Donegan's Tiger Den

Donegan is one of our spirit guides. Tigers are overshadowed by the Warrior energy. Tigers are powerful, confident, and self-accepting. Tigers are a power-source of self-esteem; therefore they are First Ray, and embody the Will aspect.

Tigers also station Masculine energy, that which connects with the Matter aspect. Tigers help maintain the balance of that Masculine energy on Earth. The world-population of tigers has decreased, somewhat, in response to a need to "relax" the Masculine energies, and to detach from the crystallization of that energy, to allow the Feminine energies a little more leeway to filter through Humanity.

Therefore, the tigers will be exiting at a greater rate, for a while, but will remain in the physical and the etheric planes. The tigers, as a devic race, are shifting positions so that Humanity may also shift positions, as we continue to seek the correct balance between Masculine and Feminine energies as part of the Ascension process.

The tigers that remain continue to hold the power of the positive Masculine energy in the physical-dense plane.

Tigers are carnivores; they eat meat, and are relentless in their pursuit of food. Tigers are among the more "savage" hunters in the Animal Kingdom; they serve to remove the weak, and to subsist on the reintegration of meat as a positive consumption of defective Matter, so that Matter can be returned to the Creative Source.

Tigers, as a race, do not understand Fear, even as an instinct. To tigers, reality is a choice between "What Is" and "What Is Not". A tiger "is", and everything around him "is". There is no room for self-doubt. There is only "What Is."

Tigers work with Time - they hold the energy of "Now" in their thoughts and actions. Their collective memories of "the Past" are incorporated into their devic structure - thus allowing a tiger to learn by experiencing - yet their sense of "Time Past" is not incorporated into their mental bodies, so they are not inhibited by prior Fear, and are able to proceed in the Now, and to approach the future from "Now." Because tigers are in the Now, they have no sense of fear; since they do not carry fear from the past, they cannot project it into the future.

Tigers are "NOW, in Motion."

Love, Galadriel