Druid Persona:
Form and Substance

"In the Time of Meeting and in the Time of Parting,
 Our Light, Love and Power remain,
 and all is Whole."

Druidism is not a religion. It is also not so much a spiritual faith as it is a Ceremonial Order of Magic, much like Masonry and other honored traditions that combine doctrines with creative formulas to manifest solutions for Humanity.

"Ceremonial Orders" fall under universal province of the Seventh Ray, that Creative Power which governs Ceremonial Magic and Divine Law. Those who are apprentices of Magic, then, are attempting to create through form and intent, and to do so only as inspired, accepted, and manifested through the Will of Divine Harmony.

"Orders" are specializations devoted to particular aspects of Creative Magic and Intent. The Elder Druids were known as tribes, or clans, and the tribes encompassed Druids who individually chose their specialties according to personal preference, and not by group or hierarchical dictate. The Elder Druid clans did not believe in hierarchical structure in the democratic society they personified.

Orders regarded specialization of interest or characteristics, and was not a mystifying nor separative concept, as it is today, where we seem to have comic-book Druids who are apparently happy and self-satisfied with impassioned, heated and meticulous discussions with other comic-book Druids, arguing infinitely regarding the merits of the Order of the Third Ray Star or the Order of the Fifth Ray Sun, neither of which has any place in any serious discussion regarding Druids or Druidism.

The same can be said of "spells"; the Elder Druids would not have fathomed a need for any invocation, substance, or ritual that served to manipulate and override Divine Law, including that of subjecting or perverting the Free Will of another Divine Being, as Druids considered all beings to be. Druids would not have created spells, and would have been at turns aghast and amused that anyone might think for a moment that such an item would have any merit or significance at all in the World Order of Harmony.

It was the later splinter factions of Christianity in partnership with outlaw pagan groups who recovered some of the written forms of the Elder Druids, and not being familiar with the greater principles of Ceremonial Magic and Divine Law, simply edited that which they did not understand, and reformulated the words and ideas that were left, and forced a synthesis of opposing ideas and intent, and it is this which apparently is still available to the mainstream, and is what the mainstream discovers first when beginning to explore the superficial tenets of Druidism. It is this superficial amalgam of concepts, words and ideas that the population at large mistakenly associates with the core of Druidic Thought and Expression.

Druids, as clans and tribes, personified democracy and equal responsibility. This was easy for them to do, as it was a natural reflection of their belief-system, which was that All That Is was equally infused by Spirit, and therefore of equal Divinity and Purpose. This thought becomes important when compared against many forms of religion, which tend to promote the separatist idea that there is a hierarchical order of worth and value, and power. This separation is also present in many splinter factions of pagan groups, and is what drives individuals discontent with groups in general to practice solitary magic.

Druids, as a spiritual and physical democracy, believe that all beings operate within a sphere of ashramic Divinity, both individually and as a group. Rather than the choices presented by religious formations, Druids prefer to believe that the power of Creation is not divided or authored by either group or individual, but that the power of Creation is powered and authored equally by the individual and the group.

Religions often force the issue, or choice, of individuals surrendering their Will to the Group, or to a designated "higher being". Druids believe it is individual Will that supports the group, and the collective individual Wills become the Expression of the Higher Being, that which is reflected from above and below through Divine Presence.

Modern practitioners of Ceremonial Magic may feel a twinge of nostalgia regarding the Elder Druid culture, and may wonder what limitations or hurdles may or must be overcome to reestablish such an order in our present Time and Space. It is important to understand that the Druids incarnate at that time faced the same challenges and perils that many humans did, including the dependence on a tightly-knit clan in order to insure the basic living comforts of food, shelter, clothing, and protection. In our current culture, such concerns are almost obsolete, and tend to be focused within our operation of systems rather than individuals, neighbors, and clan alliance.

This reliance on a clan is no longer a primary concern regarding survival, so it becomes easier to seek fellowship for its own sake. This is correct, and necessary, but it must be understood that a fellowship of Druidism must be careful not to descend into religious dogmatism. Sadly, a fellowship of Druids is truly not feasible, for the circumstances which supported that cultural expression no longer exists.

Instead, it is better to seek the Harmony of those one meets, Druid or otherwise, and recognize their Divinity, even in their differences, as an Elder Druid would. Labels and classifications of worth were meaningless terms to the Elders. If they were to be incarnate in our time, it is probable that the Druids themselves would reject such labels, or would consider those labels secondary. A Druid is primarily interested in the Essence of the Soul, and having recognized that, he would consider the form or the label unimportant - but he would also consider that Soul equal in Divine Purpose and stature as his own.

The "revivalism" of Druidism in our Age is synonymous with the world Earth's impending initiation into the fourth dimension, and that of the Buddhic Sphere of Consciousness. Humanity itself is on the threshold of awakening to its own higher expression. Druid Souls karmically trained to prepare and help anchor these energies and to align them correctly within the subplanes of Consciousness in the third dimension are beginning to wake up and respond to their karmic conditioning and lesson. As all else has been a laboratory, and a giant working out of Theoretical Lesson, Humanity, and Earth, are preparing for the final test of Creation; that which has, until now, been Theoretical, is about to become Applied Lesson.

Thus, the Druid Lesson has been successful, and has effectively initiated the Universal deva of Wizardry into the third dimension, and has effectively redeemed that devic Matter and Consciousness sufficiently to initiate the transmuted Matter into the fourth dimension.

Druidic Consciousness is now ready to expand exponentially, and these lessons have been so effective that Souls not previously initiated into Druidic expression will be able to easily learn and apply the knowledge that has been kept from Humanity for so many generations.

Love, Galadriel