Clocker's Walrus Pod

Clocker is my walrus spirit guide; the sound he makes when he clicks his tusks sounds like "clock". He crashed in on us when we were leaving the ocean, and we have enjoyed his delightful company ever since. Clocker is resoundingly cheerful.

Clocker, and walruses, are pinnipeds. Walri, as I call them in plural form, work with the coalescion of energy in the astral, etheric and physical planes.

Walri are amphibious mammals. This means that they are amphibious (liking both water and land) and are also mammalian, which means they are connected to many of the same streams of energy as humans.

Walri help to materialize Creations, whether they are material, or emotion-based. Walri work with the harmony of manifestation.

Walri are not exclusively responsible for material manifestation - no one critter or entity is. Yet, walri are particularly suited for what they do, as they are amphibious mammals, and very sentient. Also, they prefer the "cold" which allows them to work at a comfortable pace, and to consider the possibilities inherent in the creative energy they weave. "Cold" also represents "Isa" - a Norse word for ice, and ice often helps to slow down the Creative Process to a more manageable speed.

Walri, by having the "check-and-balance" system of Creation, also unwittingly (it would seem) serve as "quality control technicians". The Creative energies that go through the Walri have TIME to be considered and evaluated, and are not processed willy-nilly at the whims of humans. Walri are patient, and do not consider themselves in a hurry. They refuse to be rushed.

Therefore, walri also serve as a "check-and-balance" source for humans, and for those humans who do not particularly take responsibility, nor consider the consequences, of their creations.

Walri are serving as policing agents of the creations that get by in the third-dimension. They take their jobs seriously, and they take the time to think about what they are doing, and about the energies they may unleash in the third-dimension. Walri consider the consequence of their actions, and always evaluate whether the creations they help manifest will serve Humanity, and the Earth.

One of the things that walri examine before deciding to manifest a creation is the INTENT behind the creation. Walri do their best to discern the energies associated with various creations. To some extent, creations will not even began to surface as thought-forms unless a certain amount of magnetic light is attracted to the form; however, walri easily break down that light to determine if the original energy behind the creation manifested as a singular ray of very strong light from a single plane (mental, physical, or astral) or if a cohesion of three balanced light energies successfully activated the form.

Walri will not even consider lending their assistance to manifestations that do not to some extent include the three planar energies. Walri are, literally, the "publishing industry" when it comes to manifesting creation. The editors are strict, and adhere to policy. Ethical standards are maintained, as well.

Sometimes, people want to say, "Who the hell is running this show?" Walri aren't running the show, but they've sure got their eyes on it. A full-grown walrus can look you in the eye - and you will remember the experience. Humans can point fingers - and walri can point right back.

Look to your Intent.

Love, Galadriel