Stonehenge and the Universe

Stonehenge is one of the great archaeological challenges of modern history; who built it, when did they build it , and why? The popular theories generally agree that it was built by Druids, circa 3000 BCE, and supposition says that they used it for astronomical readings of solar and lunar conditions and relations.

Some of the suppositions regarding Time are very much correlated in conjunction with archaeological relationship between Man and Stone. Theorists conjecture that the stones which populate Stonehenge must have been dragged by tools, including leather and pulley systems, consistent with what archaeologists believe are compatible with the development of Man and his ability to rationalize, and to construct. They also refer endlessly to their notebooks to consult noted data for evidence of Druids, and find none, so they think the Druids could not possibly have existed before 3500 BCE, and as Stonehenge is so clearly a Druid construction, the monument could not have been built before this time.

Stonehenge was established circa 7000 BCE, directed by Druids. The stones were placed with the aid of Giants, who later bred with the Norse-folk and allowed their devic line to end.

The purpose for the construction of Stonehenge was to allow for harmonious interaction between the third and the fourth dimensions. The stones were chosen for their magnetic resolution and relationship, and were chosen specifically to be adaptable and compatible with the magnetic grids (ley lines) believed to surround the Earth.

The pattern of Stonehenge, known as horseshoe, was Masculine Spirit formed to the shape of Feminine Form, that would receive the energy of Feminine Spirit, which would later coalesce into Masculine Form.

The placement of the stones was directed for solar and lunar synchronicity. It is believed that planetary, solar and lunar relationship must be aligned for Ascension to occur on the Earth, and that this must be compatible with Stonehenge's Feminine counterpart, Carnac.

Stonehenge, in all its mysterious beauty, has remained a mystery to mankind, who wonder if it is a symbol of the Past, or of the Future? Many feel the impact of Stonehenge, but do not understand the nature of that impact.

That impact is a reflection of magnetic synchronization, which is what Stonehenge is really about.

Stonehenge is a symbol of the Past and the Present. Druids know Past and Present to be One, only they correlate this with the higher realms, to know that there must eventually be a marriage between Heaven and Earth, and that will be the marriage between the third and fourth dimensions, that which is known as Ascension.

Stonehenge is associated with the Druids, and the Druids are associated with Earth-spiritualism, but this is a misnomer, as Earth was only one of the realms that the Druids truly worked with. Druids worked with All, and were not afraid of being challenged by a numerical system of form in different dimensions.

The early Druids were Elves incarnate, as the Giants had been present earlier and bred with the Norse. The devic form of Elf agreed to work with the devic form of Humanity to allow an external expression of form to appear. The Elves, and the Giants, as polar opposites, appeared to help serve the continued balance between Humanity and other Earth devic kingdoms at a time when the Humanity deva seemed rather weak and ineffective.

Stonehenge is reflective of a Universal, rather than Earth relationship. It was not designed to call in foreign entities; it was designed to call in energies and consciousnesses that would facilitate the growth and expansion of Earth. Stonehenge was not the end of an expression, but a beginning.

Why don't modern Druids reclaim Stonehenge, and acknowledge it?

Fear, and their cellular fear that Stonehenge will be stolen, or abused, if Druids were to vocally say, "Whoa, that's mine. Thanks for keeping vandals out." There is also the fact that the "lines" (physical lineage) are simply not what they used to be. This is actually good, as over-breeding used to be a problem in the genetics of magic expression. Wizards used to be bred to the exclusion of harmony and balance, and Wizards were born and bred to a select service, and were told that mating or breeding were disharmonious to their Service. That was true at one time, but the modern-day Wizard must rely on his freedom to integrate with the Society he believes in.

There has been vandalism to Stonehenge, the removal of stones, and odd placements with no apparent meaning, and this vandalism has had no esoteric consequence. (We believe that the "evidence" of leather ropes and pulley systems is actually reflective of the attempted destruction, rather than the erection, of Stonehenge.) The stones that were placed were done so within a certain Time and Space and consciousness, and no sub- or altra-consciousness can rearrange the form or the import of the original construction.

The original, and present, structure, are magnetically harmonious stones, aligned with each other, but also with the Earth and with the solar, lunar and planetary bodies that govern the energy consciousness and flow of our Universe.

The composition of Stonehenge is very much like working with circuits; the individual stones, tall or short, represent magnetic poles of positive and negative tubes. Two "circuits" - stones  - are capped (a stone placed horizontally across the tops of two poles) to force a closed circuit in the third, or physical, dimension. As a complete assembly of electrical current, Stonehenge is Positive, and Carnac is Negative.

The mineral elements of Stonehenge are dominated by the presence of lead and zinc. Carnac is dominated by the presence of silica. These are especially important regarding electrical ionization and relay circuitry - particularly in relation to each other, to harmoniously establish and sustain a balance between Matter (Masculine) and Feminine (Spirit) energies. Either structure stands alone, as a base of free-flowing power between the Earth and the Heavens, but it is their conjunctive qualities that best facilitate the horizontal (third dimension) flow of energy within the third (physical) dimension.

In its inception, and since then, Stonehenge has and does serve as an anchor point for the Akashic Realm, also known as the Celestial Library. Those who "station" the consciousness and free-flow of energy circulated through Stonehenge are able to access Divine Intelligence. This does not support a messianic relationship, but rather allows individuals or groups to process information, concepts, and imagery in a flow of Universal harmony that transcends the mental and etheric limitations of Earth that have not been sufficiently stabilized to provide a proper and correct telepathic and telekinetic relationship between mortals and elementals in the third dimension.

The Appearance of Stonehenge, its importance, and its relationship to Humanity and the Earth will become more quickly apparent as Ascension evolves. Stonehenge, as a source of energy facilitation, has always been present and active, but its relationship and Purpose will become more apparent as Humanity begins its catalytic process of Self-Discovery, relationship to Earth, Humanity, and the Universe, and ultimately to the Divine Plan.

The power and knowledge accessible in Stonehenge will not be limited to the Druid population, but it will, as it has been, remain a responsibility of Druids to perpetuate a harmonious process between the free flow of information that Stonehenge facilitates. The Druid Consciousness at this time must take responsibility as Guardians of Stonehenge, and yet must also allow their Wisdom to serve by example, and when appropriate, to serve as Teachers and Healers, and to avail and access their energies through Stonehenge as functional instruments of Light, Love, and Power, as it was meant to be, from the Beginning.

Love, Galadriel