The Triadic Harmonium

For centuries, Man has defined Creation by four elemental properties:  Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.  Every form within third dimensional creation has been defined using these four elements, including Man himself.  We speak of "Fiery" temperments and "Airy" personalities; of having an "Earthy" nature or a "Watery" outlook.

Of these four elements, it is commonly agreed that "Fire" is the most volatile of the four.  Left to its own devices, Fire will destroy rampantly; yet its purpose within creation is just as important as the other three.  It is also commonly agreed that the greatest disparity in elemental function exists between the elements of Fire and Earth.  Earth is virtually inert, while Fire is explosive in its energy.  One wonders, after all, why this should be, when Air and Water are so balanced between their expressions of creation/destruction.

The fact that there are four elements is an illusion; one created when Man fell into third dimensional consciousness during the Fall of Atlantis some 20,000 years ago.  In true Soul consciousness in the 4th and higher dimensions, there are only Three elements, and they are aligned independently of each other.   These three elements comprise what is known as the Triadic Harmonium, and are known on the higher dimensions as Realms or Kingdoms of Divine Expression.  These three Realms are:

Celestial Realm (Sound)
Photonic Realm (Light/Color)
Hydraulic Realm (Vibration)

The Celestial Realm is the expression commonly associated with Air, while the Hydraulic Realm is commonly associated with Water.  Fire and Earth do not exist within higher-dimensional consciousness; and yet they remain, fused together in the Photonic realm, associated with the expression of Light.  Light, therefore, is pure Fire/Earth (Firearth), unbroken in its expression.  Light cannot truly exist within third-dimensional consciousness, and thus it was split into its two component parts; one almost wholly volatile and destructive, and one almost wholly stable and inert.   That which we perceive as Light is the extrusion of that Divine Expression into third dimensional reality; which is why third-dimensional light (note the lower case "L") produces both heat (FIRE) and has weight (EARTH).  Within the higher dimensions, Light is heatless and weightless.

Everything within creation exists as a function of these three realms; all three expressions are present in a particular and unique proportion for each individual form within Divine Creation.  Creation arises as a natural process of these expressions; first Hydraulic, then Photonic, and finally Celestial.  Nowhere is this so dramatically portrayed than in the Hebraic record of Genesis:

"In the beginning God created the Heaven and Earth.  And the Earth was without form, and Void, and Darkness covered the Waters (HYDRALIC REALM), and the Face of God moved forth over the Waters.  And God said, "Let there be Light (PHOTONIC REALM)", and there was Light.  God saw that the Light was Good, and separated the Light from the Darkness, calling the Light Day and the Darkness Night.  And there was evening and morning, the first day.  Then God said, "Let there be a Firmament (CELESTIAL REALM) in the midst of the waters to divide the waters, and so it came to be.  God made the Firmament, dividing the waters below the firmament from the ones that were above it.  (WATERS ABOVE=AIR=CELESTIAL).  God called the firmament Heaven, and there was evening and morning, the second day."
GENESIS 1:1-8.

Likewise, the ancient Norse cosmology consisted of Nine Worlds, each created as a function of the Divine Expressions.  These worlds are:

Air of Air 
(Pure Celestial)
Home of the Aesir; the Sky Gods; Logoic Plane
Water of Air
(Celestial Hydraulic)
Home of the Vans; Nature Gods; the Monadic
Light of Air
(Celestial Photonic)
Lothlorien, Home of the Elves; the Atmic/Mental
Light of Light
(Pure Photonic)
Physical Etheric; Home of Man
Air of Light
(Photonic Celestial)
Realm of 
Elemental "Fire"; 
the Astral/
Water of Light (Photonic Hydraulic)
Realm of the Dwarves; 
Physical Dense
Water of Water
(Pure Hydraulic)
Realm of the Subconscious Mind; Lower Astral
Light of Water
(Hydraulic Photonic)
Realm of Elemental Ice; 
the Concrete Mind
Air of Water
(Hydraulic Celestial)
Realm of the Giants; the Outlands

So it goes, with the various cosmologies and systems of creation.  The two used as examples, the Hebraic and Norse creation myths, are the most representative of the true Triadic Harmonium; indicating that these ancient cultures did understand the true nature of that which we call the Elemental Forces.

What then does this mean to us?  As we approach Ascension, it is necessary that we begin to work consciously with the Creative Process.  Most of this process takes place at the level of the Soul, and at the Soul's level, we need to understand the nature of the Triadic Harmonium and how it manifests creation.  All creative magic arises from the proportional interaction of these three realms.  The older, third-dimensional energies incorporated the illusion of the four physical elements.  Magic rendered from this perspective manifested creations of duality; both light and dark.  Because Light (Photonic Realm) is present in all of creation, darkness is therefore an illusion; it does not exist except in the illusory world of third dimensional reality.  It is this illusion of duality that gives rise to the "Dweller on the Threshold"; the negative shadowy manifestation of third-dimensional creation outside of Conscious Co-Creation with Spirit.

Approaching creation from the presence of the Triadic Harmonium of Celestial (Sound, Air), Photonic (Light, Firearth), and Hydraulic (Water) expressions, we attain mastery over the form nature, and create within fourth-dimensional reality, where darkness and illusion can not abide.  Creation made from this perspective, with Spirit in the Divine Plan, expresses Truth in its intent and perfectly manifests that which is desired.

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