George W. Bush is a Fool

We certainly don't intend to get any points by writing this page, but this is necessary. How many "last straws" can one pull?

George W. Bush is a first-class fool. Normally, we use very generic terminology. (Normally, we prefer not to refer to politics or politicians at all, but in the case of Dubya, he's just so grotesque - and so omnipresent - we have to deal with him.)

The man is so criminal. The word should be pronounced in Italian "criminale" just to sex it up, but that doesn't work either. In short, the man is just a buffoon, a lunatic with balls, not in the "cojone" sense but in the sense of "what other madman would do this?"

We're not psychiatrists, but what does it take to determine that a world leader is insane?

The man has a modicum of wit, we agree... but how does he do on answers? "I'll get back to you... on a 'need to know' basis." Look at the CIA in 2004 - they should have been shamed for decades, but missed it.

For the first time, even the CIA is embarrassed, because it knows even less than the puppet they propped. Gosh, that must hurt. I gather they were not expecting a lunatic... they are in the habit of expecting someone reliable... perhaps "amenable" would be a better word.

But a lunatic? How does one keep time with a lunatic when they run on a different course than the rest of us? When their sense of Time/Space is so totally disjointed and dysfunctional from that of the mass presumption, that we all begin to wonder what clocks to wind and whether it's worth it.

Sanity - is it good, and is it contagious? Once upon a time, yes. But we're afraid Bush missed the Love Generation - or was rejected by it. We imagine he was often rejected.

We also imagine he had a lot to make up for. Not everyone is the son of a President, and it must be tougher knowing one's daddy was a success as a president - and was actually LIKED, and then find one is the stepchild to global ambition.

It seems like the last "son President" to have to deal with daddy-karma was John Quincy Adams, who had to deal with the fact that his old man was one of the ones who fashioned democracy, left his wife (and consequently, his family, for a great deal of time) to deal with state affairs for years at a time.

The difference is that John Quincy traveled with his father, with the express permission of his mother and father, with the idea that he would become learned and exposed to worldly travels. John Quincy did, it is fair to say, receive an education worth its weight in gold. (Thank God, he at least appreciated it - and used it, for Americans.)

John Quincy, did in fact advance beyond his parents' learning, and chances are, he probably felt at least a small "gloat" of satisfaction that he had "outshone" his parents, and would have been embarrassed - as youngsters always are - to find out that he'd not only met, but exceeded, his parents expectations. (Kids do set store by such funny things, including disappointing parents whenever possible.)

Well, If George, Jr., is on some kind of trip to disappoint his daddy and embarrass him for not playing baseball/softball/soccer enough, then he must be doing a swell job.

First, let's blow Daddy's entire career with the CIA by making them look like numb-nuts while looking like a clown, then let's piss off every Arab there ever was that was sympathetic to the American condition (with the understanding that whatever the Americans were, at least they weren't British), and then, to finish it off, find every national leader of tiny little countries all over the world and tell them their voice and will means nothing, but also scream that those who don't fall in line are not part of a "coalition of the willing."

Bush, Jr. has been so outrageous, and continues to be, that we can hardly find words to describe his dastardliness, or even bastardliness. His utter disregard, his contempt, for American lives, and for anything resembling civil liberties or the American way of life - which he pretends to defend - is truly worthy of "shock and awe."

For years we've waited to catch the CIA in the act of being little maladroit two-timing criminals and expose them for being the manipulative bastards they always have been. However, we cannot enjoy their current embarrassment because it is so clearly evident that orders came from higher up. The CIA is not even its own worst enemy at this time - and that right there should tell you just truly how sorry the current state of affairs are in the White House.

Even the CIA agents are ashamed.

That, my friends, is a sorry state of affairs - and is entirely indicative of how bad things really are. Listen up.

People really complained about the Nixon administration, and there has been a lot of talking-head discussion since that era. But even the worst cynics seem to agree that Nixon was a cake-walk compared to Bush, Jr. Even on a bad day, Nixon took care of domestic policies. On his worst days, at least Americans felt like basic civil libertarian laws were in effect, and simply prayed they did not receive Nixon's personal attention for any reason.

But today, it's much worse. Bush, Jr., really isn't interested in anybody's case... because they should ALL be locked up (in his mind), and heaven forbid someone should interrupt his golf game. So it's just easier to lock them all up in the slammer, and ask questions later... if at all. (Because, surely, that's one less terrorist on the street, and that's what Jr. is about, is getting terrorists off the streets, right?)

It doesn't seem to matter that HE is the terrorist, that through himself and acts and words of the White House Administration, he has single-handedly - and quite neatly - turned the rapier that was the sword of 9/11, and has turned it into the cleaver of American society.

It seems like history is repeating itself... Could it be shades of the Parliament of King George III? Could it also be the echoes of shades such as Mussolini and Hitler (which I, unlike a Supreme Court Justice recently, will not recant for having made such a comparison.)

Bush, Jr., doesn't care about the common man, because in his mind, not only in his mind does he feel the common man isn't important; worse, in his mind, the common man simply doesn't exist - except to appear as "the Enemy."

That, my friends, I find frightening.

Love, Galadriel