Duvall's Sea-Otter Crest

Duvall is my sea-otter spirit; sea-otters are Warriors, and are very good at fighting negativity. Also, Sea-otters are very comfortable working singly or in groups. Sea-otters are good at taking things on the fly - any old crustacean floating by is probably going to get munched. Sea-otters aren't political in the least, and don't give a twit about party lines.

Sea-otters hold a special purpose in the ocean... Many critters have specific esoteric purpose that helps them to "hold" certain energies or thought-forms. Sea-otters are somewhat unique in the sense that their purpose is to fight stagnation, and to keep the waves moving. Sea-otters do not "hold" energies; instead, they bust up old energies, or energies that don't work any more. Sea-otters are constantly on the move, and tend to assume they're welcome anywhere in the ocean.

Actually, that is correct. No living being benefits by stagnation, and sea-otters are just the critter to get the ball rolling, or to start brawls. Sea-otters - far from being ashamed of themselves - revel in their impact to wake up the environment, and refuse to get hung up on status quo, or damage reports. A sea-otter isn't truly happy unless he knows he's stirring up mischief - because that means other beings are paying attention.

Sea-otters, then, might be called renegades.

Sea-otters fight convention, and they fight mindless form and expectation. They will stir things up just to make sure everyone is on their toes. Sea-otters don't understand Fear, in the way we do. To a sea-otter, if it's smaller than you, just eat it! If it's bigger than you, then run like hell! It's that simple.

Sea-otters are not confused by moral dilemmas. They are the Soul of practicality.

Sea-otters are feisty, and very much enjoy the physical aspect of being alive. Sea-otters live with a sense of abandon that is almost hedonistic, except that they don't have hang-ups about proprietary behavior. Sea-otters follow their own instincts, and have trouble understanding those that don't.

Sea-otters accept themselves for who they are, and have no qualms about searching for deeper meaning; to sea-otters - they exist, and that is all the meaning they need. Sea-otters have a natural sense of self-esteem. With or without rationale, a sea-otter observes that he exists, and that his purpose therefore is to live. Sea-otters aren't hung up about tomorrow they live for today.

Sea-otters live for pleasure - whether in food, drink, or romantic excess. Sea-otters (in incarnation) have no sense of Yesterday or Tomorrow, so they know nothing but to live for Today. They do have a sense of Time, but to them, the experience of Life far outweighs any calendar. They much prefer Life.

Love, Galadriel