Demonology, and Their Creators

In Elementary Demonology, we discussed certain motivations of demon-creators, and the result/appearance of their forms. We summed it up with a usurpation of the Divine Plan, and how annoying it is that positive, constructive Wizards are having to clean up the work of a few bad apples.

Now it is time to discuss how demons are made, the principles involved (or more accurately, what Divine principles are violated) and get down to the brass tacks of what, exactly, a demon is, and what exactly, it takes to destroy such creations.

A demon is a construct, a pre-fabricated enterprise that involves (generally) the use of multiple beings of various forms and species. Reason: No one body has the ability or power to generate or manifest the attributes of God or Creator, or even the Collective Consciousness, as we understand the concepts.

Anyone who attempts to create a demon has the serious ego delusion of thinking that they can replace, through manufacture, an alternative stand-in, a mechanized force, used to represent a supplicant identity that will "fool" the higher, greater, collective Consciousness.

What is not understood, by these clowns, is that their egos preclude them from understanding that their charge is not to overthrow, fool, or manipulate a singular entity. These idiots (a safe term) have it in their heads, because of their dogmatic thinking and ignorance, that they are dealing with singular entities, rather than collective forces.

So much the better, because they are so much easier to defeat.

In general, those who create demons tend to go by a formula, a formula of "666" that frankly, we get tired of, because we're so used to it. It's redundant, and silly.

For all we know, the monsters in the East are far more interesting than those in the West. In the West, what we are used to is these ridiculous beasts that are supposed to represent 666, the Mark of the Beast, and all we can tell is they represent some bad math.

The "chump change" version, based on the chump-change math, is that 6+6+6 equals 18.

1+8 equals 9 - the number of the Christ-consciousness.

In reverse, 6-6-6 represents (given the breakdown from the 9) is a "de-creation process." We consider that at the heart of what certain freaks are doing by trying to pull in the Darkness by certain formulas they barely understand.

Unfortunately, this is not an "indictable offense" in the fourth dimension, for the simple reason that in the third dimension, the bozos who set up the Free Will experiment sort of said "anything goes." This is not what they said, and it's not what they intended, but it's what happened, simply through any lack of real authoritative control. In short, it was "weakness through default." The Guardians in charge of the third dimension didn't feel free to say "no" to whatever suppositions were proposed, but, by not saying "no" - many in the third dimension took that as a tacit "yes."

This, then, is the fundamental issue upon which the third dimension rests - and woe, that we might have a Clarence Darrow to argue not the rightness, or the wrongness, but simply the validity of an assumption in the third dimension, and the assumption current in the third dimension is simply that unless someone tells you no, assume it's a yes.

Whatever happened to decency, and principle? Did we give those up when we fell into the lower planes? More important, did we KNOW we were going to give up such principles, or if we didn't give them up, did we know that currency such as "principle" would be virtually worthless in the third dimension?

We don't think so.

Logic tells us only one of two things could have happened:
1) The Guardians gave an ambivalent message - would not commit to any idea of right or wrong.
2) The ones who fell into the third dimension flipped a proverbial coin and made their choices.

Logic also tells us:
1) The Choice began long before the third dimension,
2) Many of those who fell, welcomed the opportunity to expand their dark horizons.

History tells us that demonic entities never get tired of themselves. They never see reason, nor mercy, nor justice. They only see themselves. It takes a pretty special, collective, egotistical monster to desire to stamp his/her imprint upon the face of Humanity. The pleasure these demonic individuals take is downright sadistic - they don't rape individuals, they rape societies.

There's something about the sound of multiple screaming that turns them on.

We've consulted with a few demon-warrior veterans, and have concluded demons have certain factors in common - given that no two people tend to have "the Sight" in quite the same way.

We agree that demons tend to be dark. In our experience, they are solid black but lit up with a reddish-orange outline - aura, if you will. Up close (in our limited experience) they tend to have a very heavy gravity field - they feel as if they are thousands of years old. (This may be that presence of Satan that certain lucid Christians recognize.) They do tend to be horned and winged - but not all creatures horned and winged are negative - we've heard from a number of people who praise their dragon spirits. (We have some lovely dragon spirits, as well, and we depend upon them.)

The best distinction we've been able to make regarding the "real McCoy" is that an authentic Being, whatever he may be, has feet. We wrote this a long time ago in another page long lost, but we have found "feet" to be the true hallmark as to a "legitimate" Entity.

Most demon-fighters we've known have been so overwhelmed with the size, force, etc., of demons, that they tend to overlook details such as feet - but again - we stand by the presence of feet as being a hallmark of natural Divinity - rather than synthetic - as all demons are.

Our only real rationale for this fact is to offer this analogy - that as all plants have stems, attaching them to vines, so are all Souls attached to the Stem known as the "One Life" - meaning the Collective Group/Consciousness of Life.

Animals, unfortunately, tend to play a lot into demonology, and this explains why so many humans tend to be afraid of animals that aren't named Fifi, Muffy, Whoopsy, and so on.

(But on the flip side, we're only fair when we say that certain people who "deify" their little cats and dogs run the risk - through devic subjugation - and a disease known only as "pwecification" - when an animal becomes so worshipped it should sell posters and get blow-jobs by groupies - that the animal stops being an interesting ball of fur and turns into a psychotic hair-ball.)

Animal spirits, representing so many diverse powers and interests, are pretty accessible "cannon fodder" for anyone who's trying to make their own home-made garage demon bomb. (This is for those of you who live in affluent suburbs who notice that your 14-, 15-, and 16- year old teenagers are mutilating animals, because they are very intelligent, very bored, and very psychotic.)

It doesn't take much to make up a pissant demon - simply conjure two or three animal spirits, project as much negativity as possible, and target three or four humans you're angry with - which is pretty typical for teenagers.

But rest assured, for those in such crisis mode, assuming your teenager is normal and healthy - even with that irritating rebellious quality - it only takes five minutes to take out such ridiculous demons. We go after them like gnats or mosquitoes. We can even smile at such immature demons - reflections of pre-pubescent Wizards - whom we take it for granted will grow up to be sane human beings at some point - and will work on behalf of Humanity as earnestly as the rest of the Wizards.

What is truly frightening is to encounter demons created by a truly Adult mind. Such an adult mind creating a demon includes factors (or spectres) of love, sex, death, and ego into a powerful mish-mash - which is all demons really are.

(This is what they ARE - fabrications.)

"No Demon Exists for It's Own Sake." They are created for someone else's sake, for either short or long term, but usually because someone was foolish enough to come up with a short-term solution for a long-range problem.

With that understanding, when dealing with demons, for those who do not feel comfortable in attempting to vanquish the demon with white light, are perfectly welcome to invoke, with words, "Return to your Creator." Some people like to say "Return to the Hell that spawned you" but we do not care for this invocation, as Hell does not exist except as a manufactured construct, and telling demons to go someplace that doesn't exist is a good way to find those same beings on your front doorstep the next morning, and then one has to come up with a new message.

Trying to reason with demons is stupid and pointless. They are fabrications, period. The only good reason to argue with a demon is if one has a pretty good idea who the Creator was (this happens) - and if one knows the Creator - then they are not arguing with the demon, but rather with the demon's programming/programmer.

Occasionally, the Wizard will hit pay dirt by arguing with the programming/programmer - but for the most part, the earnest Wizard is having a pointless discussion with a Wizard who doesn't remember who he is... If he did remember, he wouldn't have needed the demon...

Arguing with a demon's programming does work, but is sort of the long way around solving the problem. Demons are constructs, artificial beings, created as the likeness of multiple entities, and all done with the idea of scaring/dominating other beings, and have no legitimate power of their own.

Thus, the EGO involved in the creation of demons is about borrowing external power for the appearance of domination and effect. The crime was indictable in Atlantis, but we couldn't catch it in the act. We have since caught it, and have the one of the master demon-creators in our sights.

We simply ask that those who have province, or have volunteered to fight demons, to continue doing what you do in good faith, and rest assured that we have our prize, in sight, as well.

Love, Galadriel