As Above: Soul Devic Forms

It is said that, "As above, so below", meaning that the Heavens reflect upon the Earth, and Earth reflects within the Heavens.

There are three Overshadowing devic Consciousnesses which create Action; in esoteric terms, they are Warrior, Wizard and Thief. These devic Consciousnesses are reflections of the One, also known as Creator. They, in turn, reflect Action into the third dimension.

All individuated and ensouled beings tend to represent various aspects of motivating energy, primarily that directed by either Warrior, Wizard, or Thief devic consciousness, purpose, and effect. Thus, it is convenient to describe all Souls as being reflective of either Warrior, Wizard, or Thief consciousness.

Warrior is that which lays the groundwork for Creation. Warrior clears old energy and replaces or reconfigures paradigms. Warriors penetrate stagnation and keep energy in motion. Warrior plants the seeds for What Will Be. As a personality, Warrior tries to blend common-sense with idealism to keep the status-quo dynamic, rather than static.

Wizard is that which manifests the Group Ideal. Wizard serves as the fulcrum, the focus of leverage between cooperative and conflicting forces. Wizards harness the energy that is supplied by the three consciousnesses, and direct that energy toward manifestation. Wizard takes That Which Is and strives for improvement as well as potential new creations. As a personality, Wizard tries to define What Is and to balance What Is with what may or will occur.

Thief is that which tests the strength of Creation. Thief acts as check-point inspector of manifestation to insure survival and continued purpose. A creative structure or foundation that is weak will be exposed by Thieves, and they will generate the destructive energies necessary to break down obsolete forms. As a personality, Thief examines What Is, and asks himself if this is effective, or necessary.

The energies of Warrior, Wizard, and Thief simultaneously and mutually embody Conception, Manifestation, and Proof.

This triadic relationship forms a circuit that allows the Appearance of Divine Function in all planes.

All beings function within at least one of these overshadowing devic substances. Those beings who have mastered devic form within their own environment have individuated sufficiently to allow free and creative interaction within any of the Warrior, Wizard, or Thief functions, forms, and substances.

Thus, a Warrior can create, a Wizard can examine foundations, and a Thief can manifest. Also, a Warrior can question effectiveness, a Wizard can destroy obsolete forms, and a Thief can harness group consciousness. However, a magician (any of the three Soul types) is dependent upon invoking all three forces, and all three forces must be equally represented in partnership with the magician, or the creation manifested will not be stable or dependable.

This is not to say that no being can create independently; this is not true. Every being can and does create, but to do so effectively he must be balanced with his own Soular make-up. The individual who creates must recognize that while his form is either that of Warrior, Wizard, or Thief, his substance is a reflection of all three, and he must accept this trinity of Creative Force within himself.

As Creative Forces, Warrior, Wizard, and Thief represent, respectively, the energies of the Father, the Mother, and the Child, also known as the Holy Spirit. Every being holds this Consciousness within them, and it is the correct harmonization of these forces within oneself that sufficiently summons and energizes the Divine Presence within each of us, and allows for the reflection of Divine Intent into the third dimension.

As above, there are prime forces which are the raw material of Creation by which all Souls create.

So, below, it is of those prime forces that we ourselves were created, and it is the purpose of those forces which we serve, conduct, and reflect in the third dimension.

Warrior, Wizard and Thief are the forces that drive consciousness in the third dimension, and it is the harmony of those forms, both within and without, that will lead to the convergence of Heaven and Earth, also known as Ascension, and the divergence of Heaven and Earth will be polarized, and all will be able to know Heaven and Earth as One, as it was in the Beginning.

Love, Galadriel