Spirits in Exile

There has been discussion regarding spirits who were/are caught by the astral and etheric warps and blockages due to catalytic circumstances in Earth history.

Here, we will discuss those cases of spirits who were not trapped, per se, as in they were not trapped by conflicting planar constructs (combined with unfortunate or catastrophic circumstance), but by their own Soular drives to exclude themselves, for whatever reason, from the continuing evolution of Humanity.

A pattern was established circa 347 A.D. when "Saint Patrick" exiled the Druids from Ireland - and drove them to the ocean. Some Druids did survive - they managed to sail West - but many Druids walked straight into the ocean and ended their lives, and rejoined the karmic wheel with the taint of anger, sorrow, and "unfinished business."

When those with the karma of "unfinished business" came back into the physical dimension, they did so with the "curse" of duality - which is to say they carried the astral emotion of aborted Druid lifetimes, but could not remember the Purpose they had to achieve in the physical-dense. Therefore, they carried incomplete, unfocused Druid energy, suffused with anger and sorrow, but the Purpose was diluted.

Before the Druid evacuation, Druids had been working soundly, and had been "networking" on a level unheard of by modern man. Karnak was established then, and Stonehenge was on the way. Karnak was solidly established as a portal of Feminine Energy, and Stonehenge - it's Masculine counterpart - was underway - at the time of the evacuation. Stonehenge had to wait for another cycle before it could be completed - somewhere within the 400's, about 150 years after its original groundwork had been laid.

The historic conflict between France and England could have been avoided had the two sacred monuments been allowed to be built within their correct synchronicity. However, since they were not, the two countries expressed the chasm of energy that was pulled in as a result of desynchronization.

There are other historic conflicts that could have been avoided, with the correct polarization of Masculine and Feminine energies; we mention England and France specifically, because they are the two lands that hold the most famous monuments of Druidic work.

In the etheric cycle of karma and incarnation, it was the period of the Druids which set the tone for later incarnations, and many patterns are working out now which were established in that period. The "circle" of Humanity was changed (wrongly) to represent a Spiral, which means that the circuit could not be closed. We are returning to the "Circle of Life" and bringing the Spiral back inward to meet the Circle.

Since that point, when the Spiral overrode the Circle, Humanity has developed an intense chaotic period of amassing karma without resolution. In the period when "witches" began to return to the third-dimension, the Spiral was slowly restored back to the Circle, and the Wheel is back on track. (This "cycle of completion" was accomplished in about the 1950's - with the evolution of the "witch circles".)

However, there are many spirits, and humans, who became distracted and confused during that period, and forgot their own Divine Purpose. Many have continued to incarnate without remembering their karmic issues to be resolved, and thus have wandered almost willy-nilly into the third dimension of physical life, and racked up karma that is antithetical to their lessons.

Others are spirits, many whom have not incarnated in many centuries, who tend to be "content" - and also are "balanced" with the "Great Wheel" because they were never really distracted from it.

In modern days, when memories of Druid brotherhood seems very remote, it becomes difficult to recognize our brothers, in the physical and etheric worlds.

The Exile of the Druids had a very serious impact on Humanity and the Divine Plan. It was the physical-dense manifestation of that period in Atlantis when the Light Wizards chose to go into the Sea to purify themselves from the contamination that had occurred on a fourth-dimensional level. However - as in Atlantis - that exile could have been avoided.

Self-exile is a pattern that was created (in the dense) in Atlantis, and is symptomatic of the Light's need to retreat from the Dark. Light can not be "transmuted" into Dark (as Dark can be to Light) but Light can be infiltrated, and there comes a point where the Light must preserve itself and retreat, so that it may remain pure Light.

There is a pattern of self-exile that still occurs in Humans - dense and non-dense - that we would like to address. Those in self-exile hold themselves responsible for the Fall - we are here to tell you that you were not - and never were - responsible for the Fall. You could not have prevented it (as we could not.) The original experiment was not planned well (I'm being kind) and we cannot continue to blame ourselves for others' short-sightedness.

Those of you who continue to punish yourselves, who demand that you be abased and abused, can we please say "Just Stop!" You hurt only yourselves, and help no one. There are plenty of spirits out there who - if they would just get over their, "I, I, I, me, me, me" issues could do quite well in Service - in the dense or the non-dense. Help is available, on both sides of the Veil, and we are ready to listen, anytime.

You could never "bother us" - because we love you. And, chances are, we understand. So... bother us, PLEEEEEASE!!!! Maybe we can help.

Love, Galadriel