Spirit and Gender

Spirit is, in its true form, asexual, as we distinguish gender on Earth. Spirit incorporates aspects of masculine and feminine energies.

On Earth, we distinguish gender (and therefore "purpose") by body parts and societal roles and perceptions. The Divine Plan allowed for the polarized forms to work together within the idea that ALL Humans would take more or less equal turn incarnating as both forms (man and woman) in order to more fully encompass Lesson, and the breadth of form expression.

Males represent the Earth, and females represent the Heavens. Another way of putting this is that the male gender is grounded within the physical/mental planes. The female gender is grounded within the astral/etheric planes.

The Earth/Heaven polarization regards the SPIRITUAL ASPECT of gender, and has very little to do with persona, or the physical body. When a healthy couple join, they are marrying spirit. The issue is less "gender" than "gender-balance" on Earth, and is entirely a matter of Spirit, and not of physical form.

The corruption of the Divine principles of masculine/feminine incarnation occurred sometime during and after Atlantis, and have been exploited by religion, in a negative fashion, for centuries. When we describe masculine or feminine, or Earth, we are NOT saying that one is Divine, and the other is not. No! They have EQUAL Divinity. This must be understood by all peoples.

Remember that we ALL take turns incarnating into either sex, to learn Lessons regarding the positive and negative aspects of masculine and feminine polarizations. In the end, the polarizations are equal, and sacred.

The polarized forms of gender represent distinct purpose within either sex, the unification of which should result in spiritual unity. The masculine aspect represents the pulling in of the Divine energies; the feminine aspect represents the dispersal of the Divine energies. The sexual act of union is a microcosm of Spirit descending into Matter. Neither sex holds ascendancy over the other. A loving act ought to be a shared, mutual experience, and reflective within Humanity.

The principle of Divinity of both sexes is Divine. The practice, particularly after the influx of that known as Christianity, and other obtuse forms of religion, have turned gender identification into a virtual slaughter of Spirit. The gender division is one of the single more terrible aspects of a lesson of Humanity not yet learned globally.

We respect and appreciate the Divine Lessons that were to be learned by the process of incarnating as either male or female form. Both sexes are equally Divine, and fully functional. A man and woman in perfect synchronicity should have allowed for perfect harmony, and the sum total of this expression would have been greater than the parts. We do find this harmony in some cases, but more often than not, we find couples individually struggling with separative gender issues. With any luck at all, a healthy understanding exists, and then compromise.

The sacrilege of the gender form is nothing more than a power/control issue for either gender.

At least two of the most powerful religious groups on Earth (that we know of) use gender division as their strongest tools of separation and enslavement. This is heinous, and has nothing to do with "whatever works for you" or "live and let live". People who mindlessly accept the separative, elitist doctrines of religious leaders are selling their fellow Humans into slavery, for personal power and profit.

Religions often perpetuate the idea that one sex is weaker than the other. We say "bullies" are the weaker sex. A strong woman is as Divine as a strong man, and vice-versa. The Creator doesn't choose favorites; our Creator loves us equally.

Too often, in history, and modern society, we see examples of one gender being subservient to the other; since the advent of Christianity, the domination of men over women has been almost entirely exclusive. (If there is an opposite example, we are unaware of it. The Amazon women were either prehistoric, or were created by comic book illustrators.) In the 20th century, in America and other places, we see the cultures rebelling somewhat, and beginning to look toward the ideas of establishing true democracy between the sexes.

In nearly all societies at this time, cultures tend to be patriarchal. There are strong exceptions of matriarch societies, but even then the clichés and virtual parodies of women are still venerated for their form and traditional behaviors.

Often, in gender-issues, anyone who goes against tradition is considered eccentric, or full-of-personality, rather than being recognized for independent, free-thinkers. In nearly all cases, independent women are thought of as radicals often by their fellow women. Equally liberated men are often alluded to as less-than-masculine. This is small-minded and insulting.

There needs to be a greater understanding between both genders, regarding the opposite gender and their own. In modern society, and throughout history, men have been considered the dominating gender and the way some people interpret the bible somehow greater and "more holy". This trait in Humanity, carries the "mark of the beast", if there truly is such a thing. Women have been conditioned for centuries to believe this. Men, as well, have been conditioned to accept this, and not to question it - lest their own masculinity be called into question.

As savage and thoroughly comprehensive as the abuse of women has been, whether by domination, exploitation, violence, abuse, neglect, and rape; there has also been a lesser trend (but equally vicious) trend of men to exploit, use, barter, abuse and rape other men, and this has, historically, been "socially acceptable". (Think of the Romans, and Huns, here.) In either case, the victim has one of two choices considered "socially acceptable": to whimper in defeat, or ape the example and learn to victimize others. The greatest alternative (but not yet recognized as "socially acceptable") is to rise above the incident - assuming, of course, that one survives the physical abuse and that the persona is not shattered.

It is probable that all of those ever incarnated on Earth have taken a turn at both genders, and we believe the great majority have done well with their Lessons and expressions as either or both genders. We do know that in either gender, the use of force or power to dominate or force another into submission is called RAPE. We also believe that does not merely occur sexually, or physically; we believe that the domination of will over another, to take without consent, is RAPE. It is the attempted theft of spirit, esteem, and ego, and is entirely fear-driven.

Those "bullies" who attempt to inspire fear in the hearts of others actually suffer the greatest sense of fear. They fear their own loss of power; everything they do to impress upon their victims is actually an expression of their own fears and weaknesses. A person who dominates fears domination; a person who enslaves is, himself, enslaved. Our greatest gift is the power to reject fear, and to reject enslavement. Someone else's violation of our bodies and minds cannot separate us from ourselves or Spirit; only we have that power.

Rape is about the attempted theft of power, and means nothing more than that. The person or persons, of either gender, do not ask for, nor do they deserve this abuse. In no case is this behavior acceptable. No one who is forced against their will in any way deserves this abuse. They have not "earned" this behavior; they have not "failed" in any way. They are also not failures who cannot resist the attack by sheer strength alone.

No one, NO ONE, can take away our personal power. We know who we are, and no one can take away our essence. We have the power to keep our power, or to surrender, it but it cannot be taken from us. When we give up our power, we die. That is the greatest tragedy of all.

Recognize your power, and your Divinity, whatever side of "the fence" you are on. Recognize your "piece" of Earth, and recognize your place within the One Life. The world belongs to all of us. We think there's plenty to share.

Humanity is ready to look toward healing both gender forms. We want to heal those, including ourselves, who share this karmic Lesson, and we also want to heal those who perpetrate, through their own weakness, sickness, or whatever, that they can transform, and learn. Healing starts with the Self. If those of us who have been victimized can learn to recognize our own strength, and Divinity, we can overcome the shallow, meaner forms of gender expression that have taken place on Earth. We can rise above our persona issues to incorporate with Spirit, and true soular gender identification.

Those who have perpetrated abuse can learn to overcome their need for power, and the desire, training and conditioning of various cultures and societies to steal power from those who are supposedly weaker. Those who suffer the karma of perpetrating these acts can learn from their Lessons, and learn to help others, either those abused, or by serving as enlightened examples to others who would consider this dangerous path as a source of power.

True strength comes from the mind, the heart, and the soul, and cannot be trampled, or stolen, by any mean creation.

Love will prevail.

Love, Galadriel