Galactic Bullies & Victims

Surely we're not the first on this planet to notice we have a problem with perpetual bullies and victims, people playing the same boring roles, incarnation after incarnation, to no apparent purpose or lesson.

Isn't anybody getting tired of this? Aren't you BORED?

We are, and we're changing the channel.

We've heard the elementary, kindergarten speech regarding all souls on this planet having particular purpose. We've heard how it is just a giant play, regarding karma, and that we as souls are taking turns playing good guys and bad guys, and that the so-called "deeper meaning" is how at the end (Ascension) we will all take our disguises (persona roles) off and have a good laugh at our own fears.

We're deep into the Third Act, and nothing is changing. Nothing is becoming more apparent, nothing is becoming more amusing. If life on this planet is a plot, and we're all actors (and the audience), then we're not getting the joke, or the plot.

Bullies are supposed to be funny, and victims are supposed to be inspiring.

Show us. Take off the disguises.

The problem as we see it is that much of Humanity has forgotten that this IS a play, and are starting to take themselves seriously. One might say certain role-players are guilty of "burying themselves in the part."

They CAN'T take off the disguises, because they have become the roles.

We have bullies on this planet, from the lowest pimp who wants to be a superstar with his name in lights, to the biggest egomaniacs who toy with governments and like to do the Kangaroo Bop with their chests, asserting their hairiness, smelliness, and sheer muscle-power driving their testosterone or ovarian tendencies to assert themselves as being the most powerful.

We have wimps, or victims, who like to bawl, wail, or otherwise extort sympathy and attention by attracting disaster and by sabotaging happiness on the threshold of a symbolic knife to "cut the pain in two." This doesn't divide pain; it multiplies it.

The Nature of Man may be an Animal, but there is a huge difference between being an animal, and being a beast.

By the same token, a victim does not have to give itself to being Prey.

There are monsters on this planet. As above, so below. We do not believe that every form that walks this planet is Divine. We do say that no monster can walk this planet without the Blessing of a Divine, so-called authorized being, simply because the nature of third-dimensional materialization forbids it.

Victims, then, in the third dimension, have given sanction, and sanctuary, to fourth-dimensional beastliness.

The only way for this to happen, then, is for the Light to call the Dark. Light actively calls the Dark into manifestation through its own desires. Victims, then, are patterns of their own creations, who have forgotten the Soul-mastery of form, purpose, and essence, and are confusing themselves with their own creations.

The way to stop this is to rebuke the form, and the intent behind the form. As victims, identify one's own monsters, set yourselves free through transmutative consciousness, and relegate the Matter of beastliness back to the lower planes from which they evolved.

There's nothing worse than having a show interrupted because King Kong or Godzilla smashed through and destroyed the scenery and drove everybody out of the theatre.

Let's drive the monsters out of the theatre and get back to the show.

P.S. The show's lasted long enough; we're not hanging around for the encore.

Love, Galadriel