Dolphins, Druids, and Telepathy

It may be a surprise to some that as Humanity is partnered, individuated, and triadically related through devic form to Soular Expression, so is the Animal Kingdom. Dolphins, as a group species, work with the deva of Wizardry, and it is the bottle-nose dolphins that Mankind first associates with Dolphinry that is Druidic in consciousness, form, and expression.

In sea-lore, it is the bottle-nose dolphins who are most famous for guiding ships. The bottle-nosers are the ones most likely to introduce themselves to individuals swimming at private or sparsely-populated beaches. It is the bottle-nose, in short, who is most likely to sneak up on a swimmer, butt him in the rump with his snout, and then laugh deliriously while the human sputters in indignation and surprise.

Yet, no human can resist the charm of the bottle-nose dolphin. The dolphin has a very aura of familiarity, kindness, comfort, and understanding. This is the true nature of the bottle-nose dolphin, and those humans blessed to meet them seem to suddenly find themselves questioning the meaning of their existence and their paths of Expression. Many people who meet bottle-nosers do so at a time in their life when they were already plagued by doubt and apprehension; these are the same people who have prayed for miracles, and waited for a sign.

The bottle-nosers tend to show up for people who express this kind of energy. The people who wait for a sign are really putting out their own sign that says "Help!" That's when the dolphins show up - not as a sign in themselves, but to answer a call for assistance. For many humans, that is the sign they were waiting for - that the Universe does work, and there is a Plan.

Humans who meet dolphins do not necessarily change their lives overnight, but the Dolphin Presence is a conduit to allowing that choice if a human wishes to take it. Depending on the interaction between the human and the dolphin, it is quite possible that both lives will be changed. Humans tend to think first "How has my life changed because of the introduction of this Being?" without really considering that perhaps the dolphin is asking himself the same question.

Neither human nor dolphin will necessarily know the answer, but the beauty of their meeting, and their parting, is that both "touched" a Being like and unlike themselves, and through this exchange, they both had more choices than they did before. For the moment, or time, they met, a Soul touched and was touched.

Humans have gotten out of the practice of touching, for one reason and another, but dolphins serve as lovely intermediary agents between humans and alternative forms, as dolphins have not been bred or trained to fear the touch, and the touching, of one Soul to another, as humans have.

The Ancient Druids had this ability, understood it, and were not afraid to use it. To "touch" a Soul was considered the most effective form of one-to-one healing, and was also the most natural form of the expression of Love from one being to another. Children still retain this ability, to touch and be touched by their mothers and fathers, and to know their emotions, and to judge their own peripheral world based on those impressions.

Druids, as they became affected by the Fear of other mortals, eventually lost this ability, except in those cases where one versed in the Art of Touch remembered, and was able to find an uncorrupted student or apprentice, and was able to relay this ability, with the sternest of cautions and impediments. The Druids that could "touch" either by mind or feel were insulated from their interaction with society, and very often could not mate, for fear that their own "clear and true" power lines of heritage would be corrupt, or bargained, or even destroyed via the physical plane choice of mortality versus immortality.

In modern times, there are few Druids that have been trained in the Ancient Arts. They remember, on some level, and feel that there was such a thing, but simply cannot transpose the handed-down words with the lifestyle of the post-Industrial Revolution. Today, A Druid scholar who would approach a student with this archaic Wisdom would be laughed out of his grove, but that is not as it should be. Today, more than ever, as the planes of Consciousness develop and increase in their frequency and reliability, would be the optimal time for Ancient Druids to step forth to revive the "dead schools" of Druidic Thought and Wisdom.

Early in the development of Humanity, there were three major planes of Consciousness and Creation. Those Realms of Light were what we now call Celestial, Photonic, and Hydraulic.

The Celestial Realm was and is that concerned with Air (Sound); the Photonic Realm was and is that concerned with Earth (Light), and the Hydraulic Realm was and is that concerned with Water (Vibration).

When the Firmament was broken, the Photonic Realm divided into two elementals - Earth, and Fire.

Thus, in their devic forms, Creation was originally and universally mastered through the three elementals of Air, Light/Color, and Water. In third-dimensional form, they become four elementals known as Air, Earth and Fire, and Water. The Photonic Realm of Light was split into Earth and Fire, and remained equal counterparts in the third dimensional process of Creation.

As Fire began to take ascendancy as a creative element in the third dimension, the natural devic relationship and interdependency of the first three elements (Air, Light, and Water) began to lose their prominence and recognition.

Telepathy - a gift the dolphins share - is mastered through the three original devic elementals, namely that of Air, Photon, and Hydraula.

In terms of astronomy, photons are (now known to be) the smallest particles of Light. Physicists know there are atoms and molecules, but it is truly the photon that represents the smallest micro-portion of manifestation. A photon could be said to be the subatomic microcosm of an atom. An atom is the smallest independent particle, but it is photons that make up the atom.

Photons, collectively, make up rays, or waves. It is believed that the rays are streams of Light, and the waves are streams of Sound.

Regarding telepathy, it is understood that Thought itself is made up of photonic alignment. Any amassing of Light will result in a Form, and it is the nature of the Form that comes under discussion, as we attempt to resolve the nature of that form, and the dispersion of that form, to result in communication between two beings without physical (vocal) interjection. The "power of the mind" is that used to discern data and to process it through its subatomic relationship. Reception is rather easy; transmission is rather difficult, as it requires a more interactive mastery of the form, and also requires a greater projection of Will and Intent - and trust, that the transmission will be received, processed, and interpreted correctly.

It is easier to catch than to throw.

To conduct telepathic thought, the formula is very simple, but the discipline is not necessarily as easy. The "theory" of telepathy is to still the vibrations, to visualize the impression, and to evoke the Sound to transmit that thought. To receive a thought is the reverse: to sound receptivity, to visualize the impression, and to still the vibrations so that the impress may register.

One great difficulty humans face in this endeavor is the great amount of noise pollution that has developed on Earth. The astral plane, one of the fundamental components in the nature of the Soul and Persona Form, is unfortunately the least discriminating, and has the least amount of magnetic negation and balance. To put it literally, Earth is surrounded by the dead and obsolete thoughts and visions of humans for quite a few centuries, and it is that which is cluttering up the "transmission space" of telepaths and other empathetically-receptive Beings - including the dolphins, who have not developed the human ability to screen out white noise.

This would not be so irritating for the dolphins if the thoughts were sensible, coherent, directed, or even completely-formed. Many humans, in their habit of thinking out loud often do so in banality. Thus, dolphins, when they "tune in" to the frequency of human thought, often hear such enthralling things as, "I wonder what Mike will want for dinner? Maybe he'd like the...." The dolphins hear the thought, and are now interested in Mike, but are frustrated because they don't know who Mike is, or what he might like for dinner. For that matter, the dolphins don't necessarily know what a dinner is, in human terms, or what a Mike is, but they receive the emotional impact of undelivered or unfocused thought - and they also receive the emotional impression of an unpleasable Mike.

Nearly all telepathic beings, whether human or otherwise, would be considerably more comfortable if humans would just finish their thoughts, even if they're "stupid", or trivial. Even if the thoughts themselves are not worthy of Nobel Prize candidacy, at least an emotional relay would be formed, even if a thought is not. Animals and other beings are not intellectually discriminating as much as people might believe. Many telepaths who hear humans and other beings are less interested in the Thought than they are in the energy of the emotional undercurrent which often supports the Thought.

It is the emotion which is revealed through an empathetic process, somewhat different from (yet related to) telepathy. Empathy is a process of communication that is done, not through the mind, but by the body. Empathy is that which relays the circuit of emotion and feeling from one body to another.

Empaths actually have a more difficult time than the telepaths, because the telepaths tend to develop a self-defensive screening mechanism, whereas the empath is consigned to feel the physical or esoteric reflections of the pain that humans put themselves through by suppressing their thoughts, and instead they relegate their thoughts to their lower astral forms of impression, not intended as Thought, but reflected as Denial of what the Conscious Mind cannot or refuses to deal with.

It is Thought and Emotion (telepathy and empathy) that serve as the cornerstones of the modern Druid's ability to process, relate, share, and disperse accumulated energy generated by a thinking - yet unconscious - mass. Yet, it is the Druid, and other compatible spirits, including the dolphins, who will help to process, cleanse, transform and transmute those thought and energy forms, and will in this way affect the mass healing of the Group Consciousness and Form as it has been expressed on Earth.

As humans, and other beings, have cluttered up the astral space shared by All, in the third dimension, that will need to be cleaned up, and then redirected to Divine Purpose. The "hard" way to do this is to have the Druids do all the work at cleaning and healing, but that is an unreasonable task to ask of the group that is most sensitive and receptive - not only to the astral clutter - but to the astral and emotional pain which has generated so much of that clutter.

The "easy" way is to ask that those Druids who heal to begin a process of transference - via telepathy, empathy, or sheer Will - that the healing they affect can also be done by those they heal. This will begin a broad "circuitry" movement, and will force certain Souls to take up their own positions as Healers, and to share the Light from one Soul to another. This will actually create new circuits of Light.

The dolphins are here to help, and to teach, but they are not psychotherapists. To depend upon or exploit their energies beyond reason is likely enough to cause the dolphins to have to go in for psychotherapy, as they will start thinking like humans, and will forget what they knew of their own Divinity and Relationship. If Humans will learn to redirect their Thoughts, and to force focus on substance or form, this will become easier for the form and substance counterparts to produce themselves, and will be easier for both Dolphins and Druids to take care of, regarding impact, affect, and relationship of those thoughts to Humanity and the Earth.

Love, Galadriel