Witchery, and Druids

Women who practice either discipline of Druidism or Wiccanism tend to be treated as suspect Lady Magicians, and are often thrown (because of ignorance) into a melting pot (cauldron?) of expression known as Witchery.

Lady Druids, and Lady Wiccans, correctly aligned within their disciplines and intent, do not practice abuse of Magic. Druids focus upon the Trinity of Energy Consciousness, whereas Wiccans tend to focus directly upon Earth consciousness, in hope of affecting the outer dimensions of Man and Universe.

Both disciplines, correctly demonstrated, have equal effect upon their Environment.

There is a sub-category of female Magician that has, unfortunately, gained the most recognition, or notoriety, within the Magical Community, and it is that notoriety that has caused the most damage to the efforts of Magicians and their various counterparts and societies. This sub-categorization is known as Witchery, and has been the most effective in! damaging the credibility of all Magicians, regardless of their discipline or affiliations, or demonstrated efforts at harmonization.

Witchery is the female outpagan form of Magical expression, and is the true counterpart to the equally negative male outpagan form known as Sorcery.

For 1,500 years, the world has been plagued by the ignorance of Magical practitionry. The practioners have been endlessly associated with the outpagans, the least powerful but most representative of any enlightened society. Witches and Sorcerers tend to be "bottom of the barrel" representatives of Magical Society, but unfortunately, their ability and desire to be high profile, and their sheer abundance in numbers tend to make them appear as if they are representative of Disciplines.

For Druids and Wiccans both, it often appears they are fighting losing battles with persistent gnats. The gnats continue to evidence, and there is little visible proof that swatting one gnat has any discernible effect on the pack of gnats that appears to plague people for no other reason than they are there. If gnats would only cross the road to get to the other side, they might actually get something done, and be useful to society in some way.

Witchery and Sorcery are the "gnats" of Magical Expression. As soon as they are swatted, new gnats show up to take their places. As some people behave as barnacles to cramp the expression of free humans, gnats show up merely to annoy, confound and irritate Magicians - and to make them look bad in front of their Guests.

The Witches and Sorcerers were Magicians who were only able to come out of the woodwork and claim veneration for their abilities after the destruction of the Druidic culture affected by Patrick and his Roman cohorts. After that, the playing field appeared to be wide open, and Sorcerers and Witches of outpagan conglomerations were able to "hype" their experience and Wisdom simply by virtue of the fact that there were no true Druids available to contradict them or expose them for their falsehoods.

The destruction of the Druidic culture did, in fact, have serious consequences, and one of those consequences was to lend to that disruption through Anger and Sorrow. For a century or so after the invasion of the Romans and the conquest of the remaining Druids, the Druidesses were able to maintain a somewhat pure magical expression, which could be relayed effectively to their offspring who seemed adequately receptive to the Greater Truths of their heritage.

However, there were as many hybrid Druid/Rome offspring, male or female, who tended to reflect the most negative aspects of either culture, and those were the ones who eventually mutated into the negative form of outpaganism infused with true Druidic blood, that eventually caused the most damage.

This "damage" first revealed itself through the female line, and this supported the superstition that female lineage or association with Magic is naturally more inclined to psychosis, and was therefore much more dangerous when practiced by females, rather than males. As the female line was more likely to reflect the emotional outlet or Anger and Sorrow, this increased the likelihood that second and third generation hybrids of Romanic and Druidic offspring created more devastatingly powerful females. This was the result of hybridization, but was early and easily chalked off to a "female condition" of Magical relationship.

The "Sorcerers" were considered easier to work with, for they were easily palliated with the appearance of Power and Control, and were considered more "reasonable" than their female counterparts. Both Sorcerers and Witches in the British Isles were a combination of the outpagan culture that prevails in any society, combined with the true magical foundation as reflected in the hybridization of the Druidic and Roman cultures.

Thus, Anger and Sorrow, within the Wizardic Realm of Magic, became trapped in the physical third dimension, and it is this anger and sorrow that is too often reflected by practitioners, both male and female, of the twentieth century. The near-obsession that modern-day practitioners seem to experience with the Witch Trials of Salem in the 1600's, and their refusal to let a barbaric institution die, and to claim that yesterday's battles are as fresh now as they were then, are doing little more than aping their Irish ancestors for bewailing conditions that happened centuries ago, and refusing to come to grips with these conditions or occurrences.

It is time to come to grips. Yes, some crummy, crummy things happened to Wizards and Druids of all cultures, through all cultures, and in a variety of experiences. No one ever said these experiences were Right, or Okay, and we will not even pretend they are or were justified in any way. Rape of a culture, a land, or a person, is wrong, by any account. It's time to get a grip.
The Mafia in Italy was established circa 1050 A.D. after the rape of an Italian girl at the hands of the French soldier occupationalists. The Mafia survived as a renegade (and retributive) social group through the end of the twentieth century, yet exceeded their practical value at about 1700 A.D. From that point on, they were a flabby terrorist organization that tended to support the Elite of Italian society - that society they once attempted to overthrow. That mafioso society was finally destroyed and emasculated as a pretension of its own self in America, where the form had clearly metastasized to a gross cancer that threatened to destroy the lives of the people it pretended to protect - and to represent.

The Witches who persist in the twentieth century are not representing anyone but themselves, and are fostering resentment and confusion for honest practitioners of both the Druidic and Wiccan faiths, who might, upon occasion, falter in their discrimination simply by virtue of the appearance of numbers. The numbers mean nothing when their claim has no substance, and it is better to have a small few who "count" than it is to have a stadium of losers, wasteoids, and no-accounts. Modern Druidesses and Wiccans have the Energy Consciousness working on their side, and no longer need depend on Volume, but upon Substance, to affect their Magic accordingly, and the "numbers" will speak for itself, by virtue of Light, Love, and Power.

Love, Galadriel