.

Calendar of the Cycles:

Cycle: Starts on:
Thief (Hunter) April 1846
Warrior (Soldier) September 1856
Priest (Sage) February 1867
Wizard (Mystic) July 1877
Thief (Jester) December 1887
Warrior (King) May 1898
Priest (Healer) October 1908
Wizard (Bard) March 1919
Thief (Rogue) August 1929
Warrior (Knight) January 1940
Priest (Bishop) June 1950
Wizard (Adept) November 1960
Thief (Gypsy) April 1971
Warrior (Warrior) September 1981
Priest (Monk) February 1992
Wizard (Druid) July 2002
Thief (Hunter) December 2012

In addition to the soul type, the Soul will also choose a persona vocation for the current incarnation which may or may not be the same as the Soul vocation.  Thus, a Wizard soul may be working through a Warrior persona, or a Priest soul through a Thief persona.  The particular combination of Soul/Persona type will determine largely the type of service the individual will manifest in his or her particular lifetime.

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