The Mill Pond

This is a shared page between Quacker-Doo, my duck spirit, and two of my geese spirits, Gabrielle and Beaker. They LOVE windmills - windmills generate kinetic energy, and this is what many birds work with. Windmills also generate a connection between water and air, two elements that birds work closely with. Water symbolizes emotion (astral), and air symbolizes ideal (spirit). Thus, windmills act as synthesizers of the physical astral plane and the etheric mental plane.

A common analogy on Earth is to "fly like an Eagle" - the emotional essence of that statement means to transcend the physical environment, and to incorporate the weightlessness of Spirit. We agree that eagles are pretty darn special, but all birds live wonderful, special lives, and those that fly have some unique perspectives on the world.

Flying is an art that humans have not remembered, yet, remarkable inventions and discoveries have been made that have allowed artificial flight. The mastery of matter is to be commended, and was actually an "early" achievement of Humanity. Actually, humans should be praised for this discovery for at least two reasons; first, the Universe didn't think it was possible, as such a feat had never been accomplished, or even tried, given that the Universe in general is used to Time Travel generated through Thought in the fourth-dimension; second, Humans' commitment to flying, and their racial memory that motivated them to find any means to do so, actually reaffirms a bond between all Earth entities who use "flight" as a natural and spiritual mode of transport.

In the third-dimension, if one were to ask what allows a being to fly, a scientist might answer "aerodynamics". Aerodynamics are certainly an important law of physics to consider, but in fact it is Will that allows a being to fly at will. Telekenetics (power to move or transform objects) and teleportation (ability to move the self, or objects) are not unknown in the third-dimension.

In a memorable episode of "Gilligan's Island", Gilligan amasses a large gathering of feathers and creates very large wings, so that he can fly. He is floating along nicely, when the Skipper comes along and tells Gilligan that he cannot fly. Gilligan crashes to the ground.

I never thought of "Gilligan's Island" as being profound, but something about that scene was. Racial memory, perhaps, of when all humans could fly, and could do so at will, through Will. The subtext, as well, is obvious: Gilligan is flying along beautifully until someone tells him it isn't possible.

There is a tendency within Humanity to beat up on technology and those that create, perpetuate or stimulate it, but the fact is that many wonderful creations have materialized in the third-dimension because scientists, thinkers, philosophers and others dared to dream. Thus, miracles were created, to translate an idea or concept, and to turn that into a working reality within the third-dimension.

Any instrument created in the third-dimension has the potential to be used as a positive or negative tool. Ultimately, the tool has no more power than the one who holds the tool. To be a Sword of Healing, or a Sword of Destruction, depends entirely on the person holding the Sword.

Flight by humans was considered impossible until it happened. The physical "laws of possibility" have changed with the advent of Ascension. Harmonic Convergence has allowed humans the almost unlimited spiritual power to manifest. The rules have changed - or become apparent - in one slight detail... humans that create must do so with Divine Intent. This is easy to to do if one is aligned to their Soul. This requires little more than "permission" of the Soul, and is nothing more than putting a combination lock into synchronicity.

Ascension, as a reality, has been made possible through Harmonic Convergence, and it is now up to humans to participate in a "rush" to stake their claims, and to make their dreams come true.

Humans, as a race, now have the ability, and the opportunity to fly, and it's time to take off. Our wings are controlled by Divine Will, and our direction is guided by Divine Intent. Birds fly with alignment - they use their feathers and overall physical health to determine basic navigational ability, and they observe "conditions" of weather and ground food supply to measure their trips, and feasibility of distance.

Humans in the fourth-dimension will learn to fly - through Will. They will not fly by flapping their arms very quickly, or by creating Gilliganesque wings. Humans will fly because it is a natural condition of Spirit. To fly requires a mental release of the physical-dense plane.

In addition to the powers of flight, the visual perception of humans will also increase. As abundance will be plentiful, hunting will not be an issue, and humans will be able to fly for pleasure - as birds do. The only thing humans will really have to look out for is etheric pools or vacuums that might tend to coagulate matter. As long as humans remember to keep in the open sky, and not dip too high (planetary biosphere) or too low (the ocean) they should not be too attracted to negative physical dense energy.

Air polution is still a problem. Pollution is not just a physical problem - it is an etheric and astral problem, and even with Ascension to the fourth-dimension, it will still take time to work with and neutralize that energy. Flying into smog is the equivalent of getting "gassed" while driving on the highway.

Birds can't "think straight" when they're flying through heavily-polluted areas, and as they depend heavily on magnetic-energy referrals, they can be disoriented. Also, as birds fit into various ecological structures (through migration) their "calendars" can get thrown off if their directions are switched, and this can adversely affect the environments that the birds serve. The absence or delay of birds can distort ecological balance. Pollutants that delay birds in their natural flight cycle keep birds from gobbling up destructive insects.

The Spirit of Bird is not on planet Earth as an observer, but as a participant. Birds, encompassing the Sky, are reminders of Spirit, and that which is above, but not higher, than Earth biology. Examples of Spirit reside throughout the biosphere of Earth, but it is the presence of birds that remind us that there is something "up there." That something that is "up there" is down here, and knows no physical demarcation. Spirit is everywhere, and evident in all forms. Birds, to fly, must also touch the Earth.

Love, Galadriel