Return of the Ents

It is the nature of Druids to be receptive to the energy and consciousness of trees. Druids believe that all plant life and vegetation have a consciousness, and hold devic partnership with all other realms.

Trees, as we think of them in the third dimension, are an abstruse reflection of a fourth dimension species of Being known as Ents, recognized by fans of hobbit-lore, but seldom thought of seriously as true existing entities outside of fantasy.

The Ents were, and are, walking, talking, thinking, living trees. The Ents were present during that period of Earth history known as Atlantis, but receded from the Earth when it appeared the failure of Atlantis was imminent. Thus, Ents were not karmically embroiled with the Earth as most humans and other devic forms were, but have remained present within the fourth dimension, only remotely concerned with the Affairs of Men.

The relationship in the third dimension between Man and Tree is but a dim reflection of the true glorious relationship that many humans remember on a Soul level. Within the karmic wheel of Expression on Earth, humans have always had access, through Free Will, to their own Souls, and with Alignment, have embodied their Souls, and for the most part have been able to express such freely.

Not so with the Ents. Until a certain compatible Earth vibration was attuned, the devic tree kingdom may have access to its Soul, but cannot express it. This is compatible and reflective of the energy that was present in Atlantis at the time the Ents withdrew. As the vibration and frequency of Earth consciousness as a Whole increases, the tree kingdom is beginning to stir, and to awaken.

People sometimes believe that Druids learned about trees, but the Truth is they learned from trees. A relationship between Man and Tree is largely telepathic in nature. That telepathic communication also conveys affection and trust between the communicants.

One of the Keys to Druid magic is the ability to "be" another being, either through astral projection, empathetic relay, or telepathic expression. Druids, as they were taught by the trees, learned to be inside the Soul of another, so they could learn, feel, and often heal the dysfunctions of other beings. Trees are Healers through form, and Teachers through substance and consciousness. The ultimate challenge and success of a student is not merely to learn, but to learn to Teach - the most difficult task of all in the realm of magic. A leader can guide, but if he cannot heal, he cannot teach.

The Ents are Teachers, but before they can teach, they must heal. Present-day Druids now have the opportunity to apply that which they learned at the hands (or limbs) of the trees, and to apply the devic wisdom of Ents as processed through trees and relayed to receptive humans. Druids must heal, and then they must teach, as they have been taught to do by the Ents, and in mutual partnership, as they were trained.

The trees, the Ents, have been waiting for Humanity to regain its former vibration and mutually compatible vibrancy before they can individuate in the third dimension. The Elder Druids understood, to a very great extent, the nature and consciousness of the Tree, and understood much regarding the devic forms and purpose of trees, and were anxious to learn how to stimulate trees to individuate through mastery of their devic forms.

Druids were able to awaken trees, but were not able to free them from their form restrictions. A Druid or other persons could train themselves to listen to the trees, but simply could not release the forms to walk about freely.

During the Dark and Middle Ages, the trees went back to sleep. There were and always have been Druids, no matter how solitary or isolated, who have "kept" the trees, and who were able to keep certain trees stimulated and active in consciousness. All devic species of tree had at least one representative that remained in active consciousness and etheric communication with mortal Druids, and it is those Druids, in partnership with their trees, who have kept the current of consciousness dynamic between Man and Tree through Earth history.

As Ascension approaches, the fourth dimension Ents are stirring to activity in partnership with Humanity and the Earth. In a rapidly accelerating pace of increasing vibration, the devic Druid consciousness is re-pairing with the devic Ent consciousness, and together they are reflecting that consciousness, stimulation, and individuation in the third dimension, particularly in the tree kingdom.

The Ents, the trees, have been most faithful servants of the Divine Plan, and are shifting from their quiet, passive roles into active, assertive motivated Beings who have the ability to master form through their own understanding of mutation and transformation.

No two trees are alike, and no tree remains static in its form. One of the "magic expressions" of trees is their ability to consciously choose, arrange, and alter their forms at will. This is a Lesson Humanity is on the threshold of being willing and able to begin to master, and it is the trees, the Ents, that will have a large role in assisting, training, and teaching such skills of form mastery.

Aside from being magicians, and strategicians, and long-sighted Beings of Wisdom and Understanding, Ents are also fun to play with. Ents can pick up people easily, and swing them far and wide. They can create a gentle breeze, or a gust, but always in Harmony with the comfort-expectations of the ones they play with. They allow themselves to be climbed upon, and will sometimes place people at unusual spots within their branches that are noted for a good view, or sometimes for access to ripe and delicious fruit, or to other high places. Ents are truly majestic Beings, and we look forward to their return as we meet them again in the fourth dimension, after full Ascension has occurred.

Until Ascension actually manifests in full, fourth-dimension form, the trees are beginning their process of reawakening, being apprised as to current events and their relationship to the World, and taking action within their fourth-dimensional consciousness to actively affect some of the changes necessary to Ascension. The Ents (known as the Souls of trees in this context) are taking active roles in the Ascension process. In many cases, that may seem as a warlike appearance, for as healers, their first job is to clean and neutralize some of the evils that have occurred within the third dimension that have manifested in the outer planes of Humanity.

People may begin to notice, in the next few years, that groves and forests will make major changes in their appearance. Some will accelerate their deterioration, and others will suddenly be revived and may magnify. In some cases, they will appear to move, as a group, to come closer or to recede. Such actions will not be visible as it is occurring, but it will be noticeable within a period of weeks or months, especially to those who pay attention to physical relationship of objects.

Those people who do pay attention to physical relationship are more likely to notice that the trees are moving closer, for their attention will stimulate that growth and activity. Those who tend to ignore their environment are likely to notice, after a great deal of time, that trees are moving away from them. As people, and animals, and other devic forms, tend to express patterns of "socialization", it is going to become more noticeable and evident that trees also respond to socialized growth and movement.

Whatever the case may be, it will be correct, and it will be conscious. As humans have made their choices, and other devic kingdoms have been allowed their turn at Expression, it is now time that the Ents individuate, in Divine Will and Intent, and began to master not only their forms, but their placement and expression, in Harmony with all Beings on Earth.

Love, Galadriel