Outpagans, and Destruction

Of all the enemies of Spirit and Matter, whether Christian-based, Earth-based, or even Chaos-based, outlaw pagans are by far the worst. They have no methodology of their own, but gain their power by stealing that of other Systems, whether spiritual, religious, or scientific.

To be "pagan" means to stand outside of a system, neither contributing nor being supported by the Systems of others.

An outlaw pagan stands outside of a System, rejects and scorns the systems, yet instead of either contributing or allowing voluntary and mutual support, prefers instead to steal the energy, and the customs, forms and rituals that make up the System the outlaw pagans claim to revile.

Anyone who exploits several systems at once is not supporting the mastery of Adept-ship; they merely reflect adeptness at theft and perversion. An Adept masters several systems, and recognizes the inherent worth (or lack thereof) within a particular system, but does not become biased regarding the possibility of those systems as they might benefit or be viable tools for others.

A False Adept masters systems, and then corrupts them for his own use. A False Adept masters not just the system, but mastery over the wills of the people in his group or association. True Masters, or Adepts accept their students, and know that to be a good teacher, one must also be a good student, one who is willing to learn. One who thinks his education is complete, through the mastery of systems, has not even begun to learn the Wisdom that lies inherent in all Systems - again, whether Earth, Shamanistic, Christian, Chaos, or Science-based.

It is the outpagans who stand between systems, like mercenaries, pitting one against the other, and creating the fear and dissension that divides a house against itself. They are worse than so-called scavenger beasts, who at least contribute to the Wheel of Life, simply by reprocessing Matter and restoring it to the Earth. Scavengers don't cause destruction; they merely benefit from its occurrence, and sustain themselves through that natural process, or System, if you will.

An outpagan, on the other hand, creates the destruction that will ultimately benefit him and no one else. People who serve these roles are not scavengers; they are vampires of Spirit, bleeding the Divinity of Earth through the vessels of Man.

It was the outpagans who fed the fear of Christians and profited by the exile of Druids from Eire. It was the outpagans who perverted the use of the pentagram, changing its Divine form into an instrument for summoning demons. It is the outpagans, today, who continue to foster hatred, distrust, and resentment between Earth-based religionists or spiritualists.

Earth-based religions, by their nature and devic reflection, are naturally tolerant and accepting of individuals, choosing to recognize their potential Divinity rather than "judge" their appearance, form, or performance or evidence of Wisdom. There are many pagan groups who currently exercise great wisdom, and caution, regarding the initiates within their ranks, in accordance with the particular systems they, as a group, have adopted or chosen to emulate.

As the World moves toward the Harmony of Ascension that so many have worked and prepared for through lifetimes and generations, all people, regardless of their preference of System, will need to be alert and aware of interlopers, those who practice the Craft of various expressions, but who do not embody the Wisdom that allowed those systems or crafts to be created in the first place. It is a sad truism in the third dimension that it is difficult to create perfection, but it takes almost no effort at all to destroy a creation that is precious.

All spiritualists, whatever their System, must learn to cherish their system, understand its place within the Circle of Divinity and Expression, and guard the integrity of their own endeavors, which serve Divine Purpose in all Time and Space on Earth, through the Higher Cosmos, and through the sub-planes that are the reflection of the One, the All.

Love, Galadriel