Druids and the Illuminati

Druids are by nature attracted to the arcane and the occult. The attraction is to the mysterious, the intricate, complex and sophisticated. Druids are bored by mundane, trivial, superficial, and shallow. It's like cats with a ball of yarn. If it was just a string, it wouldn't be enough to "string a wizard along" for more than five minutes.

The Illuminati is a great, intense subject that can get wizards into a dither and keep them anxious and preoccupied for a lifetime. This is the idea, of course, behind the great Illuminati mystique, to keep people busy looking for something that isn't there, so organizations can carry out their supposed nefarious plots while people are looking the other way.

We grant that there is an Illuminati, meaning a secret organization, or network of people who systematically and diabolically scheme and plan to enslave Humanity. We also grant that such a network has been in existence, almost without interruption, since the 17th century. We also acknowledge - as charged - that the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution were directly masterminded by the Illuminati. Such events are called "planned wars" - and have been conceptualized for as long as Earth has had nations, and those nations have had standing armies.

The problem with laying blame for these wars directly upon the Illuminati is that, as the saying goes, if nobody showed up for the wars, there wouldn't be anybody to fight.

As "guilty" as the Illuminati might be for programming wars, it is the individuals who own a certain amount of responsibility, simply because it is the individuals of the mass population who provide the ways and means of mass manipulation.

Much of this manipulation - almost all of it, in fact, tends to stem from people's religious precepts. The Illuminati, if you understand the concept, gains its power by having no higher power than itself. If the Illuminati has a "moral" crime, it is that it does usurp the Plan of Humanity, and does pretend to ascend to the Throne of Higher Purpose. Esoterically speaking, this could be said that they "bring themselves down to put themselves up." In short, these individuals who make up the Illuminati are people who agreed to subvert their individual egos and desires for a more "benevolent" government over their fellow man.

The illusion is that they have sacrificed their individual egos for the sake of Humanity, when in fact it is their egos that drive them to enslave their fellow man. You have to really hate your fellow man to decide that what you want for someone else is "better" than what someone wants for himself.

By the same token, it takes someone with a really low self-esteem to surrender one's rights and dignity. It takes someone who assumes his own stupidity who willy-nilly takes someone else's word for it that someone else knows what's better for him than he knows himself.

If the Illuminati exists as a potent presence at all, in the third-dimension, it is a reflection of the polar opposite, of people of the slave mentality who demand masters, and people of the autocratic bent looking for slaves to rule. In math, one would cancel out the other, except that in our world, equality is not a mathematical certainty.

The big flaw, as we see it, in today's popular conception of the Illuminati is that everybody is ultimately dancing to the tune of the Israel state. The basic mythology is that we are all, ultimately, being programmed by what is best for the Jews. The popular "press" - the reports that keep getting circulated (especially on the 'Net) regarding the Illuminati is that they sold their souls to Satan, and every good Christian should run shrieking into the night to avoid being pawns of the Israel state.

First of all, if the Illuminati are truly doing their jobs (as agents of darkness and oppression) they should have allegiances to no one, not even Satan. They should have allegiances only to their own programming.

Second, if they are truly Satanists - rather than atheists (which is no religion rather than anti-religion) then why would they be supporting the Jewish state? If the Jews are accused of monopolizing the world's wealth, then why do they keep taking holy holidays, and abstaining from simple pleasures the rest of us enjoy because they're not "kosher"?

It seems to us that the whole Illuminati mystique very much depends upon the fears of Christians that Jews are taking over the world. Frankly, we're ready to accept the idea that Jews are "taking over the world", but if they are, it's only because everybody else is plugged into the mindset that this is our planetary destiny. And where do Christians get their information about our purpose on Earth?

The Bibles, old and new, tends to be our written word, our source of historical (and religious) perspective. Our Bible hypothesizes, if you will, the destiny of Humanity, and the Zion nation. The King James Bible was commissioned in the 17th century.

What did people go by before then? Common sense, perhaps? What they saw with their own eyes? History as it was written or spoken within three generations of memory?

When did the history as written in the Bible become set in cement? When did the Bible become the only truth, rather than one of many?

Our question about the Zion nation is to ask what exactly the Torah says? What exactly is it that the Jews are taught? What "programming" as a race are they subjected to? Last we heard, the Torah provides an extensive code of conduct, much like the Bible is supposed to, all of which is based on the precept "No Harm". Even today's Druids acknowledge this basic tenet of Life - and practice it to the best of their abilities.

Today's Druids tend to get hypnotized by their fear of the Illuminati. The very nature of the Illuminati - that they are a "secret organization" flies in the face of the modern Druid, who believes himself to be part of a "secret organization" - that of the Druids.

Modern Druids have to fight the illusion of swimming in the mist of isolation. If the Illuminati works at all, it does so by purveying the image of destroying solitary freedom-fighters, so to speak. In short, a Druid hears of something like the Illuminati, and immediately perceives that he himself is about to be stamped out.

This is not merely a Druid dilemma - it's a problem for anyone who operates as an individualized soul, rather than a mere component of the mass hive-mind. The challenge is to recognize that it is precisely those who remain individualized who will in fact keep the rest of society free.

Some of the myths attributed to the Illuminati have some basis in reality, but the myths circulating on the Internet are really campfire tales, including the sacrifice of Souls to Satan.

The origin of the Illuminati probably dates back to Italy in the 15th century, very much in conjunction with the societal marriage between the Mafia and the Catholic Church. The Mafia started as a benevolent society in the 10th century with the intention of uniting the Sicilians against an insane amount of imperialist aggression and systematic looting that had befallen that small island by a multitude of vandal nations.

The Mafia, of course, has gone through a multitude of mutations - inevitable in societal genetics - and today really does not exist at all. The Mafia as the world knows it effectively died in 1957 with Appalachin, but the corpse wasn't buried until the late 1990's.

But lessons learned from the Mafia persist. Secrecy is paramount, and power is both currency and weapon. Machiavelli didn't exactly fall off a turnip truck, and Machiavelli is still our patron saint of clandestine power coups.

A particularly irritating myth that continues to circulate regarding the Illuminati is that the American Founding Fathers - and their associates - were all secretly holding a bag of mixed marbles because they were masons. It continues to circulate that the American dollar bill and other tokens of American exchange, flags, etc., hold some kind of secret meaning to manipulate Humanity.

It is true that most of the Founding Fathers were masons, and it's equally true that many were involved in some interesting esoteric organizations. Thomas Jefferson, by the way, was a member of the Rosicrucians. One of their disciplines is levitating objects (telekinesis.)

Other than cleaning house, we have not found telekinesis to be a particularly useful occupation. Controlling objects isn't nearly as "useful" as controlling people, and we find that television does that quite adequately, made more effective by people's desire to be swindled.

There is some question as to whether American currency is "jinxed" because of the presence of pyramids, and an eye. Some people attribute this to the eye of God, but it could just as easily be the "third eye" known in Egyptology and other esoterica as the presence of the ajnic consciousness. The "third eye" represents intuition at its simplest level.

If you had lived in the Colonies in 1776, you might have had a great appreciation for your own third eye. Living in the Colonies at that time was one of the greatest wizard paranoia eras ever to have NOT been recorded.

Every single one of the Bill of Rights was based on personal experience. Every single right guaranteed by our Forefathers was established simply because of the rights they themselves did not have, or were in jeopardy at whim.

The Illuminati may have been at work to destroy the Colonies. King George III was certainly bats at the time, and it's well known that Parliament at the time was having a little fun flexing its muscles. The British Empire has a history of flexing its muscles. It's called Imperialism, and it's contagious.

People's paranoia today about "what our Forefathers were REALLY about" are simply a reflection of the same paranoia they didn't want us to go through. Our fears today are simply an honest and accurate perception that we have since been manipulated. Fleetwood Mac once sang, "Don't Break the Chain." The American chain has been broken.

Who broke it, and when? And, can it be fixed?

Our best conjecture as to when the chain was broken was probably most apparent in the War of 1812. If it's any help, the Illuminati lost that one. But, it's true it was avoidable. Wars usually are.

The Civil War of the United States was absolutely a planned war. Lincoln objected, and look what happened to him. In 1963, Kennedy took the rap for the Bay of Pigs, which he didn't know anything about until after the fact. He fired the head of the CIA, who later wound up on the Warren Commission investigating his death. Incidentally, Kennedy's last act in office was to sign the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam as an "un-winnable war." Johnson's first act upon entering office was to sign a renewal of troops in Vietnam - at the advice of CIA advisors. Johnson never knew -- and he was a "smart" man.

JFK's death shocked the world, and also woke the world up. Rock and Roll followed, and the world never "heard" things the same way again. A revolution was borne out of music instead of guns, and a new reality was created.

The same CIA that did monstrous experiments like turning unsuspecting citizens onto lab-created LSD to attempt mass mind-control did just the opposite. LSD was abandoned as a mass mind-control medium because it was found that subjects - while demonstrating some psionic abilities - could not be coordinated. So, they put the LSD on the streets, thinking that if it couldn't be used for mass mind control, maybe it might neutralize a lot of useless people into dysfunctionality -- making them less dangerous to government insurrection.

Like insurrection was a real problem - until the CIA started tampering with the population, we were the happiest, laziest nation on Earth. Rebel against what? Our nation had become what we scorned the Russians for - complacency and contentment. We were bourgeois only in the sense that we read for pleasure, and our ideas were (and still are) geared toward the continual promotion of comfort for Americans.

The Illuminati has far outlived its purpose and functionality. What's embarrassing, if you will, is that the general population has only recently become aware of them. The general population is alarmed, less by the actual threat of the Illuminati, than by the concept which gives a name to their general fears.

The Illuminati, at this point, is just a name. They have been known (by those who knew) by various labels. Kennedy called them the "gnomes of Zurich." Kennedy must have been relying on his good Irish intuition - but even that didn't tell him how high the stakes were at the time. He thought he could beat them at their own game.

At the time, he couldn't. No one could.

But, things have changed. That was 1963, and look what's happened since. The 1960's were a revolution that no one could have planned - and no one did. It would be easy to look around and say this event led to that one, but the fact is the 1960's - for better or worse - was a mass transmogrification of consciousness and individuality.

It is that individuality that is the very cornerstone of our own attempt at freedom. The Revolution of the 1960's embraced music, art, fashion, literature, film, and even such personal items as diet and sex. It is true that most humans tend to gravitate toward the polarized and accepted forms of expression, but the range of those expressions has expanded massively within the last two generations.

Technology, which to some extent has been within the control of the Illuminati, has far outraced even their ability to control mass access, and thus we have far more cable channels, and the Internet, magazines, etc. For all the people pursuing the usual mundane activities of doing their best to look like the latest teen-model, or dieting like TV superstars, or grooming our pets on a super-sensitive zen yen program, there are that many people who are looking up truly eclectic concerns and off-the-beaten-path avenues of personal interests - including such esoteric interests as the Illuminati.

The Illuminati did and does exist, but they're obsolete. One reason for this, as we suggested, was the Revolution of the Sixties. If the idea of the Illuminati depends upon generations of icons and their offspring being regurgitated into the family line, then we have that many hippies, "wastoids", and whatever, who simply refuse to take up the mantle of family responsibility. There are enough "privileged youth" who feel that they aren't obligated to repay that privilege, but rather choose to rebel against that privilege, and are generally disinherited. Perhaps they also rebel at the idea of taking on roles created before they were born.

If the premise of the Illuminati is to be a secret organization, and it's not a secret anymore, then somebody had to blow the secret, and the Illuminati aren't a secret anymore. Who blew the secret? Logically, it had to be the sons (and daughters) who didn't want to carry the family baton. The laughable thing is that in an effort to indict their sons and daughters, the Illuminati put out the word that their sons and daughters are communists and anarchists.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Americans are, by nature, both communists and anarchists. The concepts of democracy and equality are somewhat communist and anarchistic at the same time. The idea is that everyone is equal, which is a communistic thought-form, and that people are more important than government, which is anarchistic.

In the end, it's all semantics. In the end, there's nothing a Druid loves more than semantics, because it's a reflection of Illusion, and that's the only thing that can really keep a wizard's mind occupied for a great period of time, but more importantly, it's the only thing that can truly keep a wizard spell-bound.

It took wizards to create the concept of the Illuminati, and it's wizards who will wake up and dispel the power and illusion of the Illuminati. What's frightening to wizards about the Illuminati is their sense of familiarity. The Illuminati is familiar as a mirror is familiar - a reflection of what we fear most is the reality we created.

The Druids of today are still battling - in our opinion - with their own religious conflicts. Christianity is not just a practice, but a thought-form that has become so solidified that we think of it as its own animal. American society, in particular, tends to confuse spiritual thought and practice until they become interchangeable. Religion and dogma have become one and the same. Druids in this country are still overshadowed by one or the other. If the Illuminati ever had a plan, this was it, and this was its working paradigm and directive - to confuse the masses.

This has been achieved. But the solution is simple - stop being confused.

There are some who believe that Humanity is currently dependent upon 1/16 of the human population to be aware, individuated, and active in the Affairs of Humanity. In the past, cults/sects/organizations were vital to the dispersion of knowledge, and Druids were counted on for that dispersal.

The Druids as an "organic unit" were effectively destroyed in 347 A.D. by the Romans, and Druids have been terrified every since that any appearance at "regrouping" or unifying would be a billboard to call for "stamping out" of the Druids all over again. What Druids today need to understand - is what we understood in the days of yore - is that we don't NEED to be in a united physical presence to have an impact.

A lot of Druids today are going through a psychological effort to "find" other Druids, and seeking fellowship and brotherhood among fellow Druids and other sympathetic types. The important thing is to remember that other Druids are out there, and it's enough to know they are. If a Druid knows he is not alone, he knows his network is out there, and that he's connected, and he doesn't need the physical appearance of  solidarity.

It's a sad fact of life that Druids tend to be solitary, which ensures much loneliness, and the awareness of being lonely (a heavy burden indeed) but it is important to remember that it's a Soular quest we agreed to before we even incarnated. But being lonely, by nature, does not require that we be alone. A smart Druid will make the best of what he's got, and will apply himself to his life with all the devotion of a hungry wolf.

A smart Druid remembers his province is the welfare of Humanity, but that his responsibility is to himself. That is individuation, best expressed through love with another Soul, and rather than be apart, it is that shared love that will create the Light that will stand for all the wizards in absentia.

Our best weapon against any form of the Illuminati is simply to be ourselves, different, and unafraid.

Love, Galadriel