Esoteric Libation

"Why are you drinking?" asked the Little Prince.
"So that I may forget," replied the Tippler
"Forget what?" asked the Little Prince.
"Forget that I am ashamed," replied the Tippler.
"Ashamed of what?" asked the Little Prince.
"Ashamed of Drinking!" replied the Tippler, and shut himself up in lugubrious silence.
--from THE LITTLE PRINCE, by Ste. Exupery--

With all the problems inherent in the use of alcoholic beverages, one may wonder why the subject of "Esoteric Libation" should be broached at all.  Throughout the ages, however, men and women have used alcohol and other mind-altering substances to get in touch with their subtle bodies.  The onset of the New Energies of Ascension are fast removing the need for using external substance to invoke mystical or altered states of awareness.  In short, the way of the Shaman is becoming open for all.  

However, the use of alcohol and other substances like it is still widespread; and, indulged in irresponsibly, can lead to tragedy.  The purpose of this page is not to advocate the use of alcohol or other mind-altering substances, but to bring the reader to a better understanding of the principle underlying the mixing of alcohols; which ones are astrally harmful, and which ones are benign.  

No other drug is as widely used--and abused--as is alcohol.  Its prevalence in the global society of humanity is widespread; not a culture exists on this planet that does not, in some way, shape, or form, indulge in alcoholic beverages, although there are individuals within cultures that abstain from its use.  From the vodka-quaffing Russians to the Saki-drinking Japanese; the Beer-guzzling "All Americans", Germans, and British; the Mead and Brandy-loving Norse, the Wine-tasting French and Wine-sipping Hebrews, to the Kumiss-drinkers of Africa and Mesopotamia, the Rums of the Islanders, and the Whiskeys of the moutain-born; Alcohol has its home here in this world.  The brewing and drinking of beer alone goes back nearly 6000 years to ancient Chaldea and Egypt, and probably before that, if written history were available to bear such knowledge out.  

One may then ask, why do people drink?  There have been several reasons postulated by those who do research on alcohol consumption.  Some believe it is a socialization process; that cultures who are prone to drink instill such a desire in their progeny to "be like them" and join in, or are encouraged to begin by their peer group.  Others have hypothesized that the desire for alcohol consumption is genetic and can be traced back to our DNA, although evidence supporting this hypothesis has been sketchy at best; there STILL is no identifiable "alcoholism gene" or chromosome.  Some claim it is racial, pointing out how certain minority races are more prone to alcoholism than others; forgetting completely that those minority races were introduced to alcohol by those in power who wished to subjugate them and render them impotent to retaliate against them (if you're drunk, you're not likely to do anything but pass out.)  The point is, all of these answers may have some basis in fact, but they do NOT answer the original question.  The question they answer is "why do people START drinking?" when in fact, the question is, "why do people drink?"  Esoterically, the answer to the latter question is simple:  people drink because the effects of the alcohol relax their dense bodies and senses so that they can make contact with their subtle bodies and higher forms.  The consumption of alcohol puts one into the Alpha state of awareness, and is the same reason that people ride roller coasters:  the constant moving of the point of reference on a roller coaster also thows people, even but temporarily, into an astral state of awareness.  The main difference is, roller coasters generally don't give you a hangover or potentially cause you to be violent toward others. 

If we as a race of people were trained in the areas of meditation and conscious contact with the higher states of awareness, we would be less prone to need the effects of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.  The race consciousness of humanity, however, is stuck squarely in the physical dense reality.  Very few people can open themselves up at will to anything other than the five senses.  Alcohol subverts that, and can open up previously locked doors.  If this is done consciously and willfully, knowing what to expect and guarding against negative results, it is good; for even those of high inclination and schooled in meditation may have unconscious blocks against contacting the spirit world placed in their psyches from past life conditioning or shielding from the negative effects of others in their environment.  Alcohol for these people is a godsend, because it allows them to overstep those blocks temporarily while keeping them intact in the long run for their safety.  If the indulgence of alcohol is done randomly and without higher intent, the same doors may be opened, but what may be behind them is far from what you'd expect to find on "Let's Make a Deal." 

That which we call alcohol is what is known as Ethyl Alcohol, or Ethanol, and is the primary substance used to make contact with the Etheric (Physical Nondense) plane of awareness; just above normal brain awareness.  Depending upon the type of Ethanol used, the effects upon the imbiber can range from initial elation and a feeling of good-will, to that of feelings of dark despair, anger, violence, and suicide.  In short, the use of Ethanol places the user fully in contact with the Etheric plane, and makes them susceptible to influences from the Lower Astral planes of awareness.  

If the indulgence of alcohol is done consciously and with responsibility, and the appropriate types of ethanol are used, an effect may be rendered in which the imbiber can make contact with the subtler planes of awareness.  Again, ideally this should be done only when it is impossible or difficult for the user to contact them in any other method.  Used ritually, ethanol can help enhance a magical working or bring the user closer to the subtle frequencies of the spirit world.  

For the standard "bar drinker," the effects of ethanol are rarely so elevated.  As the alcohol from the first drink enters the bloodstream, the drinker probably does not even feel the result, and is already starting on his/her second drink.  However, s/he is already in direct contact with the lower Etheric; the area of manifestation known as "outer darkness," and is susceptible to the influences of lower spiritual entities; "earth-bounds"; those who have crossed over to the Etheric but are unaware that their physical lives have ended.  As the alcohol works its effects upon the user, the Ajna center in front of the forehead, the center of consciousness and the integrated Persona, detaches and "falls" from its position down to the lower centers; those of the Solar Plexus and Sacral; the areas of the "desire" nature.  Without the protective sheath of the Ajna center, the person's aura is left unguarded and open to invasion by the "earth-bound" denizens of the lower Etheric plane.  Many of these entities were in life addicted to alcohol and/or other substances, and seek to derive the same feeling that such substances gave them by vicariously experiencing it through the auric fields of those still resident in dense matter.  If the person smokes, which is often the case in bars and lounges, the combination of ethanol and nicotine in the body is even a greater attractor of such entities; yet, the presence of smoke can also screen out negativity, if the person is of higher inclinations and knows how to consciously shield themselves.  

This is not to say that every time one takes a drink in a bar that one's Will will be subjugated by hostile or addicted discarnate beings.  Depending upon the strength of the person's Will and character, the magnetic strength of their aura, the astral field of the bar, their particular mood when drinking, and the type of ethanol they are drinking, the effects of the alcohol will be vastly different.  Obviously, the safest place to drink is NOT in a public place, where the astral field may be rife with negativity and inhabited by earthbounds.  

Certain types of ethanol, as stated previously, will produce vastly different effects.  Although the combinations of different alcohols can produce unexpected results, in general, the clearer alcohols (Gin, Light Rum, Vodka, etc.), when indulged in gently and in a good frame of mind, can be used to elevate a person's level of awareness to the higher Etheric, Astral, and Mental planes of awareness.  The darker alcohols (Whiskey, Dark Rum, Brandy, etc.), in general, are prone to opening up the lower desire centers of the Sacral and Solar Plexus, and tend to magnify whatever emotion is present at the time, even if that emotion is external to the drinker, on the shared astral field of the environment.  Sweet licquers and Wines are less prone to open up the lower desire centers, but are the most potent for evoking and magnifying emotions, to the point of obsessing on the emotion, be it positive or negative.  

Cocktails created with the lighter alcohols and high in fruit juice or water-based content are the least-risk of all in producing negative results, as long as they are indulged in a responsible manner.  Beers also are a social-oriented drink and, if used responsibly, can have positive effects, or at least minimize the prospect of negative effects upon the drinker.  Drinks made with cream-based licquers, such as Irish Cream or Creme de Menthe, are also fairly light when used in moderation and can produce positive results (or minimize negative effects on the drinker).   Please note that the emphasis is upon responsibility; if a person drinks four or more cocktails in an hour, it really doesn't matter what s/he is drinking as the effect will be the same:  the person will be intoxicated, and thereby susceptible to negative etheric influences.  

Cocktails created with the darker alcohols and with a dark caramel-syrup based soda as a base (e.g. colas) are very risky in mixed environments, as they tend to throw the consciousness down toward the lower desire nature and can make the drinker susceptible to negative emotions, effects, and the possible influence of lower etheric denizens of lesser inclinations.  Such drinks should be used with caution, and better in controlled settings (at home or in private parties rather than in public bars or lounges).  In general, no matter what you are drinking, it is better to be in a controlled environment to minimize the effects of the astral field (the effects of others emotions in your astral space while you are drinking).  Even if you believe the environment to be controlled, be wary of changes in the environment that can cause a spiral down into the lower centers.  In short, be ye aware of those who are drinking with you!  Others in your environment while you are drinking can be more detrimental to your mental and astral well-being than the substance in which you are indulging. 

The mixing of different types of alcohol should be done ONLY with extreme caution.  In general, it is best not to do it at all.  Not only is it prone to make you physically ill, but any potentially beneficial effects of the lighter alcohols become magnifiers of the potential negative effects of the darker alcohols.  Well-known drink recipes rarely call for the mixing of incongruous liquors.  If different liquors are called for in a recipe, it is generally those that are analogous and compatible with each other (like white rum and vodka, gin, etc).  Some claim that the best types of cocktails are the ones that use only one alcohol, and with few exceptions, I tend to agree with this.  It is also NOT recommended to blend a dark liquor with any other ethanol, light or dark.  Bourbon, for example, one of the most well-known dark liquors, should be partaken straight up, mixed with water or tonic, or mixed with a carbonated soda (preferably clear, such as the lemon-lime varieties).  It is inadvisable, both physically and etherically, to mix two different bourbons together.  The so-called "blended" whiskeys, such as Canadian Club and Crown Royal, while providing a very smooth taste, are also very prone to open one up to subtle negative influences much quicker than those straight Bourbons or Whiskeys. 

In general, never switch to a different alcohol after drinking beer.  Beer more than any other alcohol stimulates the Crown and Ajna centers.  If beer is followed by another liquor, it can attach these open higher spiritual centers with the lower emotional desire centers such as the Sacral, and can lead to anger, depression, violent or passionate desires, and even thoughts of murder, rape, or other extremely violent emotions, depending upon the original mental state the person had when s/he started drinking and the astral field of the environment.  For this same reason, one should also avoid drinking wine with other alcohols, unless it is mixed with fruit juice and with a light, clear alcohol such as in a spritzer. 

The quality of the ethanol is also a concern.  It can be shown that in general, higher quality alcohols render less negative effects in the drinkers than those of lower quality.  In short, avoid "rotgut" liquors and beers.  There are exceptions to this, as I have found that Crown Royal, even being of an extremly high quality of ethanol, can produce unexpected negative effects by opening up the auric field to negative vibrations.  (I think this is due more to its being a blended liquor, rather than its quality {see above}).  It is safe to say, however, that a highly refined liquor, such as Stolichnaya Vodka, for example, is far less likely to produce negative effects in the drinker than would Taaka Vodka, for instance.  It is true that you do get what you pay for in such instances; and in the case of lower quality liquors, you may get far more than what you paid for--to your detriment. 

I have alluded to the effect of the environmental condition upon the psyche while under the influence of alcohol; predominantly about the astral field.  It has been said that one should never drink alone.  I say that it is better to drink alone than with people with negative energies and of lesser inclinations.  Ideally, it is best to drink with others so that everyone can keep a monitor on what the others are doing; but again I exhort, be ye wary of those with whom you imbibe!  If you are around people who you know for a fact to generally be depressive and negative, it is best not to indulge in alcohol around them.  This is even more the case if you are highly psychically sensitive or suggestible by nature. 

Not only conversation, but background music can have a profound influence upon the subtle awareness of the drinker.  Upbeat music or music that stimulates the upper centers (Crown, Ajna, Throat, and Heart) is generally better to listen to than lower-center oriented music, with the exception of the Root (base) center.  There are only two major centers and one semi-major center which are potentially troublesome to drinkers: 

  1. The Sacral center, located in the area of the spine closest to the reproductive organs, which controls the lower desire nature and can precipitate feelings of lust and sexual stimulation
  2. The Solar Plexus center, located in the area of the spine closest to the stomach, which controls the power center and forces issues into pairs of opposites (you vs. them).  It is considered to be the retaliatory or "vengeance" center, among others.
  3. The Spleen center (a proto-center), located to the left and above the Solar Plexus center.  The Spleen center is the center of the Life force, or Prana, which is processed here in order to connect us to the higher centers.  However, when misused or over-stimulated, it can precipitate unreasoning anger and violent thoughts, which may be acted upon by the Solar Plexus center.
Music which over-stimulates these three centers, either by musical compository vibration, or by the astral field set up by the lyrics, should be avoided while drinking alcohol.  Other than that recommendation, very little more can be said, since musical preference is so highly individual.  What may spin someone into a depressive spiral may send someone flying through their upper centers.  The important thing is to monitor how you personally are affected by the music, and to avoid certain types that repeatedly precipitate negative emotional and mental effects. 

Speaking of patterns, be very much aware of patterns that form while you are drinking.  If you find yourself continually drinking to excess, precipitating negative emotions while you are drinking, or drinking in situations that continually call to mind negative experiences, emotions, and mental states, do what you can to circumvent the situation.  If you find that you are powerless to change the situation, do what you can to get help.  There are groups available trained to help change negative patterns of drinking, and not just the traditional "12-step" programs which exhort you to give all of your will over to an external deity. 

There will eventually come a time, at Ascension, when all of humanity will be able to consciously relate in the 4th dimensional reality, that Alcohol and other forms of mind-altering substances will no longer be necessary to make contact with the subtle realms.  Until that time comes, alcohol and other drugs are a reality of the third dimension.  Wishing them away will not make them disappear.  The truly wise will learn how to work with their existence, either directly with them or in support of others who use them, and learn how to more consciously direct the effects produced by these substances to the higher manifestations, avoiding the pitfalls of the negative effects. 

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