Solitary Wizards:
Living in Two Dimensions

We get instantly depressed anytime we meet or encounter someone who says or introduces himself with, "I'm a solitary wizard." It's not the concept that depresses us (after all, we too, are solitary wizards) but the necessity that depresses us. What "solitary wizard" says to us is "we couldn't find even a single compatible soul that had a shred of understanding as to my own personal trials, tests, and accomplishments, and any meaning therein."

That's a sorry business. That sounds like an unfulfilled wizard, and there isn't much we can do about that. There's a lot of unfulfilled wizards out there, and we don't have much advice except to start telling those wizards to start looking to something else for their gratification. If it's an intellectual quest, then start asking a different question and look for a different answer. If animals and other organisms have to adapt, then so do humans, in the third-dimension.

We've been meaning to take this subject matter on for a long time, but our information is limited, and frankly, we're at the guessing and deducing stage on this subject, and we're reduced to using impressions, because the recorded data is simply not available. This subject is not about looking up the Akashic records; it's about having to rework the truth through the mind of Humanity - because this particular section of the Akashic records was destroyed. The truth is simply not there - because nothing is there.

The mind of Humanity then, has a recorded memory that differs from that of the Akashic records - those known by librarians and students of Alexandria. Some of you reading this remember that it was burned down, and what a great wrong to Humanity this event was, yet, you're going to have to get over it, and start reconstructing events from your own memories. After all, the Akashic records were recordings of your memories. The recordings are gone, so now you're going to have to go back to the "is it live or is it Memorex" phase of your memories. Quit looking in books, and start looking inside your own heads.

Every one of you - and you'd be pleasantly surprised by just how many of you there are - remember that there was once a society where you could just walk down the street, an ordinary wizard, and walk into a building that had information just waiting for your fingertips. It's the true bibliophile's fantasy. You could walk into this giant, cavernous building, and by merely saying a word or two, you could be directed to a tier, and find the information, the absolute lore master's paradise of your intellectual and literary dreams. Receptionists would greet you with, "What realm, please?" and you casually gave your answer, "Archaic Norse history as relating to Sirians," or "Please, a little Zulu infrastructure within Africa," or " Hello, I'd like to know something about telemetry in a closed vacuum, if you don't mind." And the receptionist politely punched in your question, and you were directed to the archive hall of your interest.

We don't have that anymore. Alexandria was burned down. Other areas common to Druids and other lore masters were destroyed. But they did not destroy our minds. They did not destroy our soular memories; they just made access a little more difficult. A lot of information is in our own heads, and we have just forgotten we have this information.

A lot of us have been continuing incarnation, and we have kept our libraries with us. You have your own memories, but you also have collective memories, that at the right time, you will release the relevant portions that will help "key" the rest of Humanity - these same people who have been waiting around frustratedly wondering "what does it take to turn the light on for these people?"

It's fair to say, some people "ain't never gonna get a clue." These are people who from their first incarnation to their last, never did a freakin' thing on this planet except take up space. We don't care about that; we assume those people will be returned to the antimatter they really are.

So, having said that, what are we really talking about? We're talking about fourth-dimensional souls stuck in third-dimensional bodies. What does this really mean?

We're talking about higher consciousness and lower consciousness sharing the same plane of existence - that of the third dimension. Nobody ever really talks about that. We are taught practically that it is immoral to even think in terms of higher and lower souls - though apparently people don't have this same problem when referring to animal consciousness. And yet, don't many of us know some animals that seem "smarter" than we are? But no, we are taught that human intelligence is divine and ordinate, and therefore that humans who do not exhibit the intelligence of humans - or animals - must be fast-forwarded to their true intellectual capacities. (We assume there is something to fast-forward to.)

Having said that, we need to define some of the deficiencies in humanism that seem to make themselves apparent from time to time:

Most humans seem to be walking black holes of energy absorption. Even kind, or well-intentioned people often fail to really share. It's like they take "give and take" literally. That one has, and one has not. The true give and take is sharing - they both "have."

There are many people who are simultaneous conscious, through their individual realities and higher spiritual learning or awareness, that are acutely lonely, isolated, divided, because they feel there is something "more". Part of this is the pressure of living a third-dimensional reality with a fourth-dimensional consciousness.

Some metaphysicists, or New Agers, or whatever, believe EVERYONE has this - a fourth-dimensional consciousness. We have come to believe this is not true. Most people are absolutely committed to their third-dimensional existence. And this is okay - for them. Meaning, there's no judgment from a higher plane, there's no sense of "right or wrong." It is, after all, part of the Great Experiment.

But those of us who are sentient within the third and fourth dimension feel squashed by other people's limited reality, and because of our sense of separation, that we are "cut off" from greater light, i.e., conscious communication with higher beings. (and I don't mean E.T.'s or that kind of thing.) We reach out to touch, and there's no one there, or that's what it feels like. It's like being in a mental compression chamber.

The phrase, "Solitary wizard." There is (or has been) some necessity to this, in part because of our heritage, but also because every soul on this planet agreed to some extent to feel that separation as a part of Lesson.

However, it's like taking a test, the teacher leaves the classroom, you finish the test and you feel utterly confident you made an A, but you're not allowed to leave the classroom until the teacher returns - and the teacher hasn't been back in three hours. You're sitting there doing nothing, waiting to be dismissed, promoted, failed or whatever, but you're frozen in a useless time and place doing nothing. You begin to suspect the teacher may never return, but you have no power to do anything about the situation because you followed the rules, and if you take the initiative to break the rules, or come up with a creative solution, who knows when the situation will revert back to normal, and the minute you leave the classroom, the teacher returns, and you get flunked because you walked out - even though you did everything by the book, and you observed all the policies and procedures, the agreement was broken by the other party, and the other party has the authority to hold you responsible for their negligence.

That's what being a fourth-dimensional soul in a third-dimensional body feels like right now. Where the hell is the teacher?

If we had to sum it up, we'd say the teacher has left the building, and it has become our job to start teaching each other. We also suspect this was not by design, but by default. (This last statement is worth at least two meditation classes and one discourse.)

We think this is the worst of it, the true pain felt by the fourth-dimensional souls in third-dimensional bodies. We secretly suspect the teachers have left us. Well, they have. WE are the teachers. We are teaching ourselves. For once, we'll be really crude and say, "We sure as fuck weren't expecting this."

But, here we are.

Solitary wizards, know that our pain is felt keenly - and NOT by some supreme Being of a galactic processor and taster of pain - your pain as solitary wizards is felt by other solitary wizards, some incarnate and some not. It is fair to say that nearly all pray for you as you pray for them, and they pray to the same Essence to which you pray - and not to some arbitrary being of Goodness. They, too, pray to Right Order and Action, to Harmony and Balance. They, too, think of the Past and Future, and What Might Be.

Look, then to the eyes of the people you meet, of whatever color. Is that "divine spark of intelligence" written in the eye? Stop looking for cosmic or galactic signs; start looking to the individuals among you who spark some - or any  - reaction? Even if they piss you off - as solitary wizards - they must have something going for them if they got your interest. Does the eye hold a spark? That's about as close to "galactic" as we can get right now. Look for "spirit within the mind."

Even if they are not like yourself, a fourth-dimensional consciousness stuck in a third-dimensional body, perhaps it is a third-dimensional soul who has agreed to take on a higher lesson, and they look to you for a "nudge" (as their Teacher) to carry on their work, and they simply need affirmation that what they do is correct - as we, too, need affirmation that "what we do is correct."

Trust us; you're on track. If you're wondering, then you're probably right.

Carry on.

Love, Galadriel