So Below: Persona Devic Forms

"As above, so below" means that the Heavens and Earth are reflected within each other. Outside devic consciousness are the primary energies of Creative Force, which include that of Warrior, Wizard, and Thief.

The third dimension has been comprised of devic forms struggling to define Essence, the substance that reflects awareness of the Divine Presence within all forms. The embodied forms seek the Truth of Origin, and the motivation for Being.

The path of origin actually begins within the individual form, and can be traced back to its Overshadowing Consciousness (that of Warrior, Wizard, or Thief). Each individuated Soul can be said to be either Warrior, Wizard or Thief.

The Persona, however, as but a reflected aspect of the Soul, is not necessarily vertically aligned by the same Overshadowing Consciousness, but may instead choose to operate laterally through the Earth reflections of Warrior, Wizard, and Thief consciousness.

This means that in addition to Warrior Soul/Warrior Persona, Wizard Soul/Wizard Persona, and Thief Soul/Thief Persona, individuated beings may also choose to reflect a Warrior Soul with Wizard or Thief Persona; a Wizard Soul with a Warrior or Thief Persona, and a Thief Soul with a Warrior or Wizard Soul.

The Soul remains the same through incarnation, but the Persona is selected according to Lesson, Harmony, and Need within the group environment.

While the Persona is a creation of the Soul, it is the Persona that is the vehicle of expression for the Soul, and as the vehicle, it is the responsibility of the Persona to respond to its cellular coding in accordance with its harmonic environment. The Persona is more or less free to interact according to circumstance, yet the Persona, as the vehicle of the Soul, must also Act in its reflection of the Soul.

When the Persona, if able, has completed its cellular coding and deactivation of karmic energy within the lifetime for which that activity was planned, it is free to terminate that expression, or to reintegrate in harmony with the Soul, or may begin to take on additional Service, with a corresponding shift in attention between the Overshadowing Consciousnesses, until a convergence is met and established between the Soul, the Persona, and the Overshadowing substances of Warrior, Wizard, or Thief.

It is the function of the Persona to make a vertical alignment, not only with his Soul, but with that of the guiding Overshadowing Consciousness. The Persona must also make a lateral alignment with his own Persona-form, and again, with the Overshadowing Consciousness that supports and activates that form.

This alignment is what activates those Overshadowing devic forms within the physical third dimension, and is what allows the Persona to know the Divine Presence that he embodies, which in turn activates the return or circuit of these energies between the physical and the heavenly worlds.

This alignment requires little more than recognition, and the Will to affirm Purpose. It is not expressly necessary that a Persona be consciously aware of his Overshadowing Consciousness of either Soul or Persona, but it does assist in Creative efforts, particularly to those that seek to harmonize the devic forms of the various kingdoms within and without Earth.

As the World moves toward Ascension, the devic forms and substances are becoming more polarized, and definition will become more distinct, and more effective. Magicians will become more aware of these Creative Forces, and will be compelled to learn to harmonize their own energies and consciousness in alignment with those Forces, so that he may create through Divine and Willed Expression.

Thus, the World will have returned to Creator, but will also have Created, and a spiral of devic energy, both vertical and lateral, will have been established, and will reflect potential and possibility into all Realms of Creative Origin. This will complete the Circle between Warrior, Wizard, and Thief in the third dimension, and will also complete the Circle of the Triad as it is reflected within the Heavens and will join and overlap the Circle of the Triad as it is reflected on Earth.

As above, so below.

Love, Galadriel