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Intelligence Tests:

  • Majon's IQ Test - Four different online IQ tests available at this site. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10)

  • The MENSA Workout - A "just-for-fun" IQ test; not a MENSA qualifying test. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10)

  • - A site containing IQ tests, as well as analogy tests, trivia, contests, and games. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10)

  • - Home of the original online IQ test. Very valid. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10)

  • Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests - Not for the faint-of-heart...or mind. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10)

Personality Tests:

Meyers-Briggs Type Tests:

Five-Factor (OCEAN) Tests:

Other Personality Tests:

  • Colors Test - Select 8 colors in descending order (most favorite to least favorite), wait 2 minutes, then do it again. Your personality diagnosis will be shown after you complete the test. Fun but not overly valid. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10)

  • Online Personality Test - (Formerly Feiger-Vos Personality Test) Results returned by email rather than scored via computer. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10)

  • Life Motifs Lite Test - Based on the True Colors test (see below) used in many academic and corporate training environments; this gives a good quick profile of your "color" quadrant and a basic personality type. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • True Colors Test - Online True Colors test (you will need to register for free with your email address to take the test). The full assessment costs $34.50, but the free sample one is pretty good for an overall profile. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Color Code Personality Test - Are you a RED, BLUE, WHITE, or YELLOW? Find out now. Link leads to free test; a pay version is also available. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • The TICE Assessment - A 15-question assessment that categorizes you into one of four quadrants: Thinker, Introvert, Creator, Extrovert. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10)

  • Mapping of Rules Assessment (MOR) - The Mapping of Rules (MOR) Assessment is a unique instrument measuring to what degree we adhere to unspoken, subconscious "rules" followed by our families. Take it and see to what degree your family's unspoken rules influenced your, or still influences you, to this day. Requires that you be painfully honest. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) - You are shown a picture, then asked to write an essay about what is going on in the picture (10 minute time limit). Based on the Murray's Thematic Apperception Test. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Personality Disorder Test - Rather a rapid test to determine if you have any symptoms of personality disorders; and if so, which ones they are. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Self-Esteem Test - How is your self esteem? Find out here. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Social Anxiety/Phobia Test - Determine if you may have symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • The Self Regulation Test - Determine how much in control of your destiny you really are. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

Other Online Tests:

  • Kingdomality Test - Find out what your vocation would most likely have been in medieval times. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10)

  • The Implicit Association Tests (IAT) - A set of tests demonstrating the conscious-unconscious divergences between what we think and what we actually do, especially when it comes to racial, gender, and other types of personal profiling. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Are You a Freak? - This is, actually, a very interesting test to take.  It seeks to measure to what extent you have the need to be unique, non-conformist, or exhibit nonconventional behaviors. The higher you score, the bigger "freak" you are, although I think "non-conformist" would have been a better term. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Are You in Freefall? - Five-question test to determine if you are a free spirit or an "earthbound" sort. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • The 100 Question Love Test - A 100-question assessment on romance and love, geared toward assessing your feelings towards your beloved. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Visual Quotient Test - Five questions to determine how good you are at spotting optical illusions. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Dante's Inferno Test - Really fun test to determine, if you were to die and go to "the other place," which of the nine levels would you most likely end up on? (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • The Seven Deadly Sins Test - Along the same lines -- find out which deadly sins are you most likely to commit. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • What Type of Driver Are You? - A good test to determine if you may have road rage. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • Career Orientation Test - Help to find the career that best suits you. Requires creating an online profile before beginning; 72 questions. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

  • The Maykorner Test - Yes, there are still Maykorner-like personality tests out on the web. (LINK TESTED 3/23/10).



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