The Critters Speak

We have a number of critter (animal) spirits in our home, and we share a loving and unique partnership with them. Our human spirits do not always know how to regard the critters - friend or foe, pet or "person". For so many centuries people have regarded critters as subservient to Mankind. To a great extent, we can credit religious dogma for this fallacious thinking.

Somewhere along the line, historically, Christians have focused on the "dominion" aspect stated in the bible, and Man has more or less quit seeking to understand his relationship with the animal kingdom (not to mention plants and minerals.) Animals are one of my particular specialties, on a Soular level, and this is why I choose to speak for them.

Many people believe that critter spirits tend to loom only in shamanistic faiths, and this tends to be true, because, by and large, it is often the shamanistic faiths that accept the "validity" of "animal power".

And, often, people not brought up or trained to understand shamanism tend to "assume" that the animal-totems are actually "people spirits" impersonating animals for the sake of ceremonial majick. If I read between the lines, what I hear is the belief that people are dressed in animal costumes to make a point. This is actually insulting to both the people and the critters, in my opinion. It denies validity to all participants in the spirit realm.)

I do not subscribe to shamanistic devotion, though I am not against it, in theory. Like many faiths I think "something" is always better than "nothing', if that's what it takes for people to take responsibility for their actions. Shamanism tends to be, at the very least, environment and critter-friendly.

We have said elsewhere in these pages that at one time critters could communicate verbally and telepathically with Mankind, and we have said that as a result of the Ascension process, this interactive communication will occur again. For the sake of understanding, we wish to relay what we understand about why things were this way, and why these things changed, and to some extent predict the changes expected as a result of the Ascension process.

At one time, when Man lived consciously in the fourth-dimensional state of awareness, he could and did converse freely with the Animal kingdom. When Atlantis fell, and the karmic cycle of evolution was established, it was believed by the Hierarchy that Man would be better served to learn his Lessons by NOT being able to communicate with the Animal kingdom until Man learned to align with his higher self, which is naturally inclusive of the devic kingdoms of the Earth.

This served several purposes: Mankind would not be able to "cheat" his Lessons by exploiting the higher, or hidden, knowledge possessed within the Animal kingdom; and that Man would have one more tool by which to develop his evolution, by learning to distinguish those critters meant as part of the sacrifice within the Wheel of Life, and also to distinguish those critters not meant to be sacrificed for basic survival needs, but to be learned from.

Therein lies another "tool" of Lesson, for Man to realign his compassion and understanding for creatures and entities unlike himself.

In both cases, a partnership is implied. The partnership is real in both cases. In the case of the sacrifice, certain animals (within all devic forms) allow themselves to be used for food, clothing and shelter. The Higher purpose for Mankind is appreciating the bounty of the Earth, and also by returning to the Earth. In the second case, there are critters who are here specifically to perform certain functions within their respective devic kingdoms that precipitate awareness, and spiritual and ecological balance. Animals often serve as intermediaries between Mankind and the planet upon which he dwells. In all cases, there is a partnership between Animal and Man. ALWAYS.

The critters were not "designated" by Man, or any other agents, to perform these functions; they volunteered to serve within Humanity. They did so in service to the Divine Plan, and they were, and are, motivated by Love.

There is much that my critters wish to relay regarding love, and there is much that they would have Humanity know about the nature of love between Animals and Mankind, particularly from their point of view.

The first thing we would touch upon is the fact that the critters do, indeed have personal points of view. In other words, they too are in the process of individuating, as is every member within Mankind. Like any other devic form, they have their own evolutionary process, and like our own, every step on the path is loved and cherished, and holds a place within Spirit. So, we will find cases of critters being more "evolved" or "sensitive" by our standards. Yet, since Humanity has barely begun to appreciate his own Divinity, it is not hard to understand that the "standards" as applied to animals tends to be pretty low, comparatively speaking.

We would lend a small example, which is that of your domestic pets. Have you not found differences in their personalities, intelligence, emotional states, and health? Do you think this is random? Do you think this has no reflection within yourself?

The only observation we would make on this is that as your vibration raises, their vibration also raises.

The critters would have us know, first and foremost, that they do, indeed, feel Love. They know it in the same way as Humans do, as they, too, evolved from the same Creative Source. They would have you know that they are here in support of the Divine Plan as it is being manifested on Earth. They would also have you know that their love is unconditional in a truly spiritual way. They say this not judgmentally, but to help Humanity understand its own place within the Wheel of Life on Earth.

You may know, from one source or another, that Mankind is the "steward" of the Earth. This is part of what got screwed up with Christianity's "man will hold dominion" garbage. Spirit does not at all believe in dominion of ANY form over another. What it means for Mankind to be steward is simply than Man is placed within a particular function of caring for inhabitants of various life forms.

There is a practical reason for this: Mankind was given particular tools within the Creative Process, in order to manifest the Divine Plan on Earth. The Free Will aspect was allowed on Earth so that a module could be constructed. This collective effort has been successful, and we are now being given information that has been suppressed for centuries, as it did not serve the Free Will experiment while it was in progress. The experiment has concluded, and the doors to a new realm of knowledge have opened up.

The critters would have you know that their love for you has been constant, and will remain. They speak for their own Kinds when they say they hope at least some of you will allow your befriended critters to remain with you, that they may evolve with you through future Lessons. The critters are in your service, as we have all been in Service to the Divine Plan.

The critters are working, too. They have served, not merely by example, but they also have their own functions within their devic kingdoms, as we do in ours. Yet, they, too, share "collective consciousness", as we know it, and they are consciously aware of their Divinity - as Mankind has NOT been, since Atlantis, until fairly recently (the knowledge of which was precipitated much by the First Harmonic Convergence in 1987.)

Shortly before the Second Harmonic Convergence, in July of 1999, my husband and I were at the ocean, in Galveston, Texas. We radiated the Divine Plan, and the Great Invocation, and the announcement of the intended Harmonic Convergence, through the ocean waves, knowing that each drop of water was connected, and that the ocean is the only body (of any sort) which touches every land in the world. We were thrilled to see, a few hours after this projection, two dolphins come close to shore, and we felt privileged to watch them do an interactive dance.

It was only later that I understood that a double-helix pattern had been formed by the motion of the dolphins. I still do not know precisely what this means, but I know from Sam, my dolphin spirit, that the dolphins had "heard the word" and that they were projecting within our etheric network to "get the word out" to their brothers and sisters in the ocean.

I have since learned that the double-helix is a most powerful form of Creation, and it transmits information at what we would consider a colossal rate within the etheric network.

We have other critters, too, who would relay various messages of Love and Light within their frame of reference. They have more difficulty communicating, within the Human realm, but their Love is no less real.

We have many "large" critters with us, and universally, they have a great sadness that Mankind often equates these critters as a source of fear. A bear, for example, is big, and therefore must be "mean", in direct purportion to his size and strength. (This is how Humans think.) A big cat is cunning and generally independent and self-reliant; again, Humans equate this with power, and exponentially, savagery. Certainly many examples can be framed as to how the mean, man-eating whatever-animal destroyed this-and-that, but how much consideration is ever given to the idea that the safety of critters and critter-children were at stake? Whoever thinks about this in the 20th century?

In a related subject, there are people out there who are very conscious of animals, and yet those people tend to go "far-right" in their aims; these people are called "animal-rights activists" and our critters wish to address this issue.

Animal-rights activists are so extremist in their views that they believe any killing is wrong, but especially of animals. The animals, themselves, appreciate this, in the spirit it is intended, yet they perceive another dis-harmonious situation being created. Our critters also perceive (and I agree) that the animal-rights activists are perpetuating yet another Human-segragative viewpoint, and, to put it bluntly, comes down to "I have a conscience, and you do not. I care, and you do not." This is a psycho-defense mechanism, and is actually about something entirely different within Mankind's frame of reference regarding compassion. The critters see it as Human against Human, with the animals being used as the backdrop of what is entirely a Human issue. Critters, in general, are not comfortable with this.

The critters sometimes fear that they are used as an excuse to resolve Human karmic conflict. We know that this is not truly so, and we all agree that most Humans would not do this if they understood what their true relationships with Man and Animal really are.

The critters also know that it is simply a matter of time; that Humans are working out their karmic issues, and this is correct. Yet, they would like, as all entities of Light would like, for all Humans to know the Love that is being radiated to them every second of every day.

It counts.

Love, Galadriel