Where Are the Teachers?

In "Solitary Wizards: Living in Two Dimensions" a conclusion is drawn that the "teachers abandoned guardianship of the third-dimension." We believe that many - but not all - have. If all the teachers had left, it would have been like several megaton-nuclear devices being aimed straight at the ozone layer. In short, if all the teachers had left, then the entire Earth ecosystem would have failed instantaneously. We, in the third-dimension had not (and have not) developed sufficient knowledge to maintain our biosphere independently, so clearly etheric and higher-dimension support does remain.

We will not name groups of beings we know to be in guidance around the planet - and we certainly don't know them all - but will simply share with you our rule of thumb that if they're here and you feel resonance, that their answers are common-sense, practical, and holistic, then you are your own best judge as to who's in this "for the long haul" and who is a pedestrian passer-in-the-night entity posing as a galactic consciousness but is clearly more interested in your day-to-day minutiae, rather than being concerned with their own affairs. After all, no matter how much the third-dimension has a tendency to revere fourth-dimensionals and to want to take them out and play with them like dolls, the fourth-dimensionals around planet Earth who are doing their jobs have their work, too.

The ones really doing their work will make it clear to you that they have work to do. If they don't, it's probably safe to assume they're galactic tourists. This doesn't make them "bad"; it just means you need to redirect your focus to finding those entities who seem to share harmony in purpose - in short, they have the same work you do, and this work, rather than spectator sports in the "joy of being human" is where the mutual focus should lie. All of us surrounding the planet have a job to do. Some are more conscientious than others.

In "Solitary Wizards..." there is an implication that at one time there was a library, and also a system of linear order of history, information and data, and that this system is gone and cannot be retrieved from this plane - or any other. What was not made clear in that essay is the destruction by Saint Patrick and his Roman army of thugs destroyed the final link to this heritage going all the way back to Egypt and Queen Cleopatra - considered by some the mother of practical Druidry in the third-dimension.

It is important to understand that the decimation of these information links and genetic bloodlines were planned acts. These events were not just "unlucky circumstances" or the accidents of fortune. They were quite deliberate.

Our intention by revealing this information is not to start a revolt, spiritual or otherwise, or to continue to disenfranchise Druids and wizards, but to help make it clear, to help them understand, that the key to survival is flow, and control, of information. Druids traditionally believed that information should be accessible to everyone. If you're capable of asking the question, Druids believed, then you're capable of knowing the answer.

It was quite a nasty shock to Druids to find out - too late - that not all questions were virtuous. It is directly attributable to the consequences of Saint Patrick's actions that many wizards since then, before answering a question will ask, "Why do you want to know?"

If Druidry was once a working foundation of knowledge and transference of information, the system has since become so corrupt that now passwords are required - the password of integrity. "Why do you want to know?" has become the "Answer these three questions before you can cross the bridge" security clearance now required before any wizard can proceed safely.

With this understanding, it is important to remember that there was, truly, a time when anyone who was capable of asking a question was capable of receiving an answer, from any and all realms of consciousness. We had the ultimate passkey - a concept known as "Intent." (Why do you want to know?) If it was clear we were virtuous at the outset, we didn't have to declare ourselves, because we were already recognized.

There has been the occasional abandonment, or flight, of certain fourth-dimensionals, going all the way back to Atlantis, even within its numerous degenerations. However, this wasn't a "threat" to the human biosphere on Earth, simply because for every fourth-dimensional who stepped out, there were three more (at that time) ready to take his place.

These weren't "tourists"; these were the people who were here because the Earth Experiment (of Choice) was so phenomenally huge, and so phenomenally risky that no-one agreed to come into this insane project without the guarantee of MASSIVE security, protections, back-up, secondary back-up, replacements, more replacements, and an alternative Plan B if Plan A should be designated a failure - which to this day, still has not been acknowledged as such. (Atlantis should have been condemned as a failure, but wasn't, which should have been our first proof of the failure of the test.)

We have since been told that we have achieved our goals, that the Experiment has in fact been recognized as a success. This message is about as comforting as having the dean of the school coming in to tell us we passed the fire drill, when we were really more concerned about our tests in physics, chemistry, and math. There was no fire. It's like having a test on a non-existent subject.

But it seems the ones telling us we passed the fire drill were the ones out playing golf while we all exited the building in quiet, polite, orderly lines. It's pretty easy to do when you've been trained, knowing there's no fire. We've never been in a burning building, so we don't have a point of reference for how humans really handle a crisis, no matter how well they've been trained.

The burning of Alexandria was one of the first clues something had gone terribly wrong. Yet, another incident not so noticed at the time it occurred had devastating effects for the entire planet, and even the entire history of Earth. This event was the birth, life, and death of Jesus.

Until that incarnation, many, many people around the planet had been trained, prepared and geared toward the concept of a One, or Unknown God, that would become clearly manifest. The Druids were among those who eagerly and systematically planned for, prepared, and received the ideals that were supposed to become manifest within Humanity. It was, after all, the Druids' primary purpose for being on the planet, we thought.

Our belief was that if we laid the foundation, the framework, of knowledge, training, and preparation in ideas, ideals, knowledge, history, and understanding, then Humanity would know what to do when the greater "Christ" Consciousness became more clearly manifest, then Humanity would know what to do, and Druids would be able to retire from Service on Earth, and would be able to continue their work elsewhere, as promised before we ever got mixed up with this business called the "Great Experiment" on Earth.

We had no idea (because it wasn't in the script) that "Christ" was going to be taken in the form of a single person. Today, we still refer to Jesus "of the Christ" meaning that we believe the soul of the one incarnate as Jesus was truly of the Christ consciousness (the Buddhic plane) - which many Druids - and probably others (including Buddhists, for example) believe is a sphere of consciousness directly related to the evolution not just of the Soul, but also of Spirit and Matter, and Redemption.

It was the individual choice of a single soul to take on the persona of Jesus Christ. It was also a singularly arrogant, well-meaning yet misinformed soul who took on this task - and clearly a tourist, rather than a guide. This particular soul had not been keeping up - as many fourth-dimensionals had - from Day 1, the progress of this Experiment called Free Will.

This soul had no knowledge of Atlantis, and had not even read the "cliff-notes" regarding human history up to that point. This was a soul who shoved apart shoulders, was horrified by what he saw, and yet was filled with some sort of "divine inspiration" that told him that gee, he could solve the problem in no time by incarnating not just as a savior (always plenty of those fools around) but as The Savior.

Jesus of Nazareth incarnated, lived a dubious life, with a lot of information recorded and not publicly available, which is in the hands of the Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican at this time (the Dead Sea Scrolls) but can not be released en masse at this time for fear it will create a mass stampede and revolution, which it probably would - and which we do not wish anymore than the Catholic Church does. It was Queen Theodora who began the first real repression of the original archives, and changed history in consequence.

By the way, we agree with how the Catholic Church is handling this particular matter, at this time. The Catholic Church has, in the past, committed many crimes against Humanity; we accept this, and also say that as dependent as Humanity has become upon the Church to be their voice and direction (thanks, largely, to Jesus) - the Catholic Church has taken much responsibility within the last few years, and we believe the Catholic Church may be one of the few institutions that survives the information revolution that we believe is about to occur - and we believe that the Catholic Church will be one of the few to live up to its job to be Christian - to help people, and to truly be a shepherd, as well as their brother's keeper.

What kind of message did Jesus send to the fourth-dimensionals - the guardians of the Earth Experiment? "You can go now, I have it all under control." Probably about five of the fourth-dimensionals fell for it. That was okay; the crowd was still shoulder-to-shoulder, and there were still others ready to step in.

Jesus was crucified, and it basically took a day for him to die - and to feel every minute of that death. Does anyone who knows this story, really think about the experience and what it must have been like, doubt for a minute that he was insane when he died? Yes, but LOTS of people were crucified; it was one of the Christians' favorite diversions. (The "Mall of Death" contributed to a lot of ancillary demonology, manifest after the death of Jesus, but we're not ready to talk about that, yet.)

Today, we can go into any really cheap, really fundamental, low-budget touristy sort of store (at least in the southern United States) and find some good cheesy Jesus-on-a-stick artwork; really bad ceramic or wood art of our Savior with lifelike images of cruelty, misery, and abject pain artistically portrayed for our edification and amusement, and in some cases, sanctimonious abasement.)

When Jesus, died, and was resurrected, as the story goes, the message was sent that death was better than life, and that through death all souls would be redeemed - if redemption was possible. It was Queen Theodora who suppressed the original text of the historians who noted Jesus' passing, who said it was the resurrection, not reincarnation, of Jesus, that allowed his rebirth into higher planes. The difference between reincarnation and resurrection is that reincarnation is a matter of astral, physical, and mental reformation and reconstruction - after the redemptive process of Spirit and Matter - that allowed a soul to come back into later incarnation as an elevated, transformed and transmuted consciousness.

Resurrection is, by contrast, still consistent with today's dictionary definition - to bring back from the dead. Resurrection, by definition, is to call forth the dead - in that form. In short, Resurrection is what calls forth demonization. To call forth a soul to reincarnate is to ask for the redemptive aspect of matter and flesh, whereas to call forth resurrection is to bring forth manifest death.

The Catholic Church has been strong in denouncing certain subjects, including that of reincarnation. The flaw in this argument is that the Catholic Church, while promoting upwardly growing consciousness, is denying  its own belief, as a rather advanced student, that all conscious matter must pull itself into repeated opportunities for light transference and redemptive exchange of consciousness through expatiation of negative energy and reformation.

Why do we keep singling out the Catholic Church? This was the first church of what we now call one of eight major religions still existing that actually built its foundation upon the crimes of Saint Patrick. The Catholic Church had nothing to do with this invasion, as neither did the existing Roman government standing at that time, but it was the Catholic Church that benefited most greatly by the genocide of Druids in the Celtic Isles, and it was the Catholic Church at that time, most inspired by the idea of Jesus' death and what his martyrdom could do to enlarge the coffers and attendance within the Catholic realm, who profited most by the madness and insanity of Patrick's invasion in Ireland.

It seemed a golden opportunity, with Patrick's invasion and the fact that he was backed by a Roman army of thugs, to present the Catholic Church as a new voice of direction, clerical power, and an ability to disseminate the idea of anti-individual, group-submersion concept of decentralization, and idea that "one little man" could contain the "vessel" of Spirit and to be a voice of the people.

It took a little over 300 years after Jesus' death for many parties to start cognizing how this particular event in history might be worked to their advantage. Anyone reading this who doesn't believe Jesus' death was exploited knows nothing about political murders. Pontius Pilate gave Jesus a number of opportunities to excuse himself for whatever crime he was accused of. But no, Jesus was going to see this thing through - it was time, and he was going to become a martyr. He'd made up his mind.

Even the Nords, who'd sacked Rome twice, knew there had to be more to the story. It is not recorded in history, but many Nords stopped to pay tribute to the one known as Jesus, simply because they recognized him as a devout wizard, and they had no reason to believe anything other than he was doing what he thought was right, which we also believe, yet we argue that whether he thought he was doing right is almost irrelevant;  history makes clear he did not do the right thing.

Many, many fourth-dimensions abandoned the Earth Experiment about the same time Jesus was going insane on the cross. They simply couldn't stand the horror. As we've been told, part of what certain fourth-dimensionals, as scientists, were seeking, was an "encapsulation of the experience of Earth" and what they wanted was what we on Earth think of today as CD-Rom's - a brief synopsis of what it was like to be in the third-dimension, and we suppose a diagram of third-dimensional consciousness. Words, impressions, and emotions weren't enough. They wanted to TASTE our horror. They wanted to live it, be inside it, but with detachment, discernment - and most of all - the fourth dimensional ability to detach and to be distant.

The final incident, of course, was Saint Patrick and his ridding the "snakes from Ireland." This would have been about 347 A.D., and would have been a pretty effective parting shot to any fourth-dimensionals, to say, "You still think you're in control, do you?" The Druids were in control; they had developed a society based on consciousness and Right Action. They were aware of geographical movements, and the implications thereof. What they did not reckon upon was insanity as a factor. Their mistake, if there was one, was they reckoned upon how society should work. Even taking Jesus into account, the Druids counted on martyrdom as a sane factor of good intentions; they had no reason to think of Patrick as having been an insane martyr of bad intentions, simply because there never had been one.

This, we believe, is the moment when the wholesale exodus of fourth-dimensionals began. We believe it started as a flight of fear and hysteria. For our little petty fears and miseries to scare the fourth-dimension - man, it must have been bad. To put it bluntly, we'd been living with this shit for eons. What was it that the fourth-dimensionals saw that was so terrifying that they were scared to death? 

We're not sure ourselves, but we do know that with our telepathic abilities to communicate, we as Druids must have presented a pretty goddamn strong message to the fourth-dimensionals. There must have been something they really did not want to hear. And whatever the message was, it was strongly sufficient that a LOT of Nords showed up to help, and were primarily responsible for helping a lot of Wizards get away, even if the Nords couldn't make sense out of whatever fool words were coming out of our mouths at the time. It was the Nords (Vikings) who transported the surviving Druids across the Atlantic to Nova Scotia, and it was the dolphins (also telepathic, sentient beings) who helped lead the way.

So, what message was sent to the fourth-dimensionals guiding for this planet that was so terrible that nearly a quarter of the population left? (Which should have left the planet vulnerable, except that enough wizards had by that time being trained sufficiently in geomancy that incarnate or otherwise, they probably felt like they could keep an eye on it.)

What if the message was, "Terminate?" And what if there were that many fourth-dimensionals who couldn't go against the prime directive of survivalism that they simply couldn't carry out their orders, even though they'd agreed to those conditions even before accepting the "Earth assignment?" 

We have been taught, or we should say told, that a primary Lesson on this planet is, "Annihilation is not the answer." (This is why, for many, we are taught that suicide is a sin.) Question we Druids would ask, if we had the opportunity to retort, regarding annihilation not being the answer, is "Whoever said it was?"

 The next obvious question, then, should be, "Who are the annihilators?" The next question is "How many are there, who put them here, and why?"

The Teachers ran out on us. That has become obvious, and we're feeling a lot of pain because of it. We have spent centuries wondering what we did wrong, what we might have done differently. How many of us still carry a conviction that we did everything right - and that the fourth-dimensionals ran out on us anyway?

We know about the Silver People, the spirits who refused to give up, and those same people who continued the cycle of incarnation that wasn't a dirty word until Theodora excerpted some Biblical items and made certain concepts offensive within the third-dimension.

It has been asked, how do we make the ones who ran out, the "oath-breakers", accountable? Meaning, if we only went into this situation (Planet Earth) with certain parameters understood, then what kind of accountability system do we have for those who failed?

We believe that the "Earth system", if it's true that it has been successful, means that all who "ran out" are karmically bound to its system. If the nature of "Free Will" as an experiment binds us within the third-dimension, then it also binds those in the fourth dimension, spectators, players, or otherwise, because those beings chose to play by new rules, and to accept those rules, as we in the third-dimension agreed to do.

In short, those fourth-dimensionals who ran out have two choices, basically; they can return to live out the "End Times" of this planet in its worst incarnate expression, which we gather will be ugly, indeed; or they can return and help guide for the clean-up process between dimensions.

This might seem an unfair solution to certain wizards, who demand eye for an eye. Frankly, we consider "eye for an eye" one of the worst concepts that ever happened to this planet. This thing called Biblical justice is much more vicious and cruel than plain old justice. We used to believe that Justice spoke for itself.

WE want justice, too. But we're willing to wait for it. We don't want Earth justice; we want galactic justice. If we can't get justice, we're willing to settle for Peace.

Has anyone tried that, yet, on Earth, or elsewhere?

Love, Galadriel