Our Ideal:
Perfect Male Wizard

We've (I've) loved a lot of Wizards throughout incarnations. There are good memories, bad memories, but no regrets. Every Wizard is a step closer to another Wizard - very often to the "right" Wizard.

We (I) have never had predilections towards anatomical concerns such as broad shoulders, big biceps, massive "thews" ( as in bad Sorcery & Stone romance novels), gleaming teeth, or creative hairstyles, or whatever other trivial detail has become popular in the mass media.

We (I) have never had a preoccupation with eye-color, hair color, height, weight, or form. To us, we have always been interested in substance, and then form, and then the substance of the form, and then the form of the substance...

But this is what happens after we fall in love. We never fall in love with a form or a substance. We fall in love with the combination. We fall in love with the totality of an Essence.

What we fall in love with is the essence of Wizard, especially Male Wizard.

What makes a "male" Wizard? It's certainly not traits of violence, or heroics, which we find Lady Wizards equally capable of expressing. Violence is also known as passion, and heroics is also known as forthrightness. These qualities are not gender-discriminate.

What makes (wonderful) male Wizards so wonderful is that they KNOW they are male/masculine, and do not apologize. They can embody all the "feminine" traits of compassion, understanding, empathy, foresight, and intuition, yet their "drive" is that of self-preservation and rescue instincts.

It is a male/masculine instinct to be a problem-solver. It tends to be a female/feminine instinct to say "goodness, there's a problem! Oh, what shall we do?" Part of this is conditioning, in the third dimension. 

Females have been MUCH MORE conditioned in the third dimension to play roles. Males have a tendency to get confused by this, as they have not been so conditioned.

The conditioning is primarily Christian-based, but not entirely. Much of Christian indoctrination is based upon the idea of programming men to be warriors, and women to be conquests/fodder/docile doormats to men's wills.

The confusion tends to arise from the fact that while men are trained to expect doormats for mates, they do not, in fact, want doormats for mates.

Male Wizards tend to underestimate just how much shame-based conditioning Lady Wizards are put through, not just in America, but universally. We cannot say (with accuracy) when this originated, but we would guess it began not too long after the Christianization of the British Isles - which did not happen immediately after the crucifixion of Christ, but rather a few centuries later, after doctrines became somewhat codified.

It wasn't until after the onset of Christianity that it became popular to prescribe popular methodology, meaning, it was some time after Christ that it became popular to prescribe a conscience of "What's good for me is good for you." Before Jesus' crucifixion, most of Humanity had a fairly "laissez-faire policy" toward morality, and until that point, no one dared attempt to describe a blanket definition over Humanity, or even over certain sectors of society.

There was, as strange as it sounds, actually periods of peace within the world.

Before that time, lady Wizards were not confused. They loved men for who they were, and they had no confusion about the roles that men/male Wizards played in their lives. At that time, Lady Wizards never gave themselves to a male Wizard who wasn't worthy. They knew the difference - they had not yet been indoctrinated into the "unworthy female" image that post-Christianity fostered.

It was after Christianity, as a war-machine philosophy was introduced, that men and women became confused, because the message was sent that to "combat evil", men must combat evil/woman. Man was taught that Darkness did not exist for its own sake, but because Woman fostered the Darkness through their own forms.

Thus the Man learned to curse the Darkness, the form - and Himself. He cursed his own form for depending on the female form, and secretly suspected that if he trusted a woman, he was going to fall into the Abyss- which is what he was taught. Thus, a man was taught that to love a woman was to curse himself.

Yet, the true male Wizard knows that he must "Love, or Die" as the Lady Wizard already knows.

Thus, the male Wizards we love tend to be those who smile, who hear a song and laugh, who remember their own Lady Wizards and what miracles of joy, peace, and freedom they accomplished.

We love those male Wizards who remember being in love, and who remember what they would give to have that love again. Those are the male Wizards who never forgot their Lady Wizards. These are the male Wizards we will never forget.

It is in a woman's heart to love the man who can totally love a woman, damn the torpedoes, because he knows she is his "equal." He doesn't have to tell her; she just knows.

A righteous man, a male Wizard, knows what his female counterpart is made of, and does not need explanation, justification, or rationalization. A true male Wizard knows the substance of his woman - as she knows the substance of her man - and it is this quality we find sexy.

We find it "sexy" when any human being - male or female - knows who they are. We find it such a "turn-on" when a male or female Wizard knows just what to do, and does not stop to seek permission or validation from others.

Unfortunately, we find this quality so rarely. We tend to find Wizards, both male and female, who are lied to, and believe those lies, that their mates are not truly their mates, and they they must seek the stars, or the cosmos, and that they must spend a fortune trying to find a more "naturalized" way of life.

Male Wizards are more susceptible to this than women; but while Women are used to hearing they are the damnation of the Earth, they know to shrug this off, whereas Men tend to accept the doubt and the guilt, and tend to buy into the bad programming.

While Women are more susceptible to "Jesus programming" - Men are equally - or greater - susceptible to the doctrine that "men have a quest to dominate Femininity". While we (I) think both methodologies of philosophy totally suck, we (I) argue that at least with Jesus programming, it's a matter of one woman committing to one man, as opposed to one man thinking he must minister to a great number of females.

It is, we say, a post-Christian edict that says a man must plant his seed wherever he can. Christians do have some funny ideas about harvesting. To anyone who is in a barren community, such as a desert, we can see how such ideas as multiple-fertilization might have some appeal, but if what we are talking about is an abundance of little girls and boys, then the question becomes a matter of having the highest quality girls and boys one can have.

The question becomes, then, a matter of Quality, rather than Quantity.

And, we say that "Quality" begins with the Quality of Love between the parents, the creators of the legacy. Love and Power have become mutually exclusive, and we say this is wrong.

Thus, we say that the men we love, we love for being Male; that is to say strong, sensitive, intelligent, confident, unapologetic, unabashedly masculine. While they do not love the actions of men in the third dimension, they do not hesitate to be men themselves, in the face of screaming headlines, bad press, and and bad/quixotic historical representations, they remain unabashedly Male.

We (I) love them for that, and I say, "I could not have carried on without them."

They don't all know (yet) the "history of the world" or what separated Men from Women as a species, but they know enough to know they were lied to, as many in the third dimension were lied to, and that there must be something more to life, because most - but not all - of my "male Wizards" - died "hungry."

They died hungry of that aspect of Love. This is not to say they were barren of sexual experience. But Men, like Women, seek a "beacon" during mating, Most of my male Wizards put out a few beacons themselves, but very few found what they were looking for.

At the risk of sounding self-serving (one of these times I despise myself, because I must sound so fake) what my male Wizards have found with me is a female Wizard who will open up, share, and be a woman, and appreciate a man for being a man.

Channeling goes a long way, and different people do it different ways, but my emphasis does tend to be to let people be who they are - which I cannot say is true of all channelers - who tend to treat people as gurus, in one way or another. What makes me special with my lovers/loved ones - is that I treat each and every one like the human that they were/are.

Not one is an "entity" - they are all "someone/somebody." (I care about their history/genesis, and look into such things. I follow up.)

It so happens I have a predilection for male Wizards. I am attracted to them, and they are attracted to me.

If I've learned anything about male Wizards in the third dimension, what I have learned is to care who they really are, and what they want to be known for. And I find that if I do, they'll give me the best love I've ever known, because, since they've crossed over, they know that Love is really where it's at.

Some spirits are a little more generous with their love than others - and each were taught by experience. But all of my loved, blessed Males, what they have in common is their sacrifices made for Humanity. They loved, they fought, and they won.

I love them all.

Love, Galadriel