Sacred Writings, 
and Universal Thought

Today, there are Druids who quote Julius Caesar as an example or reason why Druids do not write or keep written records. History itself will reflect that Caesar was not a friend of Druids, and to quote Caesar is equivalent to the Devil quoting Scripture to suit his own purpose. Caesar said that Druids did not write because Druids were secretive, and preferred to exercise their skills of memory. Since Julius Caesar was one of the ones instrumental in the extermination and manipulation of Druids, his conclusions are not exactly surprising.

A nation or culture that is stalked, humiliated, and persecuted, is indeed likely to become secretive, in self-defense. The Druids incarnate during the reign of Caesar can hardly be blamed for not wanting to take part in a policy of self-incrimination. When martial law is declared, that's generally a strong sign that it's time to burn or hide the books and other forms that might appear seditious. Caesar was no authority on the British relationship, but he was very good at appearing to be conversant upon the subject, and the authority that was given to him was that given to him by the Roman government - which the Brits had not recognized as their sovereign, but which was imposed upon them as a matter of course.

Caesar was no more learned in matters of Druidism than he was Cleopatra's Egyptology, as it (her branch of metaphysical expression) is now known, but Caesar should be given credit for his verbosity, and pretended authority, on either subject. The writings of Ancient Druids and of Ancient Egyptians has not survived, but the writings of Julius Caesar have, both of which are directly attributable to the "changing of the guard" in the Roman Empire. In short, the knowledge that survived was what was deemed appropriate by those in power at the time.

Which brings us to the Present. To this day, traditional or formulaic Druids are taught through generations to fear the power of Writing. Druids do much of their work by verbal relay, and impress upon the memory, for two reasons: the first, that Lessons are more likely to sink in and retain Presence in the Conscious Mind, if one is forced to integrate their mental capacity on several levels; the second reason is that Druids have retained a cellular fear that what went wrong with Julius Caesar could go wrong again, and that it is safer to ensure protection through prevention.

A very good reason why Druids, and others, fear to write is their conscious fear that to write is to enslave an idea of consciousness. To write down an idea, does, indeed, run the risk of isolating and crystallizing a thought until it becomes dogmatic, and not flexible. Since "flexibility" is absolutely essential to the essence of Druidry, it is easy to understand why some Druids have an almost mortal fear of committing Thought to paper.

However, we counter that Universal Thought, if channeled through Universal Will, remains Universal, and the stationing of that Thought does not become the "province" of the third dimension, but rather that the Thought becomes the vehicle of Expression for the Higher Realms, and cannot be enslaved by or within the third dimension.

Regarding spells and other functions of Magic, it is correct that modern-Druids do not reveal too much, as there is no point in relaying information to those who are not aligned with their Higher Selves or within the Divine Plan as expressed by Druidic Form, but there are certain concepts regarding Universalism and Relationship which the Druids may freely relay, as they deem appropriate, to ones not necessarily in their known "circuit."

This is not an effort to compromise Druidism, which in its Higher Purpose can no longer be compromised, but to suggest and encourage the opening of minds and hearts, to find those that are receptive to the Wisdom of Druidry in our time.

The Druids, for centuries, have carried the responsibility of culling and cultivating those that seemed suitable to study the craft of Druidism, and those Druids have wisely and correctly ascertained, through the path of conservatism, which apprentices showed promise to carry the responsibility and expression of multi-generational Druidry.

Druids, in our current Time and Space, are going to need to reevaluate their relationship with the World, and their Purpose as Teachers and Healers. By no means will Druids be called upon to give up their formulaes of Magic, nor their forms of ritual and Expression; however Druids will be challenged to refocus upon their Universal aspect, in alignment with the All, and they will realize that the new energies that all Druids have been consciously and unconsciously waiting for, will be challenged to reform the nature of their relationship with Mankind.

As Mankind has always been the weakest and most unpredictable link with the multitude of Realms that Druids work with, modern Druids are going to have to re-examine and restructure their own relationship with that most-fleeting of devic relationships - the instable and precarious position of Man.

However, this is what Druids have been waiting for, and it is time for Druids to call upon Universal Wisdom, and ascertain their current relationship with Humanity, and to refocus or redirect their consciousness in areas that might be vulnerable, or could be better supported through their direct attention. This is, ultimately, the path of all Druids, and it becomes the task of modern Druid to focus less on what has always been, and start thinking in terms of What Might Be, and What Is, and What Will. Every Druid is called upon to make his own alignment, form his reassessment, and determine his own course within the correction of Humanity, the Earth, and the Divine Plan.

The knowledge, and particularly the Science and Wisdom of Druidism, is going to be called into the forefront, as Society begins to question its meaning, import, and relationship with All, and it will be a challenge to traditionalist Druids to meet those questions, to overcome their fear of the past, and to learn to integrate and accelerate the Universal lessons of Druidism, and to refocus that knowledge in a comprehensive, but non-magically challenging way, to the masses.

Druids may retain their secrets regarding cause and effect, but will need to reassess their relationship from Earth to Spirit (third dimension to fourth dimension) and will need to look for forms of Expression, including writing, that refocus the cosmological intent of Thought versus Action, and Thought versus Love. Written correctly, Druid scribes can correctly channel or station the consciousness of new and current energies, without jeopardizing the "forms" of the Past.

Druids can, if they allow themselves, write Wisdom that cannot be enslaved to dogmatic or imprisoning Thought. By pulling on Universal concepts and truisms, Druids can station and interpret the Truth in a non-magnetic form, thus serving the purpose of Education, without also serving the darker purpose of corruption. A challenge, true, but it can be done. Druids can write, and they can write the Truth, and it can be done in such a way that the Truth cannot be enslaved, corrupted, twisted, or misused. Truth, written correctly, speaks for itself, and needs no defense from those in the third dimension. Others (non-Druids) will either "get it" or they won't - but humans no longer have the ability to misappropriate energy or consciousness to any significant degree.

It is up to the Druid, who has been trained in his mortal responsibilities, who will write in such a way as to ensure no negation or corruption of the author's, or stationed Divine Presence's, Intent. This is what will assure prevention of abuse, and will also allow the practitioner, or even visitor, to assume responsibility for his own interpretations and impressions. The Druid becomes the Agent of facilitation and education, but does not become the Judge, or the Executioner. The Druid is free to practice his Magic, and encourage others to practice their own.

Harmony becomes present, and becomes part of the Condition of Free Worlds working together in the same dimension.

Love, Galadriel