Males, Females, and Channeling

The difference between male and female Druids today is distinguished by little more than the following homily, "Little boys like to astral project, and little girls like to empathize."

We have been irritated, and impatient, from time to time, regarding the above homily. We tend to assume that Druid occupation-inclination tends to revert to the same boy-girl roles we find irritating in modern society - which is also no small reason why Wizards seek out Druidry in the first place, knowing there must be more to gender/role dispersal of relationships.

We've begun to rethink this particular relationship, and we realized it is as semantic-based as of any other Wizard specialty of interest in modern times.

"Little boys like to astral project" is a generalization we had found acceptable because of the number of male Wizards who mentioned it. By the same token, we had heard from an equal number of Lady Wizards who were tired of hearing men talk about astral projection, when what they really cared about was empathy.

We realize now that it is a semantic issue, that men and women hear the words differently.

Men hear or read about astral projection, and understand it to mean that they are going somewhere, to see something, to see/taste/feel the experiences of another.

Women tend to stay in the Present, and see/taste/feel hear the experiences of another. To do so in the Present is correctly called Empathy - which men and women both do, but have been taught (on a gender-separative level) to perceive the effect, purpose, and appropriate reactions differently. Women are taught to "hug and kiss" a spirit to make everything all better, and men are taught to demand an explanation and then offer a mechanical solution.

We find, in our own experience, that men and women are equally capable of giving a hug and kiss to make it all better, AND to ask for an explanation, and to come up with a solution. Working with souls, and souls-technicianry, is not gender-exclusive.

Astral projection, as a metaphysical concept, has always irritated us, because by its literal definition, astral projection is to "show up as a hologram on a living room or bedroom wall, have the ability to spy on people, make our identity known" - and - in some cases - attempt to emotionally blackmail the people whose lives are invaded.

Young (male) Wizards do tend to have a predilection toward astral projection as a metaphysical art, much the same way little boys gravitate toward toy trucks and GI Joe, whereas little girls tend to gravitate toward toward toy horses and little dollies, and when young females evolve into Lady Wizards, they tend to prefer Empathy as a metaphysical course.

We say it's not a sexual, gender issue, but a semantic issue.

(I always liked GI Joe, as did most little girls I knew, and we would have liked to play with GI Joe if he hadn't forced us to also play with those little green army men. If GI Joe had acted like he was going to take Barbie seriously, we would have stood up Ken Doll in a minute.)

Is it possible, for instance, than when a young male Wizard refers to astral projection and his desire to master the skill, is not about projecting himself into someone else's room invading (very often) another Wizard's privacy, but that it was simply his way of getting into the skin/Soul of another human being, tasting their experiences, feeling their triumphs and sorrows, to try to find where He/She may be of Service to help another Wizard through their Quest?

This is what Lady Wizards do with Empathy - is to get inside another Soul, not to invade their privacy, but to help them as one incarnate Soul to another.

Empathy is what we do every time we do astral projection. Every time we feel/taste/touch another's experience, that is astral projection, and it is empathy, to feel another spirit's existence on this planet. We are ALWAYS inside their Souls - and they are inside of ours. This is nothing to be afraid of.

Thus, we think maybe it is time to re-define astral projection, and to explain more about channeling. We have never written about channeling until now, There are plenty of bad channelers on the planet, people who simply have no filters and don't even know who they're channeling from moment to moment, and who set up churches/vitamin pill funds to those they channel.

 We have refrained, to the best of our ability, from becoming another vitamin church. We never want to be a church of any kind, or cult, and if we only had one choice between between considered important/unimportant, we would take the latter, every time.

So it is with a sense of grave responsibility that we take on the subject of channeling, and we do so only because we are getting messages that there are other Wizards out there who would take up their work if they knew where to start, and if they could get past the "base vocabulary" of whatever lingo is currently available in the third-dimension.

Channeling, which is treated as a great mystery, is really no mystery at all. It is easy for some, hard for others. It is easy for me. Some cannot channel without actually being unconscious, and allowing other Souls to take the body, and they cannot channel without exchanging identities.

I do not exchange the body, but share it; I "co-channel". I can speak for a Soul, apart from myself, without losing my awake consciousness - and I have been told this is an extraordinary ability on my part. I have NOT heard that others can't do the same.

I also prefer that this is how channeling be done. Losing the body, and possibly drooling, attacking, or molesting another person we are in the room with are frightful occurrences, and are avoidable, if channeling is done within the parameters of the Higher Soul. Those we channel MUST be compatible with ourselves - otherwise we simply are allowing our bodies to become a license for those of the lower sub-dimensions of humanistic reflection.

I have witnessed others who channeled, and they did not know what happened until events/dialog were explained to them. I, for one, find that frightening. I reluctantly admit I have seen some negative entities come through positive people - it is necessary to establish boundaries beforehand, and to have a clear understanding as to the parameters of a channeled experience.

Given the choices between the two, the old-fashioned role of "medium" or a clear psychic who can "co-share" identity, the second is infinitely preferable.

If I have a secret, this is the one I would like to share - the great gift of being able to share your mind/body/soul with another - and never forsake your own unique and wonderful identity.

It must be understood, before undertaking the commitment of mind/body/soul that channeling requires, that not all entities are of an equal or higher vibration. People who are not careful could end up channeling - theoretically - Earth-bound spirits who are trapped and still at the scene of the accident in which they died, a murdered Soul still outside their body, etc.

Unless you consider yourself, and choose the profession of Cosmic Cop - you're better off trying to seek equal energy vibrations, or those of higher vibration to which you would aspire.

It is possible, on an empathetic level, to relive the experience of another human - to no earthly advantage whatsoever. The person you channeled may be stuck in a time/place, and you're stuck with nightmares. This is hardly profitable to either of you.

As healers, there is a lot to be said for channeling. The one who channels consciously and with purpose can do a phenomenal amount of healing and resolution of karma within the third dimension. But, for those of you who are natural empaths - and there are many - the decision will have to be made by the individual soul to commit - as in marriage - to take the bad with the good.

I channel almost constantly - but I also have years of experience, and have some skill at walking between two worlds of reality. However, I have very clear boundaries, that like the laws of physics, must and are obeyed.

While I am awake, I can channel, or "co-consciously share" other thinking beings. Those beings must have, at the least, a sufficient harmonium of mental, physical, and astral energies.

While asleep, I am more prone to be receptive to a broader category of souls, and am more likely to "rescue" souls while in dream-state. However, it's also hard for me to hold a 9-to-5 job, as spirits' hours are almost the opposite - and in direct correlation with - the hours of mortals. (But, this was my decision.)

I do have unique and wonderful, weird dreams, and I KNOW that I show up at places that I have never physically been, that I can recall, and then later find out in history books that I visited someplace that in real-life I had not known existed. The White House in Washington D.C. I have visited, without consciously planning it, but my perceptions in dream-state were later validated.

You, as Wizards, can trust your own experience, but you must learn not to work too hard to "milk" an experience for more than it's worth. Just like in "real-life" you must learn to find a happy balance between the maybe's and the probably's.

So, if I have a gift for astral projection, which I must, since my spirit body can cross parameters of time/space, which probably occurs for a lot of us, then it makes sense that a lot of male/female wizards also have this ability.

And if we have this ability, some who call it astral projection, and others who call it Empathy, perhaps it is a synthesis of both.

So, how do I channel? How can you?

Find your body, define your mind and your boundaries. Make your body for you, for x-amount of time. Whatever time you're going to channel, make sure that it's your body, and that you have nothing better to do for x-amount of time than to be with whoever it is you want to channel - and to control your own parameters.

Just BE with that person. There's no other way to explain it. If you're reading this site, and this page, then you probably already know something about being inside your own head. In short, you probably know something about meditation, even if you never heard it called that before.

If you know how to be inside your own head, then you know how to channel. If you know what it's like to get information (intuitive leaps) before events happen, then you've probably channeled before, and just didn't know it. Chances are, you channeled your own spirit guides, or your own Soul.

So, how can you do this consciously? Follow the steps above (find yourself in your own head) and ASK to talk to whoever it is you want to talk to.

Our anxiety in sharing this is a concern that most of Humanity wants to talk to talk to Jesus, Hitler, and other madmen. Most of Humanity wants to talk to famous people, because Humanity has it in their heads that certain famous people have all the answers. We can tell you now, they don't. In fact, they are relying upon US for those answers.

Speaking as a seasoned channeler, you will do better to find either moderately famous people, or find those who were famous and ignored, and you will get better answers because you will find those who have less at stake in the morality/superiority game than a lot of others who appear as "deities" to Humanity. They, like us, must respond to the rules of the 21st century. And while their "take" is a little different, it's still worth hearing - they are - after all - guiding for us.

There is also nothing wrong with hearing from the John Smiths and the Jane Does - but when it comes to channeling, you never know when you're hearing from "somebody" - everyone has been a Somebody at some time - it just depends on your view of History. Anyone who has a story to tell is a Somebody, yes?

It is a measure of your own self-esteem as to whether you believe in yourself or not. The better your self-esteem, we find, the better calibre of associations you can hope to make on the Other Side. Your motive, for channeling, must be a sincere interest in helping people, agreeing to learn from them, and allowing them to learn from you.

GI Joe and Barbie have more in common than you might think. It has been our experience that most spirits have more anxiety upon that subject than any other. Our spirits are less interested in whether or not there is a God looking out for us than in whether one Soul Mate will truly recognize its equal in the third dimension.

The final test, as it were, if you are channeling a divine spirit, is whether or not the spirit(s) offer you love first and foremost. If not, tell them you expect more - and that they should, too. They might actually get help from other souls whose purpose is exactly that - to help restore the esteem of other good spirits who are messed up by their incarnations and by bad advice from well-meaning people.

Channeling is not for "well-meaning" people; it's for serious people who truly have a desire to improve our world and make it a safe environment for Love.

Love, Galadriel