Superstition and Segregation

"We used to believe this condition was caused by demon possession. Now we
know that it's caused by the presence of a small dwarf or troll in
the stomach."
Paraphrasing Steve Martin, Saturday Night Live

Modern Druids seem to be divided by groups; clans, orders, and groves.

Clans - are groups of people working interdependently together to resolve common problems and form common solutions;
Orders - are specialized groups of knowledge devoted to a particular mastery of various aspects of Magic and Druidic Expression;
Groves - are neighborhood groups of dissenting but cooperative groups of Druids who stress relationship of the group as well as the individual.

This is As It Was, and As It Should.

However, there is too much dissent between various clans, orders, and groves - not to mention individual strife within those groups, to reflect the true Harmony of Druidism that ought to be present. The Druids of today tend to be conscientious (indeed, a trait that attracts them to Druidism), but seem to have a lack of their own definition as to what Druidism is, or ought, to be.

Modern Druidry has fallen into a certain disrepair, the corruption of external energies and consciousness, and a certain didacticism of thought and inflexibility regarding the Ancient Customs. This "guardianship" of the ancient ways, is in fact correct, for its intent, but fails to apply the Universal Wisdom that Druids are noted for. This is the condition that causes a "breach of systems", and is where Modern Druids should look to examine the source and nature of disharmony, and begin to affect repair, and to do so with, and by, the reconfiguration of new energies.

The binding concepts of clans, orders, and groves, has remained constant through numerous translations and interpretations of Druidism. What has not remained constant is vocabulary (semantics), and therefore the meaning of certain words, customs, or expressions. The "purity" of Druidism simply is not, at this Time and Space, though it is under examination by practicing Druids all over the world.

This "disenfranchisement" is a group problem; Druids need a group solution. This is the Druid Way.

Druids are "weavers"; they weave thought, action, intent, love, and power, and they do so in the direction of All and Now (both Time and Space.)

As Druids have always weaved, they have always created, and there has always been substance to their Creations. Yet, we look at the reflection of Druidism in the twentieth-century, and we see there are weak threads. It is the task of the Weaver, and the Magician, to "look" at the thread that has been weaved, to see where errors have occurred, and to reweave the thread or the energy related to the weave.

The Reweaving of Druidism, in its most pure form, will reweave the form, the magic, and the consciousness of physical and esoteric Druidism.

Our purpose, at this time, is to look for the weak links, the points in history, culture, or style, that have effectively served to weaken the construction of Druidic Consciousness, and to direct attention to those areas to be re-weaved, and to reconstruct a stronger, more pure fiber, that will sustain Druids and Humanity through all phases of the oscillating energies that surround Earth at this time.

Druidism, as a purity of Thought and intent, remained intact until circa 350 A.D., when the last remaining Druids were exiled from Ireland. A few Druids remained; they loved their land so much that they preferred to die, or live solitary, friendless lives, next to the land and trees they had known from birth. They remained, and they kept the Faith. But the lessons they learned were bitter, and it was the bitterness of those lessons they introduced to their children or proteges, and it is that lesson of terror, isolation, persecution, and fear of possible banishment that has been handed down through many generations.

Thus, any "novice" Druid who hears the call of his Soul and responds to it is already beset with a condition of frailty and sacrifice, and fear. He fears his lifestyle will be perceived as rebellious, temperamental, and above all, open to persecution. Further, he fears that his expression of Spirituality will be considered antithetical to Christianity - yet he responds almost by instinct to the possible flavoring and taint of false Christianity from anyone who is outside his group, who he assumes to carry the taint without reckoning that the two, in their pure form, are not contradictory.

Druids conditioned to Fear forget that all Souls they meet, regardless of their labels, carry an energy, and it is the energy that must be assessed - and not the relationship to the label. Druidism is not a religion, nor a way or life, per se, but simply a mode of study and communication. Those who espouse the "title" of Druidry would do well to remember that they are nothing more than esoteric scientists, and that as there is no threat of intention, there is no particular threat of discovery or negative intention.

Regarding superstition - it was the superstition of Christians and certain neo-pagans who developed the aura and consciousness of Druids as being some strange, nebulous group that did presumably weird things with trees, and had relationships with beings other than humans that seemed incomprehensible.

I happen to feel the same way about the person who comes to read my water meter. What is he doing here? Why at this time? Is that all he wants? Yet, I know there is a meter-person, and this is normal, and part of the system, but I question someone doing - on my property - things I don't understand. Perhaps Society, at large, feels the same way.

I can rationalize all I want to - and actually come up with the "right" answers, but without faith and understanding, the rationalizations go nowhere, and just become platitudes. The point is that beings different from ourselves usually aren't that different, and it is a specialty of Druid to find what's common, rather than what's different, between two or more beings. Recognition of affinity goes a long way toward diplomacy, and diplomacy goes a long way to sharing mutual consciousness.

This is what it's all about.

There are latter-day Druids who present themselves publicly, and support their arguments, quite logically, by referring to Immanuel Kant and Joseph Locke, and others, who were the great rational philosophers of the 18th and 19th centuries. This is just swell; supporting a metaphysical belief or discussion by citing the great reductionalist rationalists of All Time, who believed in nothing they could not see or sense with their other five senses. The philosophers Kant and Locke, who were great argumentalists, and invaluable to the later "Age of Reason" that helped define the mental plane of Thought, simply refused to believe there was a point of reference outside their own sphere of comprehension and dogmatic thinking.

Kant, Locke, Hobbes, and others, were very strong in invalidating the presence of God. I have no quarrel with that, but by ruling out God, they also ruled out Spirit. Logic or no, our experience on Earth tells us there is More. Logic is an excellent way of discerning Truth, but does not necessarily define it. Logic is certainly applicable - but humans should remember that Logic is not limited to dimensional reality.

Why are Modern Druids quoting these sources as apparent "validation" for their logic? The process of Logical Thought existed centuries before the personaes of Kant and Locke, and for a Druid to cite his beliefs, reinforced with the support of Rationalists, is a travesty that should be self-apparent in its weakness.

It would be easy to laugh, or to shrug off this example, except that the person who did this (in our example)  believes himself to be Druid, and apparently does have the energy consciousness of Druidism, but he apparently is so far removed from any sense of Connection or Druid Presence that he seems to feel he has to justify his beliefs with support from rationalists - the very people who "don't believe" in Druids, or what Druids stand for.

This is amusing on one hand, and sad on the other, for it bespeaks oa universal condition of fear, separation, and corruption. Without meaning to bash religions, it is a fact that people trained or brought up with religious dogma often have to battle with their own spiritual beliefs and experiences. Intellectually, or logically, many people reach a variety of beliefs, and with luck, find those compatible with other groups and sources that have reached similar conclusions. Unfortunately, they often do so with a sense of being on the outside of what is Right - or at least accepted as Right.

Those are the lucky ones; they find "Brothers and Sisters" in one form or another. The shared dogmatic thinking may or may not be compatible, but at least the energy of compatibility and Brotherhood is present. Those that find this Brotherhood are at least encouraged, and renewed, by the sense that they CAN find their own Truth, and that this Truth will contribute to the Group.

Druids, fully ensouled and aligned, would ask that all humans know the Light; this would be done so with the understanding that the Light was Universal, and not localized. It would not matter a Druid's ethnic, economic, or spiritual disposition or predilection. Druids understand that what is One, is All.

As the Druids weave, it is time for the Druids to examine their handiwork, and to ask that the imperfections be realigned in Harmony with the Whole, and to ask that this reworking not be applied just to themselves, but also to those other Druids and Magicians who are working to integrate many fabrics of Consciousness into the one that will ultimately be known as Humanity as One.

Love, Galadriel