It's a joy to be back!

This website will feature primarily co-channeled essays.

For those surfing here for the first time, I welcome you with the assurance that you will see no credit card icons, diet plans or vitamin supplements, get rich quick schemes, or any other miracle cures. 

METAPHYSICS is my thing. Actual reality, probable reality, conceivable reality, and RE-ality, are the things that interest me. I am interested in the Seen and the Unseen; I believe that somewhere between the two lies the third and the fourth dimensions. I believe that we create this reality; that we are in fact creating it, and that we are on the threshold of merging and manifesting the synthesis of this Truth.


You may have noticed the site address includes "". My husband, an Internet maverick and genius, was frustrated by the limitations regarding Free Speech under the dominion of a local Internet service provider, and realized that we would have more lateral freedom of expression by having our own DSL line, so, I am now expressing my Free Speech under my husband's bandwidth protection (so to speak). is not a commercial site. The "" is our way of operating within current laws and being allowed to express ourselves honestly without fear of liability to any third parties.

Like everyone else, this is a work in progress. Leopard Queen has been out of commission for a while; it will take time to regroup, refocus, and redress. But we'll get the picture together eventually. Just hang with us. In the meantime, there are some lovely sights to see:

Leopard Queen Favorite Links:  
This is Paris' (my husband) site. Outstanding material regarding Norse/Barbarian culture, interactive games, metaphysics, etc. Paris' big heart is best reflected in his website - and in the fact that he allowed - and encouraged - my own work to be possible.  
I am an absolutely sucker for the movie musical "1776" - I practically fell in love with all the key players that caused American Independence, and the principles this country was founded upon. Our job is to keep those principles intact - as Thomas Jefferson himself said. This site gives a lot of good biographical stuff on what was really a bunch of "ordinary guys" who took their place in history, even against their will, to do the Right Thing.   
Retired Lt. Col. David Hackworth (I hope the full title was correct) is one of the most decorated American soldiers ever, and has done phenomenal work as a journalist/ news correspondent getting and delivering the skinny on military situations and policy at home and abroad. George Washington himself would have admired this man for being a true Warrior Soul. There are good battles and bad battles - "Hack" has a knack for knowing the difference, and for sharing "grunt-side" information that - aside from official military policy - has kept probably 1,000's of men alive, because he tells it like it is.   
Considering that what I do is work with spirits, and that this is my primary service to Humanity (to work with those on the Other Side of the Veil) - this site is astonishing. Apparently its author gets a lot of flak for reflecting views and opinions some people simply don't want to hear or have be known about their loved ones. This site is not a "gore-site" - unusual, really. This guy seems to have a healthy interest in death - I suspect he also serves as an "usher" somehow; my spirits that have fame karma seem less afraid to speak out because of this site. (Isn't it weird how, after you're dead, the subject of your own death can be taboo? - That's a problem of the Living - not of the Dead.)   
Nothing metaphysical here - unless you consider the awesome power, strength, grace, and untrammeled (political) intelligence of big cats to be considered freaky. Paris and I adopt Onyx, a black leopard, because while we have many critter spirits, the black leopard seems to best reflect my own energy. Some people believe the Sphinx in Egypt is a combination of lion and human, but I believe it is a combination of woman with leopard. I also think sooner or later when the Sphinx is excavated sufficiently, they will find the Esoteric Library in the front left paw. Time will tell.

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