Claris' Beaver Dam

Claris, as you may have surmised, is my beaver spirit. He has a "rattle" that sounds sort of like Rikki Tikki Tavi - another fearless rodent. Claris is naturally affectionate, and very playful.

Beavers are constructionists. It is said that if you want to see "efficiency at work, look to the beaver." Beavers are builders; they use the resources available to them to build their homes, and to form lifestyles. Beavers are always in motion, and are always looking to the future.

Beavers depend on their relationship with Wood. There is a symbiotic relationship with trees and beavers. Beavers gnaw wood and incorporate the energy of Wood into their homes. They do this with no waste, and in harmony with the Forest and the River.

As residents of the water, beavers (help) channel the energy of Love and Healing.

If one were to look closely at the construction of a beaver dam, one would notice the interweaving of the wood. It is the weaving, and interweaving, of the dam that keeps the beaver safe. Beavers use their long, strong teeth to pull the cords thru, over and around other cords to forge their defense. Beavers use rhythmic knots and patterns of weaving to keep their dams secure.

A beaver's focus is always upon the future. The beaver weaves his chords and ties his knots with the future in mind. When knots are secure, the beaver continues to look to the future. Beavers "create," always. Beavers are always on the move. They will either continue to "improve" on an existing dam, or they will seek to create a new one.

Beavers are weavers. They incorporate existing energies into patterns that reflect current reality. As that reality shifts, so do the patterns. Thus, the beaver is continually busy weaving new patterns, and always looking to the morrow for new energies, and new patterns to weave.

Beavers don't know the meaning of boredom, or stagnation.

To a beaver, a tree with some water nearby is all the opportunity they need. Thus, we see that "creation" is also important to Beaver. A Beaver views life as "opportunity," a chance to create, and to leave their mark upon the World.

Love, Galadriel