Demons and Devils

Assuming you've read Elementary Demonology, and Demonology and Their Creators, you're ready to undertake that next process in understanding what it is that creates a demon, and what, in fact, the creators are doing.

The demon-creators are corrupting the forms of other beings. They are subjecting the power of other sentient beings and lassoing them into a position of servitude. The worst of this was done in Atlantis - those monsters we are still fighting - but the current re-generation of monsters and demons is dependent upon the lesser devic forms, specifically those within the Animal Kingdom.

The Dark Ones (emphasis my own - there are naturally placed "dark" Souls on this planet who have a job to do. My complaint is those Souls who have a job and won't do it - thus "the Dark Ones.") It is those Dark Ones, in our opinion, who spend more time trying to figure how they can screw up the system than trying to figure out what will make the system will work, and they are a nuisance.

We see evidence of this in the third dimension, and we know we are not alone. Moms and Dads who know you've got smart kids with nowhere to go, particularly in the American educative society - hear our message. Our advice - give them BOOKS. Teach them to read, to think, to discern. Let them become useful in society - let them THINK.

The best demon-creators were those who were so intelligent, so sensitive, and receptive to information, that they were privy to selective admonitions for what served as the Council to the third dimension. (This Council has since been destroyed because of its corruption.)

Other than the pissant demons we mentioned earlier, generally manufactured by angry teenagers, we've encountered few demons that did not have some substance, form, and sense of "presence" to them. As we mentioned earlier, it takes an adult energy to manufacture such a demon, and such an adult must include such energies as sexuality, greed, ego, and power to truly manufacture a worthwhile demon.

Such a Creator would also have to have qualities of hate, vengeance, malice, jealousy, and other "sub-plane emotions of Spite" to truly create effective, ugly monsters within the etheric third dimension. These emotions, of course, tend to create an emotional demon, easily vanquished by the corresponding emotions of love, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, and other "sub-planar emotions of Acceptance."

But, we tend to find, once a Creator, always a Creator. Once a Demon, always a Demon. The fourth dimension may forgive the third dimension, but that doesn't mean those in the third dimension have to forgive each other. The Smart Ones do, in our opinion. We forgive those who meant no harm.

But to those who meant harm...

To paraphrase a bad line from a really, really bad drive-in movie, "The Warriors."

"Come out and play-ay."

Love, Galadriel