Elmo's Cave

Elmo is a Kodiak bear spirit who has been with me through incarnation since the early 600's. Our relationship began after Elmo individuated, and we have served Purpose together since then. He has chosen to serve with me as a Diplomat of All Relations.

Bears, like all critters, have a Lesson in serving by example to Humanity. The devic function of Bear is surprisingly simple - to behave like humans at their idealistic best. If a human were to live like Bear, what they would find is: simplicity, honor, playfulness, rest, and self-appreciation.

The Spirit of Bear was greatly present during Arthurian times - circa the mid 500's. The name of King Arthur itself draws on Arcturus - the Bear star.

Bear spirit is recognized (spiritually) primarily by the Druids and the Native Americans. In both cases, the strength aspect is stressed, and often, the family. Mess with a bear's family, and you're dead. Other than that, you can be forgiven just about anything. Bears are incredibly tolerant, and are not interested in complications or psychodramas in the least. Bears do what they have to to get the job done - and to maximize play time as much as possible.

Bears are fun.

Bears have a good thing going; they work, they play, they hunt, they rest. One thing they do NOT do is tax themselves on useless pursuits. Bears are great at seeing the "pay-off" in a situation, and knowing when to quit. Like Pooh, they will look for the honey until it's clear that no honey is to be had, and then they'll go off and find something else to do. They'll be disappointed about the honey, but they'll keep searching until they find what they're looking for - or something new to keep their interest.

Bears are nothing if not pragmatists. They don't dig in empty fish-ponds, and they don't sleep in empty caves. The Bear knows the secret - live in comfort and splendor when the Sun is shining - and curl up comfortably in sleep for the long winter. The Bear never forgets his comfort and he never gives it up, if he can help it.

Is this not profoundly "sane"? Don't bears make sense to you?

King Arthur, the Bear - Arthur is famous for being kind and gentle, as he was. Arthur only wanted for everyone in his kingdom to be happy, and to live their lives as they were supposed to. Arthur shared a quest with his people - to find true Light. This was the Bear energy at play - to serve the Lesson, and to show that the object could be met without struggle, and with Love.

The purpose of Bear goes deeper than that.

Bear "embraces" in a way that many critters do not.

Bear expresses Love in a way that very critters do (or are noted for) - but that all humans seem to relate to. A male bear will embrace his female partner, and will instinctively protect her from external dangers. This is the nature of their love-making - totally carnal, and uninhibited, but with abandon, and without shame.

Bears do not understand shame. Bears really do not understand anything other than Life - whether they are individuated or not. Bears do not understand anything except living for the next sunrise. They do not fear old-age, taxes, abandonment, etc. To Bear, every day is another turn on the cosmic wheel.

Bears have been with Humanity since the beginning, in one form or another. They are now of a devic group, but are rather advanced on the "individuation chain", as are dolphins and other critters.

As implied above, one of the "gifts" to Humanity is the form of love-making. Bears mate with male on top, female underneath, so that the female is protected, and so that the female can receive frontal stimulation while the hands (paws) are occupied. Therefore, the female is covered by the male, and his warmth, while she is exposed, and receptive.

This is truly a blessed union. As humans, we are often taught that the "missionary position" is the only one available to us, if we wish to be politically correct, but the fact of the matter is that "Bear-style" is the one truly pleasing, and compatible position, for both parties. "Missionary" is a matter of allowing males complete satisfaction, but limiting females from this same satisfaction. This is not to say that it is never satisfying - but to say that the pleasure is not "equal." Bear-style is satisfying to both partners.

This position is one of love and affection. Bear gave this to Humans as an example of Love, and as a "small" pleasure along the way to be gained by Humanity. To Humans, Bear represents physical Love, in its most Earthly sense. Perhaps this is what we have to learn.

Love, Galadriel