Harvey's Lion Den

Harvey is one of our lion spirits. Lions are associated with the Sun, and with the zodiac sign of Leo. In both cases, they are associated with Power, and in both cases, the power is often perceived to be external in origin. Also, this power tends to be associated with wealth, and too often the definitions and expectations of power and wealth tend to be rather narrow and are often self-defeating, especially for humans.

In the 18th and 19th century, it was very popular for hunters to make pilgrimage in Africa for the sole purpose of taking down some very large critters and taking their heads home to mount on the wall as trophies. The emotional motive seemed to be a matter of demonstrating power by conquering another being of strength and thus "stealing" the power of those large critters.

Not one of those hunters ever took home the power of a lion; what they took home was the head of a very large dead animal. For those who thought they were absorbing the power of the jungle - all they did was to put labels on their ridiculous activities; they gained no new power - they simply redefined their already-present bullying instincts.

Some people who are interested in Big Cats understand that lions are actually among the less dangerous of that kingdom; tigers, in general, are far more aggressive. Lions do not hunt for sport, and would prefer not to hunt at all. Lions are known as lazy cats, but it is not laziness which keeps the lion from being interested in pursuit. It is because the lion is bored with such nonsense.

A lion knows that food will come to him. Lions understand patience, and they appreciate the virtues of sleeping, resting, and playing in their free-time. They will hunt when they have to, but they would prefer not to be bothered. Lions are confident with their own powers, and one of those powers is manifestation. Actually, let's backtrack and say that "confidence" is one of their powers. But, the logical inference is that because lions are confident, they manifest easily - or more easily than some of their counterparts - including humans.

Other jungle animals hunt because it is their function to hunt. Lions do not hunt; they wait.

Yet, lions are perceived as being the most powerful beast in the jungle. Other beasts are more powerful for being aggressive, destructive, and motivated. Why then, does the lion have the "King of the Jungle" mystique surrounding him? We will have our joke and say it is because, "The Lion allows it."

However, we would go further to look at the role of "king" as it is perceived. In somewhat democratic elections through history, has anyone ever run up to the center to say, "I want to be king!" No; there are those who set themselves up as dictators and other malevolent rulers, but those who are chosen King are more often than not chosen by the people/population.

In other words, the King is the king because the majority agrees that he is. Kings do not set themselves up - they are set up by the People. Such is the case with lions.

In Disney's "Lion King" it is tacitly stated that lions are at the top of the food chain. With the presence of humans on this planet, there is truly no such thing as "the top". If there's no such thing as a top - a limit or enclosed definition - then there is truly no such thing as a king.

Another virtue which lions hold is that they share the wealth - unlike kings or the enslaving democracies which trap them. Lions do not demand taxes, tribute, or even equal distribution. A family of lions shares the wealth in relation to individual need. Lions do not dominate in the way that certain other critters do. Lions do not have to fight for and establish hierarchal relationship - and they do not have to continue to reaffirm that relationship every time a new lion comes along (as wolves do, for example.)

The power of lion comes from the Earth. Lions reflect the power of the Sun, but that power is reflective of an equal relationship between the Earth and the Sun. Yet, as the Sun reflects Light, warmth, blessing and comfort, so do lions hold this energy until humans can take this power for themselves - equally, or at need.

Because lions are central channels between the Sun and the Earth, the properties of elemental love are more apparent to them, and the magnetics of love attract them rather heavily. Thus, lions would prefer to play, to mate, to roll in the grass, and to sleep, than to fight. Lions fight when they have to, but they do not enjoy it, and it is primarily a matter of self-defense and of the pride.

Lions prefer to enjoy life, but often seem to be the victims of those who do not know more constructive ways to enjoy their own lives. The lions' example ought to be a good clue, but doesn't seem to cut any ice with those who are stuck on material acquisition as a source of power.

The best way to tap into the source of lion power is to believe in one's own ability to manifest a similar power - a power based in Purpose, Power, and Will. When people begin to find their spiritual power, they will "master" the material plane, and they will find that they need no rulers, and will be free to rule themselves, and let no man be called King.

Love, Galadriel