Animal Spirits - Zagnut the Dragon

Zagnut is one of our dragons. He is notable (among dragons) for being extremely cheerful, vocal, and opinionated. He also laughs a lot, and when people refer to Santa Claus shaking like a bowlful of jelly, we can't help wondering if someone got that confused with our dragon.

Some people will remember the movie "Dragonheart" when Sean Connery played the voice of the dragon - Draco, as he was later named, for the constellation.

Whether you've seen the movie or haven't, it doesn't matter as long as you remember that the basic storyline is that the dragon agrees to merge his Soul, Heart, and Power with a mortal being.

Whether you've seen the movie or not, it is safe to say that many people, at one time or another, have had fantasies about merging with Dragons. So, whether you believe in Dragons or not, the fact that you're here reading this says you would like to believe in Dragons, and just need a little persuasion to to convince you of what you already know.

There are other dragons who can tell you about the perils of dragons and Humanity; those dragons can tell you how it was that human greed abolished dragons and made it impossible for dragons to stay within third-dimensional parameters.

But Zagnut, or Draco, was the last dragon known in the third dimension, killed by St. George in an act of Christian righteousness. That's how screwy things had got in the third-dimension, that people had to destroy a totem of magic as a sacrifice to the appearance of an icon. A human icon, created by humans, at that. Looking back, it appears that is when the birth of Illusion occurred, and when Magic died.

The dragons withdrew from the third-dimension, but agreed to serve as totems in the fourth-dimension, for those humans who were perceptive enough to receive them.

Humans must remember that they can never become dragons, the same as dragons can never become human. But both can become stronger simply by learning the lessons each one has to offer.

In both cases, it is a case of taking on a "form"; dragons are natural shape-shifters. But it is important to remember that dragons do not disguise their forms - they do not become something they are not... they become something they Are. Dragons do shape-shifting to become something more fully... not to fabricate experiences outside their realm of understanding and possibility. 

A dragon - any dragon - will help you with a need for experience, texture, color and taste. A dragon will help you in your pursuit of the need to FEEL, and to KNOW, but sooner or later your need to Feel and to Know will be colored by human experiences, and a dragon's energy must be withdrawn, so that you may truly Know, and Feel, what you came to Earth to do.

We as the dragons marvel at your human, very human capacity, to deal with this ability to "turn-on-a-dime" emotional capability. Sure, the dragons can see Big Things, but your abilities as humans to re-create your Universe, and to postulate the Unspoken, is tremendous.

We would never have thought of it.

We admire you, and especially those of you who have been creative, and especially those who have "broken the rules." We don't really know what that means, because we don't understand rules, and we don't understand what "broken" means, but we do understand "Do what it takes to be yourselves."

So, Be Yourself, and if you need a dragon to help you with that, then sure, there's plenty of us that will help you with that. If not, and you just want to give dragons credit, we'll take that too, as long as you're having fun.

Have fun, that's the important thing, because someday you'll remember, and you'll know we did this together.

Love, Galadriel