The Druids' Return

Druids, whether incarnate in the grassy loam of Eire in 350 A.D., or buried in the industrial nihilism of modern history, love music, for music is not a cultural expression, but one of the Soul, and does not know Time or Space. The Music of the Soul is eternal, and is not confined within Time or Space, or Expression.

  This page is dedicated for those who refuse to feel the constraints of Time or Space, and for those to whom "fashion" is but a mood for a day...

  The Druids were a special, timeless people that were Incarnate Souls for an all too-brief period in Earth history. They were proud, they loved and revered the Earth and its relation to Spirit, and they blessed the Realm of Humanity, knowing it for its greater purpose, and they applied all their efforts to allowing the Divinity of Mankind to manifest in Harmony with the Divine Plan.

  The people of Caesar are the ones who exiled the Druids in the name of Christianity. As in Atlantis, the Druids were exiled to the Sea. Angrily, they marched with their drums, and wailed with their voices, resenting their birth, and cursing the land and the nation that would exile those who served and loved the land best.

  Yet, as they had given their spirit, and the dedication of their efforts to bring life to a land that knew devic consciousness and partnership, they could not abandon their land forever, and so the Druids remain in spirit as Mothers and Fathers to those descendants of Eire who cried for Freedom. The Essence of Druidry still possesses the very blades of grass that grow in Ireland, and no amount of imperialism, dogma, and greed, will ever eradicate the love of land that Druids feel for the forgotten land of the Celtic heart.

  The Druids who ruled their Motherland of Eire had gone away, and had settled America, and with the Vikings who had left their Fatherland, had established the seeds of a new Tomorrow that would flourish in the Golden Land of America. Those seeds were planted and left behind, to be discovered by what would later be known as the natives of the Americas, a people of different lineage than the Druids and the Vikings, but equal in capacity to love and to share in Divine Wisdom.

  The races of the Druids and the Vikings faded. Their time was gone, and their roles served no purpose except as reminders of the forgotten, and no-longer sacred past. The sacred past was left behind, and a New Age was foaled. The Druids and Vikings were not there to serve as "midwives" to a new energy. They could only watch from spectral exile, and hope that the seeds they planted would bring fruition after many a generation, and as the Age of Aquarius dawns before us, we see that the foundation of Hope and Love that the Druids and Vikings left behind is about to bear fruit.

  The Druids have returned.

  There are many Druid souls who are attracted to the Light of belonging, group, and fellow worship. They follow, but are not satisfied with their destination. They conform to modern theosophies, yet are unhappy, feeling not represented even when identified with labels that aren't sufficient.

  Druidism knew no sexism or racism; Druids knew only energy, and compatible vibration. Druidism embraced equally the Masculine and the Feminine Spirit, without Fear. It was the Caesars that brought Fear, as Fear was what they knew. They brought their fear, and so introduced their fear to Druids.

  The Druids did not, as a people, embrace that Fear, but the corruption of energy was present, and in later incarnations, the Druids were forced to work with Fear as a learning concept. It was that fear that Druids later had to work with, and to surmount, in the interest of Lesson, and Purpose, to integrate the reason and knowledge of Fear, but also to truly learn that the physical expression of Druidism requires an acquaintance with Fear - and the Spiritual Strength to overcome it.

  It is up to the Druids of today, those who hear the ancient call of their Souls, to watch the saplings, and to protect the ones who stand as the Trees of the future, to be aware that they are loved, honored, and cultivated from saplings to trees, and from trees to groves; for the whispers of the young may be the rustle of the wind through the leaves, or it may be that the forest of Humanity will rise, and will sing again.

Love, Galadriel