Druids, and the Plant Kingdom

Druids are most famous for being Wizards who work with plants, vegetation, and the Earth in general.

There is something just a little "mysterious" about Druids - as if what they practice is not within the realm of Human understanding. Druids, somehow, earned the mistaken reputation as being anti-Christ, because they focused on Earth, rather than Humanity. It was this division of understanding that separated modern from traditional Wizards and divided Wizards from Humanity in general.

The Druids who spoke up, or defended themselves (as the case may have been) were not able to get the idea across that Druidism was not counter to Christianity; that Druidism was a different aspect, but equally Divine service, to Humanity and the Earth.

What Druids are, specifically, is Wizards who work with Earth magic. There are four basic Wizard specialties; battle wizard, druid, mystic, and occultist. I am a battle wizard, but my original function - in relation to Earth - was druid - to work with and to help heal the Earth and Humanity - and to do so via the plant kingdom - the most forgotten and least-understood of the devic kingdoms in the third dimension.

The Druids incarnated as a mass in Ireland several hundred years ago, and were exiled by the one known as Saint Patrick. From that point on, the Druids have continued their work, but have done so in secrecy.

What is it the Druids do? They are healers, and they seek answers from the plant kingdom. Druids commune with the Earth in its natural habitat. Druids are fascinated by conscious entities unlike themselves, and mystically perceive that the vegetarian kingdom has a sentience of its own, regardless of (apparent) mobility.

On a Soul level, all Druids are remembering the Ents, who did indeed walk the Earth in its fourth-dimensional manifestation. The Ents retreated from Earth/Human society before the so-called Fall of Atlantis, and thus were not forced to fall into the third dimension. The Ents, as depicted in "Lord of the Rings" did and do exist, but do not take activity in the World of Affairs of Men at this time.

There are several reasons for this, but the most relevant is that as Humanity did not take interest in Affairs of Ents, so the Ents did not take interest in the Affairs of Men. For those humans that still deal with things in terms of vertical importance, this is probably very confusing. (Specifically, those people who think people are at the top, and animals at the middle, and plants at the bottom of the Hierarchal chain on Earth. The fact is that ALL devic kingdoms have an equally unilateral position to each other.

Trees have a special function in their cooperation with Humanity. Trees absorb negativity and transmute that negative energy until it becomes a neutral or positive resource that can be called on by anyone. "Tree-hugging Druids", as they say, are Wizards who help contribute their Human energies so that the tree/human energies can be facilitated and mixed to provide a Divine pattern available to anyone.

Many people are educated or thoughtful enough to perceive that the plant kingdom has a special, specific function on Earth - the least being the reciprocal relationship of the chlorophyll/oxidation process, and at best the silent transmuters of negative energy - all done with a sentience and clarity all their own, totally overlooked by Humanity.

Of all the devic groups - plants have the hardest job of all - standing still in the face of Humans.

The plant kingdom, has taken a virtually silent, immobile role within the Affairs of Humanity. The devic kingdom is on the threshold of awakening, in harmony with the Divine Plan, and as a partner to enable the Ascension process. We can encourage this awakening process by lending our assurance and love to that kingdom, and by agreeing to partner on a conscious level.

Love, Galadriel