The Soular Zip Code

All Souls incarnate in Persona-form have what is called astral make-up; components of the Soul vehicle of Expression, known familiarly as the Soular Zip Code.

The five "digits" of this zip code include, in order of appearance:
* The Soul and Persona are interactive within various dimensions. The three sub-planes (mental, astral, and physical) are reflected into the third dimension.

The composite of these zip codes is comprised (in the third dimension) of the Seven Rays of Creation:
FIRST RAY* (red) - Purpose, Power, and Will
SECOND RAY* (blue) - Wisdom, Love, Christ Consciousness
THIRD RAY* ( green) - Light, Matter Aspect
Fourth Ray (indigo) - Sound, Harmony through Conflict, Balance
Fifth Ray (yellow) - Science and Motion
Sixth Ray (orange) - Ideal, Philosophy
Seventh Ray (purple) - Ceremonial Magic, Divine Law, Protection
* First, Second, and Third Ray are the three primary components of Creative Cause and Manifestation. The sub-rays are extrusions of the first three, yet serve as equally reflexive correspondents with the first three rays.

There are five aspects of the physical Soul, and every Soul has his own numeric relationship (zip code) that interacts with the Seven Rays of Creation.

My own zip code is as follows:

What does this mean? Expressed vertically:
Soul (Seventh Ray) (7)
Persona (Second Ray) (2)
Mental (First Ray) (1)
Astral (Fourth Ray) (4)
Physical (Second Ray) (2)

What does this REALLY mean? Turn it around:
Seventh Ray Soul - my overshadowing drive is that which responds to Divine Law, and Ceremonial Magic. In or out of incarnation, I am inclined to Wizardly expression.
Second Ray Persona - my Presence in the world, as an expression of Soular purpose, is reflective of Love and Wisdom. I seek the harmony and manifestation of Second Ray attribute within my own form, and I seek to manifest this Consciousness into the third dimension.
First Ray Mental - my sub-form of third dimension intellect reflects the need to understand Will and Cause; my personality dictates that my mental form is driven to seek the "Why and How" of Creation.
Fourth Ray Astral - the free-form area that connects me to Group Consciousness magnetically attracts vibrations of Sound and Harmony. I also reflect Harmony back to that free-form area that connects me to Group Consciousness.
Second Ray Physical - my Action in the World tends to reflect Love or Wisdom, or the attempt to seek that Consciousness either in my own form or in the expressions around me.

Another person I know has a completely different zip code:

Soul (Third Ray)
Persona (Fifth Ray)
Mental (Sixth Ray)
Astral (Seventh Ray)
Physical (Second Ray)

Third Ray Soul - his overshadowing drive is manifestation, to take that which the Group envisions as an Ideal, and to create that substance and form within the third dimension.
Fifth Ray Persona - his expression is reflective of Systems and Logic.
Sixth Ray Mental - his intellect processes through the Consciousness of the Ideal.
Seventh Ray Astral - his connection to Group Consciousness attempts to attract and harmonize energy compatible with Divine Law, and Ceremonial Magic.
Second Ray Physical - attempts to seek and express Love within his environment.

Persons are not "compatible" based on these zip code patterns; the true purpose of these numbers is to help understand and correlate the energies that work between one function in one Being to another function in another Being. The Fourth Ray of Harmony IS the fulcrum upon which Souls in the third dimension are attempting to stabilize Creation and Recognition, but Fourth Ray does not need to be directly present within a Soul's astral make-up for Balance to be present.

The "absence" of a Ray in Soular make-up does not mean that a person cannot call upon the energy of that Ray. The Soular zip code is only a primary cause of motive; every Soul is entitled (and expected) to use any and all Seven Rays, as appropriate, and to learn to interact freely with those Rays for a variety of purpose and effect.

As we are substance that reflects form, we seek to learn to recognize the substance, to create the form. The Seven Rays are those substances which embody all forms.

Mastery of substance leads to mastery of form.

The purpose, and use, of these numbers, is to help people learn to master their own dynamic energy, and when they cannot actively create, at least they can learn to harmonize with the Souls within their environment, so that Group Creation can occur in a more harmonious pattern and reflection.

There is no "ascendancy" of Soular zip codes; the presence or absence of certain Rays does not indicate a more or less powerful make-up. Even a Soul with a preponderance (three or more) of a particular Ray does not indicate that a person is more creatively powerful; in fact, it could be indicative of a dysfunction, as the Soul or Persona may have trouble creating independently.

All Soular zip-codes are in Divine accordance with the Plan, and all can be utilized, directed, or harmonized to allow for positive and effective creation within the third dimension and other realms. Mastery of the "code" is helpful for those who wish to go beyond their third dimensional expressions, and to create in a more abstract, universal, and holistic sense, but identification of the code is not utterly necessary, as long as one is working in Divine Alignment with one's own Higher Self.

Those not in Alignment with their Higher Selves may be affected, or affect their environment, by improper use of the Rays as that comprised of their make-up. As Sixth Ray symbolizes the energy of the Ideal, a person not working correctly with their Sixth Ray may be turning or avoiding the Ideal, or may be manifesting that which is directly counter to the Ideal. This applies to all Seven Rays.

One who wishes to be conscious of and interactive with their Soular zip code may do so, in Harmony with the Divine Plan. Those who choose to not address their own zip codes at this time are also acting in accordance with the Divine Plan. No Soul can become aware of and override the "code" of another Soul, so there is no threat of abuse or misappropriation in the third dimension between one Soular zip code and another. It is not the zip codes that are important, but the Will of the Soul that activates the Rays, that truly powers the substance and form created within his environment. An inactive Will is merely inert material, and an inert composition of Rays.

It is the activation of those Rays, through Will, that truly give them Presence in the World.

Love, Galadriel