Druid, Soul and Persona

There are semantic issues in the third dimension regarding words such as Druids, Mages, and Wizards. These semantics result in confusion as to who is doing what, how, or why, and breeds greater confusion regarding who is "in" or "out" of certain Creative endeavors. This in turn enhances mystique but reduces effectiveness, and in the past has engendered paranoia and discrimination, rather than the Harmony that wise Druids, Mages, and Wizards truly embody.

Before Time, there were Wizards. Wizard is the Universal word for "Elemental". Wizard is a reflection of devic consciousness; it is the deva or aura consciousness concerned directly with Creation. To be "born" is to act as Creation - to create and be created simultaneously.

At the time of Creation, Souls have the opportunity to express their first individuation, and Free Will is embodied at that moment, when the Soul chooses to ideate as a specialized Universal devic form.
It was at this point of Creation that Souls opted to be magnetically attracted to individuation of Form, in this case known as Warriors, Wizards or Thieves.

All three are of devic form, and all are elemental. As we will see many times in esoteric physics, the idea of the Trinity comes into play as the first number of full expression. Thus, Warriors, Wizards, and Thieves represent a "set" of elemental expression.

As individuated, yet group-conscious, expressions, the Soul devic groups can be defined as:

Warriors clear new ground; they destroy out-dated forms, and they work with laying down new foundations. They also create the energy of receptivity. Warriors face the internal challenge of learning that to destroy according to Divine Harmony is, in itself, an act of Creation, as Warriors destroy dead or negative energy and restructure or salvage working or positive energy.

Wizards harness group Intent, and manifest the desires and expressions of the group. In the third dimension, Wizards have mistakenly been attributed with the skills and motives to run amuck in their creations, and to go beyond or around Group Will. Of the devic forms, Wizards were most vulnerable, as their consciousness is associated with Birth, and the concept of Death is an unresolved conflict of Universal Physics as applied to Earth Physics, where destruction and death are natural by-products of Creation.
Thieves act as both retrievers and scavengers. They gather information and resources. They are less "group-oriented" than Warriors or Wizards, yet they make up the difference by filling in the cracks, and doing the odd-job here and there that helps get the big project done. Thieves are also very good at creating ideas and expressions, and this is returned to the group, thus completing the cycle between Warriors, Wizards, and Thieves.

As Warriors, Wizards, and Thieves all create actively and equally in the Creative Process, all take part in the "Action" of Wizardry, and become known as Mages.

Mage is simply a word that describes anyone who has harnessed his creative talent and potential in Harmony with his own devic expression. A Mage is someone who has integrated his macrocosmic Wizardry with his Soular Appearance, and reflected this through the microcosmic reflection of his persona on Earth.

The "prototype" of Mage could be described with the analogy of an hourglass, where the sands at the top correctly filter through the ring-pass-not into Humanity, thus allowing a synchronistic blend of Universal expression into Physical expression. This shape (of the hourglass) also looks very much like the figure eight, which symbolizes Eternity - the continual flow of Time and Space.

Of the Wizards, there are several sub-categories (as with Warriors and Thieves) including the stages of Adept, Druid, Bard, and Mystic. These are specialized areas of learning, but no Wizard (or Mage) is consigned to only expressing within a particular specialization.

If Warriors, Wizards, and Thieves were only to operate within what they thought their "functions" were, then we would have a world full of people who acted like ducks with clipped wings - we'd be swimming in circles, and nothing would get done. Creation necessitates interaction, and interaction facilitates Creation.

The esoteric taxonomy of Wizard labels or classifications do not circumscribe the "extent" or sphere of influence. As we are created, it is our function to create, whether in a supportive, dynamic, or reconnaissance role.

Druid, then, is another function of the Wizard aspect. Druid is another elemental term, but is more of a specialized or narrowed interest. Druid is the Wizard most concerned with integration. The Druid is the true "alchemist" who seeks to match the correct ingredients, circumstance, and cause to create the Universal flow of formula and manifestation.

The sub-categories of Wizards:

Adepts - learn to master a variety of functional metaphysical paradigms, and as they master their esoteric education, they learn to creatively shift and adapt, as well as blend and reform, models of linear magic. This is a lateral relationship with Magic. Adepts work with Positive-Positive.
Druids - work with vertical Magic, seeking to align Harmony between Spirit, Humanity and Earth (as the Matter aspect). Druids are also Adepts; while Adepts tend to work with Positive-Positive, Druids first begin to explore the dynamic between Positive-Negative, and tend to be more experimental.

Bards - are the ones who begin to apply the Magic of Sound as applied to Thought. They are directly inverse but equal to Druids, and in fact complements the sense of completion needed by Druids, and correspond with Druids by expressing Negative-Positive.

Mystics - most closely associated with the hourglass as reflected into Humanity, and are the ones who reflect the impression of Spirit into Matter, and Matter into Spirit. In the third dimension, where it is most effective, this is a relationship of Negative-Negative, and completes the cycle of Wizard Lesson and experience.

In order of appearance into the World of Magic is the Wizard, the Mage, and the sub-groups of Adept, Druid, Bard, and Mystic.

Of the sub-groups, it is Druid that tends to be the most misunderstood, and feared. Much of this has to do with the historic representation of them as having been opposed to Christianity, when in fact Druids anxiously and carefully awaited the appearance of Yesu, and devoted their lives to seeing that the consciousness of Yesu was channeled and stationed appropriately in the third dimension.

The Celtic Druids were among the first cultures to establish lineages, dynasties of generations devoted to the Magical Art of Druidism, so that the seeds of the Mother and Father would remain intact for generations. Druids were the spiritual people of their culture, anchoring the Group Will of their society, in Alignment with what was known as the Divine Plan of the Cosmos.

The people who depended on Druids did not want Mages practiced in the art of Thought, Love, and Creation; they wanted genies who could blink their eyes and make miracles occur. When the birth of Jesus, or Yesu, occurred, and did not instantly transform the world into a bright and sunny place, and did not absolve society at large of their personal responsibilities, society in general felt cheated, and blamed the Druids for having withheld their gifts, or cheated them of a promise given.
This society became angry with the Druids, and instead of attempting to perceive the Universal Laws of Magic and Creation, as the Druids had done, society chose instead to opt for the "deferred payment plan", and to focus their desire on the second coming of the messiah, and to continue to defer their own responsibility and participation in the Creative Process, in the hopes that Christ will reappear, when they expect the world will be a bright and sunny place, in the blink of an eye.

The Druid devic consciousness is aware, as it was centuries ago, that the Appearance of the Christ, or of the Buddhic Sphere of Consciousness, has long been ready to manifest into the third dimension. At the first attempt of this manifestation, as embodied by Yesu, Humanity as a whole was not ready to receive the full enlightenment of Love Consciousness. The effect of that energy at that time was equivalent to blowing a fuse - simply too high a charge into a too-low wattage receptacle.

This was not a spiritually or evolutionarily terminal circumstance, but like little children, those seeking the joys and absolution of the Light turned their disappointment and resentment toward the Druids, who naturally resented this unfairness. Druids became secretive, and this bred suspicion among other factions, and the more those factions attempted to interrogate the Druids, the more the Wizards in general withdrew, and the cycle of oppression and discrimination was bred into racial memory.

Several generations after the birth of Yesu, post-modern Christians began a campaign to exterminate or exile Druids, in their own bids of ascension for power, and at long-last effectively corrupted the expression of Druidism as it had been known in the third dimension. The taint of shame and guilt that the Christians carried with them, they mirrored to the sensitive Druids, and thus was "doubt" cast into the minds of Wizards of all persuasions, and the insecurity created by that doubt has kept Wizards of all persuasions bound hand and foot from practicing to the greatest extent of their Creative Powers that might benefit Humanity.

The lineages, the dynasties were broken or destroyed. Knowledge and Wisdom accumulated and bred through generations was lost, bartered, stolen or perverted, particularly during the British Isles' struggles for territorial dominance, and the shame of Ireland becomes a little easier to understand in this context, for Ireland has been the biggest source of bargaining and manipulation for the last 1500 years within that Empire. Ireland has been repeatedly raped as a culture, a land, and a consciousness that rebels against the idea of slavery - as the Eire Druids also rebelled, and chose to take their chances with the Sea.

In the twentieth century, it is easy to perceive the consequences of this social, cultural and spiritual abuse. Anyone compelled by the call of Wizardic Transformation must sneak around in privacy to express himself in a way that does not conform to the mainstream, and therefore makes himself a moving target.

Worse, Wizards hardly know what they're running from, and they have but the vaguest perception of what they are running to. They only know they have the urge, ancestral by spirit or by blood, to commit themselves to a Cause which has but the haziest definition in our culture.

Modern Druids, not trained by birth to recognize the forms, symbolisms, energy, expressions, and the intent of sacred traditions, easily fall into ill-defined shapes of bastardized Druidism, whether modern poseur Druidism, Wicca, or even dilettante role-playing and make-believe spiritualism.

The modern neo-Druid is taught to utter the following homily with the best of intentions: "Merry We Meet,
Merry We Part,
And Merry We Meet Again."

Those who feel foolish in uttering such a saccharine platitude, or have masculine pretension, are apparently allowed to substitute an alternative platitude, one less revolting, but equally meaningless:
"Blessed Be."

In the corruption of history, culture, and expression that routinely occurs in the power struggles within Humanity that became more pronounced after the birth of Yesu, it is easy to perceive how simple it is to convert Shakespeare into Dick and Jane (and Spot), and we see that what once had meaning has been simplified and regurgitated into its lowest common form.

We offer, as a return to the fundamentals of Druidism, the following message, and we hope that it is recognizable for the Druidic expression of Thought and Love that it is, was, and will be again.

"In the Time of Meeting and in the Time of Parting,
Our Light, Love, and Power remain,
And all is Whole."
The Druids have returned.
We have met again, and will no longer be parted.
"Our Light, Love, and Power remain,
And all is Whole."

Love, Galadriel