Elementary Demonology

Note from our home: We have put off, for years, publicly discussing Demonology to any extent, until now. Our concern - as with any Esotericists who consciously work with Magic, was a fear of putting a "recipe" into the hands of those who would reconstruct the evil forms they created in Atlantis.

We believe that we are near enough to the "turning point moment" mirrored between the third- and fourth-dimensions that we feel it is time to reveal our beliefs regarding demon creation, purpose, motives, methodology, et cetera. We believe that this is in the greater interest of those who would fight such monstrosities, and even for those who have direct karma, one way or another, with the prior creations of demons, that in self-defense, a certain number of Souls NEED this information at this time.

The "safeguard" to releasing the information that will be discussed is that the energies that were present for the original creation of demons is no longer present in the third- or fourth-dimensions.

There will also be some discussion regarding the semantic distinctions between devil, deva (plural devil) and demon. This may alarm some who are "Keepers of the Light" - but we are to the point where we think we'd better start educating some of the newer, younger Wizards/Druids, who may have "better tools" than we do to combat certain Evils plaguing this planet. The sands of Time are running out, and we need help.

What is a demon?

A demon is a false construct, a hybrid of several sentient forms, created artificially to resemble a homogenized being. Various demons have shown themselves to the "sensitive" as being horned, winged, clawed, tailed, et cetera. Their appearance tends to be humanoid with animal features, and it would be fair to say that demons appear as super-humans with animal attributes that greatly project the impression of multiple-powers. This is fair, accurate, and to be expected by the creators of those demons who had such monstrous egos that they needed to create demons to properly reflect their own images.

We have destroyed a number of demons through the years. We thought, in the beginning, that there were nine, corresponding to what "white magic" circles tend to ascribe to as "the Council of Nine" - which we also found to be false. At one time we felt there were a finite number of demons, corresponding to some correct esoteric numeral, but have found that demons are as random and pointless as the beings who created them.

We still believe the number of demons in the etheric plane to be finite, but no longer believe there is a nice, round number. This takes into account the arch-demons (multiple purpose) to the little petty, not-fit-for-comic-book demons, of which there are probably too many to count. It would be accurate to say that we have "taken out" 12-15 arch-demons, and hundreds of "pissant demons."

A distinction needs to be made here between devil, deva, and demon:

Devil/deva are a term outside Christian terminology. Devil is singular, deva is plural. Devil/deva is known esoterically as an "overshadowing group form of function."

An example might be, let's say, rock concerts. There are a lot of rock and roll bands, and one can expect certain behaviors at rock concerts. A "deva" is a group consciousness in collected form, that tends to dictate somewhat how things will go. A "deva" who/what is "correctly aligned" will see to it that a large mass of people can get together, hear some loud, rhythmic music, have a good time, party their tails off, and have good memories the next day.

But let's say that all of a sudden, it seems like every rock concert one goes to, people are hitting each other, shoving people in line, the musical instruments aren't working, the crowd is getting angry, etc.

This, then, would be a case where the Esotericist would do what is called a "devic alignment." Because the deva "overshadowing collective group entity" has fallen out of balance or is in disrepair for whatever reason.

Deva/devil can apply to many concepts. Unlike demons, they are not "false constructs" - they are, in fact, "bricks" in the process of Creation. Humans very often have the ego of thinking that what they do, they do alone, and that no other sentient/programmed Consciousness is associated, but this is incorrect.

Thus, a devil, or deva (overshadowing group construct) is simply one element in the Creative Process on this planet. They are "correct" to exist - but may be out of balance, due strictly to unaligned human karma. However, this is a "solvable problem" and is being handled by those Wizards who have the training to do so. Yet - we also want to make it clear that such activity does not require "specialized" Wizard training. 

Anyone with simply a positive, clear Intent to "Right Action" may do the same to correctly align devas simply through virtue of Love and Intent. (Most devas respond to the Group Will, since they are in fact macrocosms of the Group Will; that one honest voice will impact a deva in a positive manner.)

The word "deva" doesn't scare people, because they are not used to hearing "devil" in plural form. Thus, let us now take on devil, by definition, and again, not in the traditional Christian usage.

Devil, again, is not Satan, nor attendant "satanites." Satan, as a concept, has become a deva, simply because of the number of people who empowered the thought-form of an identity. In short, Satan was created, as a deva, by Christians, but does not exist as a separate, sentient, functional being. Satan is not even a demon, which does possess Matter to some extent. Satan is, in short, an Idea - but an Idea that has some gravity simply because of all the people who lend weight to its existence as a form.

Demon, on the other hand, is very real, and very threatening. How a demon differs from a deva is that while both are overshadowing influences, the deva must respond to the group consent, whereas the demon overrides the group consent.

Devil, and deva, are both "natural, and Divine" expressions of Creative Intent.

Demons, and those who foster their creations, are counter to the Divine Plan.

Arch-demons, as we mentioned earlier, could probably best be described as "composite" demons, meaning that they are - as in Greek/Roman mythology, the overshadowing aspects of a number of negative human attributes, going beyond mere vice into sheer Evil.

Yet, the Evil Intent is only as strong as its maker. It must be remembered - it must not be forgotten, that it was humans who created demons, in an attempt to overthrow the Divine Collective.

Fragmentary as collective memory is, many humans are beginning to recall that there was such a Dark Day, and they are beginning to recollect that there was a time in Original Space when certain Souls had an opportunity to tinker with the various rays of energy that go into Creation, and were able to do what is now known, in Freudian terms, as "usurp the hubris" - as in supplanting the Godhead - as in overriding the Collective Intent.

We believe this was an on-going project in Atlantis, that certain dark Wizards knew just enough about the Free Will Experiment, the various rays of Creation, and the multiplicity of Possibility within the fourth- and third-dimensions, as well as a certain "laissez-faire" attitude among the Guardians of both planes who weren't really paying attention, through their irrational and naive assumption that anyone who was on the planet Earth actually belonged here.

We do not blame the Guardians for the demons, but we do hold them accountable - because they were warned that there were troubles in both dimensions. They, themselves, did not understand enough about the fourth- and third-dimensions to understand what new paradigms were being created, and what exactly was at stake, in terms of the holistic human and animal existence. "Free Will" was a new concept that took a lot of getting used to. (Sort of like "Free Love" in the Sixties' - Am I supposed to screw just anybody?)

The word "free" has never been handled well in the third dimension. We have come to expect some interpretational problems. People just don't don't know what to do with freedom, half the time.

But, some people, probably smarter than they should have been, took their opportunity at "Free Will" as permission to create Beings who could override the Free Will of others. These were mechanized, artificial Beings of composite form that were used/created to supplant/overthrow the devas, as described above.

Why were animals used?

We have written elsewhere that the whole System on this planet required a repository of various energies, forms, and devic groups. Most of the animal groups (and also Plant and Mineral) devic groups incarnated with the understanding that they would "secure the Earth" as a balancing "Guardian" if you will, of the natural, geomantic structure and sub-sphere of this experiment known as Free Will.

The "pay-off" - if you will - was that as humans learned to master karmic lesson, if the Free Will experiment was successful, was that the animal kingdoms would have the opportunity to individuate. To date, the more individuated "animal" races are (in no particular order): leopards, elephants, dolphins, bears, eagles, wolves, whales, tigers, and other animals that - in one form or another - are closely attracted, and subordinate to, the Affairs of Humanity.

This does, or should, include, many breeds known as "pets" of Humanity, but is not necessarily reflective of a "higher pattern of Consciousness" because so many humans treat their pets as schmucks, doilies, and otherwise "cute but useless" entities who - for whatever reason - are NOT called upon to exert their own higher (devic) functions - and therefore do not. Thus, those animals do not individuate as independent, sentient beings. In short, they remain "little yappers."

Pets do, however (through devic override) often take on the annoying and disgusting habits of the humans they reside with. Dogs that French-kiss, and cats that rub their bottoms on fine-quality furniture can generally be attributed as a reflection of the humans that raised them - without wit or intelligence, for themselves or their animals - those humans who credit their animals with Emotion, but not Sentience. Those humans do, in a sense, create "mini-demons" when they support the bad behavior of an animal because it is "precious" and don't know they are creating semi-demonic presence by robbing an animal of its devic dignity by treating the animal as a doll.

But, such demons we still consider "pissant" and in reasonable control. In short, while we consider spoiled pets as spoiled, we do not consider them evil, unless they get away with manipulative, destructive behaviors, and consciously learn they can do so. We are, however, inclined to blame the humans that tolerate this behavior.

But, back to demons, and demonology; it is a fact that humans create demons, and this has very much to do with the very flexible laws of Creation on this planet, as part of the Free-Will experiment. It is also true that the occasional human does create the occasional hypothetical monster, and that this "occasional hypothetical monster" actually is interesting as a Learning Tool for the third dimension.

The problem is that some of these "interesting hypothetical monsters" are no longer interesting, but are very threatening, and they're simply not fun, anymore.

Our people have always made a point of taking out the "obsolete monsters." These are monsters (vampires, werewolves, and other reflections of divided Humanity) that were interesting at a certain time in history, when Mankind was able to learn from these objects, but we are now entering an Age of Demonology when the world will be flooded with monsters that are obsolete and pointless.

The problem is that certain esoteric scientists and mathematicians are "having so much fun" with their creations, that they forget the reasonable boundaries and parameters of the Free World, and they create more monsters than Humanity can handle.

This is the point that we are at - not just a population explosion of Humanity in the third dimension - but a surplus population of monsters in the third-etheric plane that probably a handful of Humanity will have to deal with - and can probably also expect a mysterious shortening of Life.

This is not right... a handful of Wizards doing the work of a full-fledged army.

Having dealt with a number of demons, arch- and individual, we can say they're not nearly as frightening - more like ridiculous than most half-way mental-plane grounded individuals might have thought.

There were aeons when we did not deal with demons because we didn't think we had the appropriate strength. In the Beginning (of Earth) we thought we could not go "head to head" with demonic creations, because we felt we were born in the astral, and that demons were created in the astral - and therefore they had as much - if not more - "physical construct" than we did. We felt the demons had "better construction" than we did. We were wrong, but simply not enough information was available on any plane that might have indicated a more positive reality.

Since the third-dimension HAS been fully established in various planes including mental, physical, and astral, it has become much easier to "mulch" the monsters created in the fourth-dimension's much weaker zonar planes.

It is a sad and sick fact that it only takes three humans to create a demon. This demon would generally be so small, puny and insignificant that it could easily be misrepresented as a dust mite, something to be swept with a broom. But, it is these little demons, no matter how tiny, that Humanity in general is so afraid of, that few humans will take on because of their Atlantis/Christian fear that any demon must be "huge, sinister and overwhelming."

We are solidly entrenched in the third dimension; we did what we set out to do, to expand the regions of Consciousness into the lower sub-planes. We have accomplished the basic directives of the Free Will experiment, and it is now time to re-group and re-collect, within the third dimension, to harmonize between our mental, physical, astral, and etheric planes, and to rebound - like drowning Souls - back up into the upper dimensions, and to share what we have learned.

What we will have found is that demon-creation is a lower sub-form of the negative ego in the third dimension.

There is no longer a need to fear demons, or their cleansing process. Even at Woodstock, the ultimate Love Fest ever manifested within Humanity, a message was still promoted to "take your trash with you."

Thus, as long as we are on Earth, please take your karmic baggage with you. And to destroy demons, all you have to do is (mentally) send an arrow of Intent.

Every little bit counts.

Love, Galadriel