Shih Tzen's Dragon Realm

Shih Tzen (pronounced She Zen) is my female celestial dragon. The overshadowing Soul energy of Dragons is Wizardic - that which manifests Creation. Shih Tzen is a Guardian of the etheric plane, but her province extends to that which appears in the material plane, as it reflects back to the etheric.

Shih Tzen was my spirit guide in one of my Oriental lifetimes, circa 500 B.C.

Dragons, in general, serve as remote Guardians of Earth creation, and often serve as "cosmic cops." Dragons existed freely on Earth when Humanity was in the fourth-dimension, but pulled out (as did others) when the system was beginning to show signs of abuse. They do not have "negative karma" associated with Atlantis, Lemuria or Mu, because they detached before their devic consciousness could be incorporated into miscreations.

However, there are some dragons who do share third-dimensional karma with Humanity, primarily because they were brought in (by certain Humans) to serve as sacrifices. The mistaken belief behind this motive was that dragons would serve as a "fail-safe totem". The plan failed, because it was a bad plan, and because the dragons wised up. The "dragon quests" of medieval times were trumped-up excuses to look busy and productive.

Much of magic associated with Earth history is "imbalanced" because of the perpetuated myth that there MUST be a sacrifice for magic to be effective. One of the Lessons of Humanity is that sacrifice is antithetical to the Will to Survive. Sacrifice is an abortion of the Creative Flow.

Dragons exited from the third-dimension when they realized they were being used as "props" and were not, of themselves, doing anything significant to balance or shift energy for Humanity or the Earth. In other words, dragons recognized that their greater Purpose remained - to support Humanity from the etheric plane, and to be aware of material creations, and monitor those, and assist when needed.

This, then, explains the symbolism behind the stories regarding dragons hoarding pots of gold - those pots of gold representing the Material aspect. Thus, the "plan" to have dragons incarnate on Earth was supposedly to help Man understand that he could harness material power, if he could slay the dragon and make off with the hoard.

This lesson was not necessary - it was nothing but fluff, a sword-and-sorcery chance to demonstrate creative visualization, but again - it served no greater purpose. The presence of dragons in the third-dimension served no greater purpose, and brought in no new consciousness that was not already available to Humanity. At best, they provided an amusing spectacle, and at worst, they racked up karma in the third-dimension - through no fault of their own,  all of which could have been avoided.

It was not the hoard of gold that was the dragon's greatest treasure - it was his fire. Fire is the esoteric elemental which creates color - a fourth-dimensional aspect that is brought into our third-dimensional creations. The dragon's greatest gift was the ability to manifest magic. The dragon-slayers sought the gold, the material plane, and completely ignored that which would allow him to create and to multiply his own material abundance.

That is when the dragons "took a walk." They didn't ask permission - they did what was right.

Shih Tzen by the way, loves the Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station is our favorite. There goes the myth about dragons being sombre, stately, and interested in nothing more than breathing fire and hoarding pots of gold. Shih Tzen responds strongly to music, and her opinions are as strong as any Wizard's on the subject.

Shih Tzen reminds us that we ALL have the power to work with magic and to create. The purpose of dragon, through Ascension, is to "breathe fire" on the creations that serve Humanity, and to allow the celestial energies to manifest within the third-dimension.

Love, Galadriel