Animal Consciousness

As Ascension and the energies of greater consciousness and understanding are manifesting for humans, such energies are also becoming manifest within the animal and other devic kingdoms. All devic kingdoms of consciousness are awakening to their own spiritual heritage, and as part of that heritage, they are also awakening to their relationships with its brother kingdoms of Thought and Love.

In the American twentieth-century, the Native American culture is the only large group of people to truly embrace the animal kingdom as a culture of spiritual significance, though there are other stream religions and revivalist paganist groups that are also seeking to explore the roots of animal metaphysics.

While we respect and appreciate the efforts of these groups to consciously learn and explore the energies of the critter kingdom, we find that these groups tend to be undermined by the simple fact that virtually none of them truly recognize the fact that animals are, undoubtedly, sentient and spiritual, and it is not acknowledged that the critter kingdom not only answers to the same Creative Force that humans do, but further, that they are equally instrumental in the motivation and direction of that Prime Creative Force within the physical dimension of Matter.

In short, animals are not merely totems, or symbolic mirrors of human souls; they are mirrors of the same soul consciousness possessed equally by animals and humans. The illusion of the devic kingdom is the same illusion that racial delineation and discrimination hold, which is that "form dictates substance."

It is true, to an extent, that devic kingdoms do delineate, mainly through form, a certain pattern of Consciousness and of energy manipulation - that energy which creates in Time and Space, supported through the energy of Love and Light. However, it is false to assume that the Lessons inherent within the Earth experience are delegated merely to species or sub-class.

Elsewhere within these pages there is discussion regarding the karmic relationship between humans and animals, and devic relationships and evolution. That evolution is marked by individuation - when an animal - like humans, learns to distinguish himself from his devic kingdom, and to recognize, "I AM."

To review: After the final fall of Atlantis, the animal devic kingdoms agreed to continue the Earth experiment with the human devic kingdom. The "Circle of Life" was the paradigm by which our biosphere was to be conducted. The animal kingdom basically agreed to serve as "props" in the play; they would cooperate within the biosphere, and would primarily serve by holding energies that would balance the biosphere, but would also reflect the current patterns expressed by Humanity.
The individuation that would occur (as it has and is occurring) within the critter kingdom was dependent on a handful of factors, but the primary factors that have and do contribute to animal soul individuation are:

Being in proximity with a human who has either realized himself, or has spiritually evolved or demarked his own essence, thus raising his vibration. When that human raises his vibration, and his energy is somehow cooperative with an animal spirit, the human's spirit touches the animal, and the animal's spirit touches the human, and a symbiotic karmic relationship is established.

An animal - with or without being connected with humans - may incarnate often enough and master his own devic purpose, according to the standards, goals and requirements of the devic kingdom with which he is associated. For example, let us say that a bear incarnates on Earth, not in service to humans, but to the earth, or even to the bear kingdom. When the bear recognizes! his "I AM" as a bear, he becomes a vessel of Bear Spirit, and thus interacts freely at a neutral zone between the devic kingdoms.
From that point of individuation, that bear would then have the choice to continue to incarnate as a bear, and to specifically interact in service to the bear devic kingdom; or, the bear has a choice to "move up in ranks" (take on a new or greater challenge) and begin to serve as a representative of Bear Spirit to work directly with incarnated Humanity. The bear who chooses to incarnate to serve Humanity has also agreed to share the physical energy of karma that binds humans.

There is also "accidental individuation": this can happen when an animal is derailed from his own evolutionary path - one of the greater risks associated with what humans know as Free Will.

Animals DO have Free Will, but their guidelines are a little different. Humans tend to think that Free Will is carte blanche to do anything they want to without responsibility, whereas animals understand Free Will to be Free Choices that are in accordance with the Divine Plan. Animals become derailed from their own devic Lesson when they become entwined against their wills into human situations where karmic energy is heavily associated.

Thus, animals DO work with karmic energy and Lesson, either through their devic kingdom, or in conjunction with the human principles of karma. The latter becomes very important when recognizing that as animals take on the energy of human karma and Lesson, they take on the mental and emotional qualities of that energy.

Animals experience emotions known to humans of pride, honor, warmth, affection and love. On the negative side, they pick up traits of guilt, doubt, fear, and loneliness. Animal psychology has begun to be taken seriously in the twentieth-century, and is actually a positive reflection of Man's ability to empathize and to care for beings of "foreign" Consciousness.

Many humans are becoming aware that animals are not truly so different; nor do they really follow another star. Humans and critters are in this together, and the light that is reflected from one devic kingdom is mirrored to the fellow devic kingdom. The Light magnifies, and will eventually enfold us all in the Light of One Spirit.

Love, Galadriel