Arianna's Wolf Den

Arianna is my wolf guide, she has been with me since I was six years old. She came in when my teddy-bear was lost, and I was grieving; she adopted me as her cub. She is white with grey streaks around her head and tail.

Shortly after I began reading up on spirit guides, two years ago, I had read somewhere that one is supposed to "release" spirit guides - give them permission to leave. I had less than 10 spirits at the time, and I questioned each one, giving them a choice to leave if that is what they chose to do. When I asked Arianna, she sat down on the ground next to me; she wasn't going anywhere.

I've since learned that the "release your spirit guides" maxim actually terrifies them. It makes them feel insecure, and makes them fear that they are not wanted, or that they have "failed" in some way, that a human must doubt them or their abilities.

When spirits, human, animal, or other, become entwined with the lives of humans in the dense, they have done so knowing that their vibrations are compatible, and that they share certain Purpose and Lesson. Human spirits don't hang around for the parties, and the animals don't hang around for the chow. They are "hanging out" because they have developed bonds of love with the person THEY CHOSE to help guide. They aren't recruits; they're volunteers.

To wolves, anything done out of Love, or to increase the abundance of Life, is never a waste of time. The motto of wolf is "To move." A wolf remains in motion, always moving toward the future, and toward the Now. Wolves do feel grief, but they celebrate the grief and then let it go. Wolves do not have a "veil" between life and death; the wolf runs constantly in the Door Between. This is how they hold Balance.

Wolves have a natural selection process; the strong wolves will devour the weak. This must be done to insure the survival of the group. The weak links must be removed so that the other individuals within a group will not be endangered by sickness or weakness.

Wolves, and their deva, do not grieve or fear this process. Even those wolves that have not "individuated" are linked by the devic encoding regarding survival. An individuated wolf does not wish to be the cause of destruction for his brothers, and would rather be taken down, and returned to the Wheel of Life, knowing that they can return and experience the World again in a stronger form, where they are needed.

The howling of wolves represent many things. Expression is the first; wolves like to "sing", it gives them a chance to communicate, to challenge, and to weave thought and sound. The esoteric energy that the wolves hold and express through howling is the blending of harmonic frequencies. People who listen to wolves' howling often say it is "unearthly." In a sense, that's true; the voices of wolves can incorporate hundreds of sounds between one note and the next. The precision of those notes and chords defies the current human mathematical formula that we call "scales."

Wolves work with the Fourth Ray, the ray that manifests sound, and balance. There is a progression between linear thought, associative thought, lateral thought, and spherical thought. Wolves do this with sound - linear, associative, lateral, and spherical. Working with wolf magic helps one to hear music transcendentally - to hear more than simply lyrics, musical construction, etc. Wolves hear the third-dimensional "symphony" - but they also hear the fourth-dimension chorus - the echoes that resound at the axis of all possibilities.

Wolves also carry the Feminine Energy very strongly, and, among humans, they serve as "relay points" to convey that Wisdom, and that energy to the human race. Wolves, representing very strong family structures, demonstrate affection and attachment to their young, and to anyone they've adopted. Wolves are actually rather flexible in that area - they are very possessive of what is theirs, but don't mind looking after other cubs if those cubs are seen as strong and healthy. This serves the individuals and the group.

Even the males, perceived as the hunters and aggressors, represent the Feminine Energy, in the sense that their will to survive and to protect the group is phenomenal. Wolves "police" themselves very well. Unlike other animal devas, the wolf has not devolved to the material plane, and, unlike other animal devas, do not really have a problem with individuated wolves developing "personality problems" or what we might call cyclical disorders. Wolves certainly have personalities, but are less likely to be "dysfunctional" or neurotic, within the Animal Kingdom.

This is not a criticism of the other animal devas; it is simply an illustration to point out some of the problems that have occurred within the co-existing populations on Earth because of an over-balance of attraction to the material plane. An animal who gets used to depending on humans and civilization for its needs soon loses his instinct to survive - the very Lesson that Wolf is here to convey.

This has nothing to do with "pet wolves". Those wolves have individuated, and have begun to serve a different Purpose - that of working directly with Humanity, and beginning to merge Lessons, and to work together to establish Harmony between the two races.

Arianna will remain with me wherever I go, like all my other critters, to serve as ambassador for her kind between the many races. And there is no one better than Arianna to give me new meaning to "wall of sound" whenever I hear music.

Love, Galadriel