Ahrendak's Buffalo Range

Ahrendak is one of my buffalo spirits; he was "passed on" as a spirit guide gift from my maternal grandmother, who was of Native American extract. I was approximately four years old when my grandmother died, and when she crossed over, she gave Ahrendak to me, as a gift for empathy and healing.

My mother's side of the family claims "Indian blood", but heck, so do half of the people in Texas, so my family has never "gone to town" on our heritage. I know when I was a little girl playing "Cowboys and Indians" I always sided with the Indians, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything beyond my natural proclivity to "side with the underdog."

I do know, because of Ahrendak's presence at my side through the years, that it is a misconception that "only Indians" have buffalo spirits, or work with buffalo magic. The Native Americans worked with Buffalo in a truly magical, holy way, but, they were not the only ones with this ability. However, they were the only ones who RECOGNIZED this ability, and chose to work with it. Perhaps there was good Purpose for this; perhaps the Native Americans, in the 17th-19th centuries, were working with particular energies and configurations conducive to maximizing the spiritual gifts of Buffalo.

If so, this was a great gift. Perhaps the tragedy lies within Humanity's ability to recognize the gift, and to use it for what it is. The gift is still "out there" - it is not too late to recognize the service to Humanity, and to use it.

We ourselves do not know for sure what the greater Purpose was, or is. Ahrendak is a buffalo-brother, and as such, he can only relay his function as that of a Healer, by means of Empathy.

We do know that the "buffalo movement" (of spiritual popularity) precedes the "dolphin movement", as far as animal consciousness goes. Buffaloes work with Empathy, Dolphins work with Telepathy. Neither is mutually exclusive.

Both are aspects of communication. Both are needed for Humanity itself to recognize its own Brotherhood, and to work with those particular energies. Communication is the first stage of Healing.

Buffalo is a direct emissary of Mother Earth, and is a particular gift of Mother Earth. The benevolence and kindness of Buffalo spirits are direct reflections of Mother Earth.

Buffalo, or bison, serve as "sacrifice" critters, meant to be honored, with their essence absorbed. Unfortunately, as buffalo were recognized as "power" critters - it is easy to understand that the avarice of Man has often lead him to attempt to take over the power of Buffalo - hence, take over the power of Mother Earth, itself.

Fortunately, this was not possible. Buffaloes, in population, decreased, but the "spirit" of Buffalo could not be taken. This should comfort many who grieve for Buffalo.

The important thing is that the "energy of Buffalo" did manifest. Buffaloes still exist, and are beginning to flourish again, under restricted circumstances, but at least they are not exterminated, and their mystical importance is still recognized. For those who despair for Buffalo, notice how many beautiful works of art are created incorporating Buffalo's image. Buffalo IS working, and Buffalo still has a voice within the Earth Hierarchy.

It is also important to recognize that the Native Americans did/do work with Buffalo spirit. And, we would like Native Americans to know that there are others who do work positively with Buffalo.

The buffaloes are working within Humanity, overtly or otherwise. If you feel you have Buffalo in your life, you may either have a direct need for Healing, or you may work with Buffalo as a Healer. In either case, Buffalo has his own purpose, and is willing to serve you in either capacity. This is part of Buffalo's service.

Honor Buffalo, for they honor Humanity.

Love, Galadriel